Best Cards in Marvel SNAP (Tier List/Ranking) – Pool 1-3, Series 4 & 5





  • Series 5

  • GalactusSBest Galactus Decks
    As a 6-cost card with low power himself, you need to play Galactus with other cards to win the match but simply destroying the other two locations is a really strong more and there are several strong cards that make powerful synergies with Galactus. With the recent balance changes, however, you're also required to have a lead in the location you play Galactus in if you want to trigger him so he is often a very sitautional card even in a Galactus deck.Meta Dependency: Galactus has his own deck archetype where you aim for snapping and dropping him as this normally wins the match and makes the opponent withdrawl without showdown at the end - and you have to be able to retreat if you see you're not able to find your win condition.Series 5: Best Galactus DecksBest Meta Decks
  • High EvolutionarySBest High Evolutionary Decks
    Is one of the big-bad-cards (cards that will always be Series 5) and if you have him in your hand you will unlock evolution abilties for all the cards without abilities in the game (see more on them below)Meta Dependency: Will have his own meta that depends how well the evolution abilities are balancedSeries 5: Best High Evolutionary DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Iron LadSBest Iron Lad Decks
    Iron Lad can copy basically every ability you have on the next card in your deck so possibilities are endless. You can either use Howard to see what you will copy orjust have a ton of cards with powerful abilities in your deck - and with medium energy costs and decent power this card has a ton of potential to go well with most decks.Meta Dependency: Not at all depending as you can combine him with a ton of cards that have strong abilties.Series 5: Best Iron Lad DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Jeff the Baby Land SharkSBest Jeff the Baby Land Shark Decks
    You can play Jeff at any location, no matter if they are locked down by a card or location or your ability to play cards is limitedMeta Dependency: Jeff's ability is closely tied to very control-heavy cards so the more control cards are played (either by yourself or the opponent), the better Jeff will be as a very flexible card to run and without requiring any synergies.Series 5: Best Jeff the Baby Land Shark DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Kitty PrydeSBest Kitty Pryde Decks
    At the beginning of each turn, she will gain +2 power so you can scale her up but also have to invest some energy as you have to play her over and over again - effectively she is a 1/0 -> 2/2 -> 3/4 -> 4/6 -> 5/8 -> 6/10 card, not making her too attractive - but as soon as you can combine her with a card that gains extra power whenever you play her (Bishop, Angela or The Collector) or a card that can double her power (Shuri), she can become incredibly powerfulMeta Dependency: Not just depending on how bounce-archetype decks perform in the meta, she can also make good moves when you run her with cards that double power or cards that benefit when many cards are played so she is quite independent from the meta and can find useful synergies easilySeries 5: Best Kitty Pryde DecksBest Meta Decks
  • NebulaSBest Nebula Decks
    Nebula scales great as she is cheap to play and forces your opponent to play that line or she will gain to up to 11 power. You can use this to use Guardians of the Galaxy cards to gain more power and keep pressure high.Meta Dependency: Her power depends heavily how many Killmonger you will face as this can be a hard counter against her that can easily wipe her off the board.Series 5: Best Nebula DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ThanosSBest Thanos Decks
    So, Thanos will shuffle the Infinity Stones in your deck that you then can play. If you manage to play all of them Thanos will get a 10-power boost but also all of them have individual abilities. What I like about the Thanos card in Marvel Snap is that it can be a win condition but also you don#t have to tailor your deck around him - as the Infinity Stones are 1-cost cards you can use him in a destroy deck, a zoo deck, an ongoing deck and even a move deck to get more out of the Infinity Stones and maybe you get Thanos to 18 power or you can find your win condition elsewhere. So, below I have several decks for you that you should try out and I can promise you, playing Thanos in Marvel Snap is a lot of fun.Meta Dependency: Seems to define an own archetype of decks and it looks like Thanos is more about shuffeling the Infinity Stones in your deck than actually aiming to give him the big power boost. Does really well right now and with the recent base power buff I think he will be a dominating card for some more time to come.Series 5: Best Thanos DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Hit MonkeyABest Hit Monkey Decks
    Hit Monkey scales by the amount of cards you play the same turn, so you can use him at the end along many other cards to become a higher-power card as well as get more cards on the board and be very unpredictable.Meta Dependency: He's a season card but relies heavily on supportive cards to develop a lot of power. He's not depending on a certain card so he can be quite independent from the meta.Series 5: Best Hit Monkey DecksBest Meta Decks
  • StegronBBest Stegron Decks
    Stegron is a card that moves one of your opponent's cards but he targets it randomly (same location) with a random target location. This makes him rough to predict and the only way how you can really make him work is to place him along a lot of cards that benefit from moving any cardsMeta Dependency: Not really that important as he is a disruptive card and more situationally playedSeries 5: Best Stegron DecksBest Meta Decks
  • KangCBest Kang Decks
    On the first view, Kang might look like a more expensive Daredevil but there's a lot more to this card. Daredevil, first of all, is very obvious to your opponent so they might try to avoid making any crucial play on Turn 5. Another thing is that you only see your opponent's play on Turn 5. With Kang, however, you can drop him on Turn 5 OR Turn 6 so you can also see what your opponent does on the last turn to see what your opponent's win condition is. Yes, your opponent will be able to repeat his turn paly, too, so you can't be sure if he will do the same but you get a pretty good idea what they are up to.Meta Dependency: One of the strongest cards in the game that will have zero consequences to play and you will see what your opponent is up to. Combine with crucial cards and you will see a higher ratio of victories.Series 5: Best Kang DecksBest Meta Decks
  • The Living TribunalCBest The Living Tribunal Decks
    Splits your total power and spreadys it along all locations so your goal here is to generate a lot of power in one location to then be able to spread it on Turn 6 and compete for all locations at the same timeMeta Dependency: Creates quite a niche archetype on his own for cards that are able to create a ton of power so you can compete for all locations at the same timeSeries 5: Best The Living Tribunal DecksBest Meta Decks
  • SilkC
    Meta Dependency: Series 5: Best Meta Decks
  • Howard the DuckDBest Howard the Duck Decks
    Howard will tell you what card is on top of your deck so you can combine that with cards that pull those cards so you can get a better insight what cards they will pullMeta Dependency: Making some decks mor reliable he is not a broad meta card and more an addition to some decks (see below)Series 5: Best Howard the Duck DecksBest Meta Decks
  • SnowguardDBest Snowguard Decks
    With Snowguard you can either negate or re-trigger the effect of a location - but that depends if yit transforms into bear or hawk which happens randomly each turnMeta Dependency: Not a card you see a lot as it is very random (if you get Hawk or Bear in time + the location that you can apply it to)Series 5: Best Snowguard DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Series 4

  • DarkhawkSBest Darkhawk Decks
    Works as kind-of a reverse Devil Dinosaur based on the amount of cards your opponent has in the deck so you can easily scale it by adding more cards to the your opponent's deck.Meta Dependency: Really strong so far but as it looks with many MODOK around, your opponent can counter easily so be careful with itSeries 4: Best Darkhawk DecksBest Meta Decks
  • StatureSBest Stature Decks
    Initially looks like a card to more counter discard decks, but actually also more a card to have in your discard deck to throw in the board 7 power for 1 energy if you can. Remember, there's also locations that discard and I'd run her in several discard decks as you can trigger her frequently and if not, still discard her and bring her back or don't mind her in your hand.Meta Dependency: Quite tied to discard archetype decks or countering them, but as countering them will nor work purely through Stature she does only well in Discard Decks running Moon KnightSeries 4: Best Stature DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ZabuSBest Zabu Decks
    Zabu will give many 4-cost cards incredible value as you will basically be able to play them cheaper, so you can basically play two 4-cost cards at Turn 6.Meta Dependency: Zabu was the featured card for the January 2023 season in Marvel Snap and came to dominate. He was on top of the meta until early February 2023 when he got nerfed. Even now after it got nerfed in February 2023 it's useful but is not that strong anymore.Series 4: Best Zabu DecksBest Meta Decks
  • KnullABest Knull Decks
    Knull grows in power each time you destroy a card - by the power the destroyed card had. I think you can see how this can scale him up to become a extremly powerful card easily having 20-30 power. And as it is an ongoing ability, this also grows further after you played him.Meta Dependency: The absolute king win condition of all destroy decks to drop at the end and can make so powerful combinations. Still, destroy decks aren't on top of the meta so you need to be skilled and experienced with those decks to make Knul perform at hhis peekSeries 4: Best Knull DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Master MoldABest Master Mold Decks
    Master old is basically a double-reversed Sentinel, placing two Sentinels in your opponents hand iwht the goal that either cards that profit from opponent handsize (Ronan) or disrupting your opponent's draws heavily.Meta Dependency: With the potential to revive a underused card like Ronan and opponent handsize-disruptive cards, Master Mold can become a very frustrating card to deal with but I don't see any global dominating potential.Series 4: Best Master Mold DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MODOKABest MODOK Decks
    By discarding your full hand, MODOK will not only bring 8 power on the board on Turn 5, he will also scale any card that benefits from discard effects very efficiently as you don't have to rely on RNG to discard into the right cards.Meta Dependency: MODOK is the featured card for the February 2023 season and as far as we can tell now he looks pretty fun and brings back discard archetype into the meta.Series 4: Best MODOK DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Negasonic Teenage WarheadBBest Negasonic Teenage Warhead Decks
    You can use this card defensively in a loation you have the lead in to either force your opponent to burn a card or prevent them to even play at the locationMeta Dependency: Pretty much a tech card to help you keep your lead in a location.Series 4: Best Negasonic Teenage Warhead DecksBest Meta Decks
  • NimrodBBest Nimrod Decks
    Nimrod will place copies of himself in the other locations one destroyed, so absolutely a card you want to work around a destroy archetype deck that will absorb his power, scale him up before copying him or make other forms of synergies (see below).Meta Dependency: Has the potential to bring back destroy decks more in the meta but needs to be supported by a deck around them.Series 4: Best Nimrod DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ShannaCBest Shanna Decks
    Yes and no at the same time - some players dislike that she can be a little rng and if she spawns 1-cost cards that can turn against you (e.g. Ebony Maw so you accidentally lock down a location or a Titania that will benefit your opponent in the worst case), she can be frustrating to play. But in most cases she gets you great value on the board and with the extra reach in control archetypes, she can perform quite well.Meta Dependency: Shanna is neither in nor out of the meta, she can be a card to have in decks that perform well and gain extra value through it but she is, on her own, no card to classify as in-meta or out-meta.Series 4: Best Shanna DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Pool 3

  • DeathSBest Death Decks
    Death becomes cheaper for each card destroyed, so you can take her with cards that have destroy effects to make her potentially a 0-cost card towards your last turn with 12 power - but also as a 3-cost or 4-cost card she has great value.Meta Dependency: Destroy decks on their own don't do that crazy right now but are viable and can keep up at some point, but as you can combine Death also with other decks like discard decks or cards like Galactus, she is absolutely a card you can rock right now and destroying two cards already make her one of the strongest 6-cost cards in the game.Pool 3: Best Death DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MystiqueSBest Mystique Decks
    Mystique only costs 3 energy, so you can play her quite versatile but she can duplicate ongoing effects and that's her big benefit. So you can not only double the effect itself, you can also duplicate the effect into another location so make sure to check out my recommended synergies below, not just the decks.Meta Dependency: Mystique is pretty strong right now and you can find her in several meta decks as she can simply double some cards plus the fact that she costs only 3 energy makes her a possible play on Turn 6 with another card.Pool 3: Best Mystique DecksBest Meta Decks
  • SeraSBest Sera Decks
    Sera will not only reduce the costs of all cards, she will give you (int he right deck) the possibility to play more cards. Let's say you have 3-costs cards that become 2-cost cards, you can play three of them on Turn 6, same for 4-cost cards. This changes a lot for the last turn!Meta Dependency: as several high-tier meta cards right now happen to be 3-cost or 4-cost cards, she also is pretty strong right now and unless there's a very strong shift of meta cards, Sera will stay viable for many decks.Pool 3: Best Sera DecksBest Meta Decks
  • WaveSBest Wave Decks
    Wave is an amazing card to reduce higher-cost cards to be played earlier and also block you opponent to play multiple cards, too. Although she will not apply her cost-manipulation after other effects, so you can't use her anymore to make She-Hulk or Death a free card, she is still a great enabler for expensive cards to make heavy combos possibleMeta Dependency: Wave viability is enabling 6-cost cards before Turn 6 so she always has a great cause as you can combine cards with each other that normally wouldn't be able to make a comboPool 3: Best Wave DecksBest Meta Decks
  • AeroABest Aero Decks
    Aero as a 5-cost card is amazing to play in preparation of your last turn, messing up enemy synergies where you need or feel is needed (or pull his strong Turn 5 play into a location you have the comfortable lead (or also that you might have given up already).Meta Dependency: Aero is used in several meta decks and I predict she will continue to be that versatile as she won't need any fixed synergies to work and can fit in move deck, control decks or all other sort of decks quite well.Pool 3: Best Aero DecksBest Meta Decks
  • BastABest Bast Decks
    Sets all your cards power to 3 power so you can see him as a mini Mister Negative to work with a lot of cards that rely on their abilities and have low power. As a 1-cost card you can easily drop him whenever you need him and don't have to neccesasarily drop him right at the begining.Meta Dependency: Can be used along cards that buff other cards but have no power themselves to scale more. Had some effect in some decks but you normally don't see him too much.Pool 3: Best Bast DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DaredevilABest Daredevil Decks
    You'll put down Daredevil as a 2-cost card on Turn 2 and then nothing will happen until your opponent played his Turn 5 play - then you will be able to see what he will do and then act accordingly and with Turn 5 cards that have amazing value when played effectively, this will roll into a great effect. And even if your opponent prevents an important play - it's Turn 5 so you still gain a ton of value.Meta Dependency: Daredevil is quite balanced and opponents can react to it, but it still gives you a great edge when you combine it with a Turn 5 card that has a ton of value (see below).Pool 3: Best Daredevil DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Doctor DoomABest Doctor Doom Decks
    Doctor Doom will bring 15 power in total on the board, divided to 3 power in each location through his Doom Bots. This is nice to spread your power evenly but also to reach into locked locations at the same time.Meta Dependency: he is a little next to the meta as you're facing some control decks and he's nice to push into the locked locations but also with more high-power cards to deal with, he just doesn't seem to pack enough of a punch for a Turn 6 card to be viable enough so rather a situational card to have along with other high-power 6-cost card(s).Pool 3: Best Doctor Doom DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DraculaABest Dracula Decks
    Many people just see the discard effect and think that Dracula is a card to have in a discard deck, right? Well, as he will have his discard effect at the very end of the game, you won't get that many benefits from the discard and you should rather look at him as card that can inherit a lot of power for only 4 energy spent.Meta Dependency: Dracula does really well because he can help you play around common patterns that you see very frequently these days. Aero on Turn 5 won't affect him as you already played him, Shang-Chi can't destroy him as he will get his power at the very end, etc. All you need to do is to make sure that there are only high-power cards left in your hand that Dracula can discard and he can turn around the location without anything your opponent can do about it.Pool 3: Best Dracula DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ElectroABest Electro Decks
    Well, yes he is. That extra energy might not sounds much, but being able to play your 5-cost and 6-cost cards earlier (or have the option to play two 6-cost cards in a match) is just so powerful and opens up so many different synergies that you should consider running a deck with Electra (see below some I suggest).Meta Dependency: there are several meta decks that run Electro and with the recent release of Sauron there will be even more.Pool 3: Best Electro DecksBest Meta Decks
  • LockjawABest Lockjaw Decks
    So here's how Lockjaw's mechanics in Marvel Snap work... you play Lockjaw in a location and every card you play after it will use its on reveal effect and then swap with a card that you have in your deck. Then the card from your deck (not your hand) can also activate its reveal effect. This means not only that you get two reveal effects down, it also means you can trade a cheap card for a more expensive high-power card. Also, the card you played will get into your deck, it won't get destroyed.Meta Dependency: is pretty strong. He can swap around cards so he's not relying on certain cards to be enabled so he can be universally used in different archetypes and with different cards. His ability is now limited to one card per turn, but that still means you can get insane value out of him cycling cheap cards for expensive cards.Pool 3: Best Lockjaw DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MagnetoABest Magneto Decks
    Magneto is a 6-cost card that will move all 3-cost and 4-cost cards of your opponent to his location. So, being a 12-power cards himself gives him a ton of possibilities to take over a location, disrupt synergies or plain get power on the board on the last turn.Meta Dependency: Magneto can be found in a lot of decks that work well in the current meta as control decks are great and you can disrupt your enemies synergies well and still get power on the board.Pool 3: Best Magneto DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MaximusABest Maximus Decks
    Maximus has an incredible energy to power ratio, delivering 7 power fro 3 energy but his effect let your opponent draw two more cards which can help them. Luckily, you can block his ability to just have the great power for low energy or you can combine him with cards where you will benefit your opponent's handsize (see below).Meta Dependency: There are several cards that benefit Maximus in the current meta but overall you should always find a spot to fit him in your deck.Pool 3: Best Maximus DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Mister NegativeABest Mister Negative Decks
    Mister Negative gives some cards with low power a better multiplication and more core value - but they need to be in your deck, NOT your hand.Meta Dependency: Mister Negative relies somewhat on meta cards to play and he does quite well right now with cards like Silver Surfer well in the meta, but that can change soon.Pool 3: Best Mister Negative DecksBest Meta Decks
  • PatriotABest Patriot Decks
    Patriot buffs up cards with no abilities which can be the cards that have no ability but also the ones that summon cards (summoned cards usually don't have abilities either. This might not sounds powerfull, but can scale up to a lot of power at the end.Meta Dependency: Pretty good right now but depends on Patriot and as soon as Patriot will get nerfed, his whole meta will go down.Pool 3: Best Patriot DecksBest Meta Decks
  • PolarisABest Polaris Decks
    Polaris has the reputation of being a mini-Aero, but actually the mechanics are different and so are the situations you would play her in. She is more an early card that you play to disrupt any strong synergies you see your opponent building up.Meta Dependency: She's a card to see in move decks but as she moves opponent decks, she's more a card you see in control or disrupt decks.Pool 3: Best Polaris DecksBest Meta Decks
  • QuinjetABest Quinjet Decks
    Quinjet can be an incredible enabler card for all cards that have many low-cost cards. All cards that will not start in your deck will be cheaper so play Quinjet along cards that add cards into your ahnd or deck and gain massive value.Meta Dependency: Very strong right now as tied so close to Thanos that performs so strong right now. But also handsize archetype decks can use him really well.Pool 3: Best Quinjet DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Red SkullABest Red Skull Decks
    Red Skull provides 12 power for 5 energy and can make a great push, however, he will buff up enemy cards on the other side of the location by +1 power so technically he can also be a 5/9 card. Still there are ways to use his in your favor or ways to play around it to make him a great investment to play.Meta Dependency: Control decks are in the meta right now and Red Skull is a card with a plain power-push that either goes well with control effects or can play around them for a nice power-push so absolutely a card you'll see frequently these days.Pool 3: Best Red Skull DecksBest Meta Decks
  • She-HulkABest She-Hulk Decks
    She-Hulk is technically a 6-cost card but each unspent energy reduces her cost, so she become a 10-power card you normally can play a lot earlier than Turn 6 - especially paired with cards that reduce costs or cards that benefit from energy manipulation you will find her fit really well with.Meta Dependency: She-Hulk is not too long in the game but picking up and has some spots in several decks that work really well right now, so absolutely a card you should take a look at if you unlocked her.Pool 3: Best She-Hulk DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ShuriABest Shuri Decks
    Shuri can be used to supercharge your power on the board and you can combine her with high-power cards to scale like crazy and multiply that power later through the board. With the latest changes, you now have to drop the card you want her ability applied to at the same location, making her a lot more predictable for your opponent.Meta Dependency: She is a great enabler and has been on top of the meta for quite a while until her ability got limited so the next card has to be played at the same locationPool 3: Best Shuri DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Silver SurferABest Silver Surfer Decks
    Silver Surfer will buff up the power of all 3-cost cards so combined with a lot of them on the board you will see a great power buff in all locations towards the end of a match, ideally on Turn 6.Meta Dependency: Silver Surfer was introduced in Season 7 in December 2022 and is still a great card in the following season as there are simply so many good 3-cost cards you can combine him with and he will keep you competing for all locations until the end of the match, making it hard for your opponent to predict what's happening.Pool 3: Best Silver Surfer DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Spider-ManABest Spider-Man Decks
    With Spider-Man you can lock down a location to prevent your opponent to play cards in, also a grreat Turn 5 play for a close location to keep the win condition there on Turn 6.Meta Dependency: One of the control cards you dont see that frequently but that doesn't mean it's a bad one. Spider-Man doesn't require any combos to work, he locks down when you feel it's an advantage and that's it.Pool 3: Best Spider-Man DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ValkyrieABest Valkyrie Decks
    Valkyrie sets all cards at her location to 3 power so you can use her to change the whole history of a location and ruin all that your opponent build up easily and then take the win condition (see more on the synergy cards below).Meta Dependency: As she works well with several cards that do well in the meta plus can downsize your opponent at that location which can be really frustrating.Pool 3: Best Valkyrie DecksBest Meta Decks
  • WaspA
    Meta Dependency: Pool 3: Best Meta Decks
  • WongABest Wong Decks
    Use Wong to scale up reveal effect cards by triggering them multiple times and make their performnace scale upMeta Dependency: Depends and always seems to find a way into some meta decks - although he can be easily countered by disruptive move cards and Enchantress.Pool 3: Best Wong DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Absorbing ManBBest Absorbing Man Decks
    Not too expensive, Absorbing Man can duplicate any card's on reveal effect so you can either make it stronger, extend it for another round or even spread it to another location so make sure to check below the synergies to get some really effective ones.Meta Dependency: Absorbing Man is not on top of the meta, but as long as you can have cards with on reveal abilities that perform well, he can be versatile and fit into decks that perform well so it will be a card to have on your list.Pool 3: Best Absorbing Man DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Agent CoulsonBBest Agent Coulson Decks
    Agent Coulson pulls two random cards to your hand once played so you will get two benefits out of this. One is that you can pull cards that will be helpful in the current situation and the other one is that you should play him in a deck that is benefitting from handsize (see recommended decks and synergies below).Meta Dependency: Depends on the main win condition cards that require handsize, like Devil DInosaur. As long as you can find a deck with him plus he's viable in the current meta, Agent Coulson will do fine, too. Also mind that he can pull you Series 4 and Series 5 cards that you haven't unlocked so far...Pool 3: Best Agent Coulson DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Arnim ZolaBBest Arnim Zola Decks
    Arnim Zola, as a 6-cost card, is always your Turn 6 play and he will destroy one of your cards in the location you played randomly and duplicate it into the other two locations - so, with enough space and played on a strong card, you can basically double your power and spread as you can also reach into locked or blocked locations that don#t let you play any cards.Meta Dependency: Arnim Zola is strong and versatile as useful to play along some strong cards, but with more control decks showing up and high-power cards becoming less powerful, he's not on top of the meta anymore as he used to be in December 2022.Pool 3: Best Arnim Zola DecksBest Meta Decks
  • AttumaBBest Attuma Decks
    Attuma has a nice energy-power ratio but you have to deal/overcome his ability that he will destroy any other of your cards there at the end of every turnMeta Dependency: Not actually a very strong meta card but can be seen occasionally as it's not really a carry card itself but you need rather design your deck around it instead of using it as a supportive card in a deck.Pool 3: Best Attuma DecksBest Meta Decks
  • BeastBBest Beast Decks
    Quinjet sounds quite harmless, but imagine a hand full of cards that become cheaper, espcially combined with many 1-cost cards sitting in your deck that will all become free cards to play with Quinjet. One of the most popular 1-cost cards in Marvel Snap right now.Meta Dependency: Goes well with all decks that either have many cheaper cards or summon cards to your hand (they will also be affected by Quinjet, too). So, without much dependency on specific cards and the ability to multiply lines down the road, Quinjet is really strong and I think one of the 1-cost cards you will see getting played most for quite some time to comePool 3: Best Beast DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Black PantherBBest Black Panther Decks
    Intrioduced in the November 2022 season, he was quite popolar as his reveal ability let him plain double his power. So, you can scale him up to 64 power by re-triggering his ability easily.Meta Dependency: Was really popular with the brutal power he brought on the board, but that high power also made him a easy target for getting hunted by Shang-Chi, so you will not see him around too much right now.Pool 3: Best Black Panther DecksBest Meta Decks
  • BroodBBest Brood Decks
    Brood scales up well and is a cheap way to fill up a location to later buff it up through several other cards that have strong synergy with Brood (see below).Meta Dependency: Kind-of depends that the strong synergy cards do well, so it's not that much of an evergreen card in the game overall.Pool 3: Best Brood DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Captain MarvelBBest Captain Marvel Decks
    When the game ends Captain Marvel will see if she can move and win you the match by doing so, like a joker wildcard card. Keep in mind - and that is very important: reveal order when the game ends is important. E.g. Dracula is counted as 0-power card by Captain Marvel so Captain Marvel won't move, etc...Meta Dependency: Absolutely a card not rely on any meta as she is a wildcard that can move. Drop her and you have less guessing where your opponent might drop cards.Pool 3: Best Captain Marvel DecksBest Meta Decks
  • CerebroBBest Cerebro Decks
    Cerebro is a card that buffs all cards with the highest power, means if you tailor a deck around cards with the same power and then multiply the buff, you can build a pretty heavy location spread and power everywhere.Meta Dependency: Cerebro has a good time in the meta right now for several reasons - it can work in very specific decks well and the current meta still favors Silver Surfer and Patriot so you have two cards that do well that make Cerebro perform well, too. But be careful, the tides here can change quickly.Pool 3: Best Cerebro DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Colleen WingBBest Colleen Wing Decks
    Colleen Wing is more reliable in discarding cards compared to other dicarding cards as she will target the card with the lowers energy cost in your hand, so you cna synergize her better than others.Meta Dependency: The only real sense to play Colleen Wing is using her in discard decks and when they do well, she do well, too.Pool 3: Best Colleen Wing DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DebriiBBest Debrii Decks
    Debrii adds some rocks on the otehr locations, including your opponent's side - and you can use that to your advantage by dealing with the rocks on your side to your benefit while your opponent has locked up locationsMeta Dependency: Depends on the buffing cards and as long as they do well, Debrii will, too. Although she is no evergreen card, you see her played here and there.Pool 3: Best Debrii DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DestroyerBBest Destroyer Decks
    As a 6-cost card, you'll always play Destroyer at the very end of the match and with all the power he has, you need to prepare your side of the board as Destroyer will destroyer everything on your side, so either block his ability or prevent cards from being destroyed before you play him. Also cards that pull him in the middle of the match can wreck your game pretty quickly.Meta Dependency: I feel Destroyer is a little out of meta in terms of not very popular. There are some decks out there that use him and you can push fairly far in ranks with him, but he is neither dominating nor performing badly right now.Pool 3: Best Destroyer DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Doctor OctopusBBest Doctor Octopus Decks
    Doctor Octopus is a 5-cost card with 10 power, so not that great on paper - he also pulls up to 4 enemy cards into a location so always a little surprise what you will see. But played right you can mess up all synergies your opponent is after and make enough chaos to take over the other locations.Meta Dependency: Control is pretty huge and so are decks that don't need to react and can build strong synergies themselves - and this is where Doctor Octopus can shine by simply pulling 4 cards, messing up your opponent's hand and giving you the option to compete for that location or just leave all strong opponent cards there and go for the others, knowing that your opponent has basically nothing left on his hand.Pool 3: Best Doctor Octopus DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Ghost RiderBBest Ghost Rider Decks
    Works like a mini-Hela but more predictable as you can play him earlier and have more of an idea what card you will get back. Can also be a backup to bring Hela back if you accidentially discarded her.Meta Dependency: Hela and bringing back discarded cards are deck archetypes that aim for high payoff, so they are rng heavy. And with Ghost Rider in your deck you don#t have that much of a punch but still the rng factor so you don't see him that frequently played compared to Hela.Pool 3: Best Ghost Rider DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Green GoblinBBest Green Goblin Decks
    A mini-version of Hobgoblin that requires less energy but can still have a lot of frustration for your opponent to deal with - but be careful to make sure that Green Goblin has space and the chance to move over to your opponent's side of the board.Meta Dependency: A frequent card that fins a spot in many control or disruption archetype decks and it's less commitment than Hobgoblin that costs 5 energy.Pool 3: Best Green Goblin DecksBest Meta Decks
  • HelaBBest Hela Decks
    Hela has the potential to bring so much power back to the board that it sometimes goes behind what you can imagine and when this line works out well, there's almost nothing that can stop you. Discard as many high-power cards as possible and then revive them altogether.Meta Dependency: Is one of the enabler cards in discard decks so absolutely relies on the discard archetype doing well in the meta.Pool 3: Best Hela DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Jane Foster Mighty ThorBBest Jane Foster Mighty Thor Decks
    Pulling out all 0-cost cards from your deck, Jan Foster can build some mighty synergies but you need to tailor a deck around her. Still, with decent power herself you can get her on the board even if you don#t draw into her linesMeta Dependency: Heavily depending on her synergy cards doing well, so quite archetype dependant. But you always see some players running her as her synergies can perform really strong when drawing into the lines.Pool 3: Best Jane Foster Mighty Thor DecksBest Meta Decks
  • JuggernautBBest Juggernaut Decks
    With Juggernaut you can disrupt enemy synergies if you see cards like Invisible Woman or Wong so you can push other cards out of their lane and has quite some cards you can combine him well to get great value (see below).Meta Dependency: He's not really in the meta and more like a niche card in disruption decks. Not saying he's not effective, but simply no univeral card to run and play.Pool 3: Best Juggernaut DecksBest Meta Decks
  • LeaderBBest Leader Decks
    Leader now (after several ablancing back and forth) copies the card with the highest power your opponent played that turn to your side of the location, so it can be a great card if you have a good lead in two locations by Turn 6 to keep that lead and find your win condition through him.Meta Dependency: Leader dominated the meta so much early in 2022 that the developers have nerfed him so you now have to predict better where your opponent will play to get that high reward victorious last-turn play in. Still a strong card but only situational.Pool 3: Best Leader DecksBest Meta Decks
  • PsylockeBBest Psylocke Decks
    Psylocke gives +1 energy for your next turn what doesn't sound like much can enable a lot of different lines. You can play 6-cost cards altready on Turn 5, drop a 3-cost + 4-cost card on Turn 6 etc.Meta Dependency: Most of the time you will see her used in decks that need that extra energy and typically would use Electro to have a backup card ready in case Electro can't be played (for whatever reason)Pool 3: Best Psylocke DecksBest Meta Decks
  • RogueBBest Rogue Decks
    Rogue doesn't just 'copy' an ongoing abiity, she STEALS it which means it will not be working for your opponent anymore - she can ideally steal a Devil Dinosaur Devilhawr or Iron Man ability so you scale and your opponent is left empty-handedMeta Dependency: Not really a meta card but as tech card depends how well ongoing cards do that she can negate and steal fromPool 3: Best Rogue DecksBest Meta Decks
  • SauronBBest Sauron Decks
    With the ability to remove any ongoing effect from your hand and deck, Sauron needs to be paired with cards that have negative ongoing effects and then you can suddenly play cards the give you a benefit but clear the negative effect (see below the synergies to know exactly what I mean).Meta Dependency: as you can see cards like Red Skull, Typhoid Mary among other cards in top decks, Sauron can also fit in there well especially as a 3-cost card he doesn't have to replace any high-cost card in your deck.Pool 3: Best Sauron DecksBest Meta Decks
  • The HoodBBest The Hood Decks
    The Hood is a nice 1-cost card that has -2 power but will give you the 6-power Demon in your hand and if you can get rid of The Hood after you played him, you can gain some nice synergy hereMeta Dependency: Works really well in destroy archetype decks as they will help you a lot to to get rid of The Hood easily and turn him into respectable power.Pool 3: Best The Hood DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ThorBBest Thor Decks
    Play Thor to get his Hammer into your deck and once you play it, Thor will gain +6 power and you can combo that up. Each time you can trigger the reveal effect of Thor's Hammer, he will gain +6 power.Meta Dependency: Cycling his hammer through cards like Lockjaw performs quite well and if you have a good reveal deck archetype, Thor will perform strong as his combinations is not built around certain cards, it's about revealing his hammer over and over again.Pool 3: Best Thor DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Typhoid MaryBBest Typhoid Mary Decks
    10 power for 4 energy sounds awesome, but you need to be aware that all your other cards will lose one power so you need to combine her well to get value out of her.Meta Dependency: Has a strong synergy that revolves around control cards that prevent her negative ability to affect to much or scale her power up so much that it doesn#t matter anymore. As long as this combo works, she's doing great but also that's her lifeline that can be cut quite quickly.Pool 3: Best Typhoid Mary DecksBest Meta Decks
  • UltronBBest Ultron Decks
    With all the bots on the board, you can not only reach into blocked locations, you can also use cards like Kazar, Patriot or Blue Marvel to buff them up to reach great power.Meta Dependency: Ultron is not a card you see that frequently but ongoing/zoo decks are doing good plus there are some synergies with strong cards that double effects that can make Ultron a great card - plus the fact that you don't see him much makes less people be prepared for him.Pool 3: Best Ultron DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ZeroBBest Zero Decks
    Zero will remove the ability of the next card you play, so you can use him (espcially as the cheap 1-cost card he is with respecitively 3 power) along with cards that have either limitations in their ability or abilities that help your opponent in treat for a high energy to power ratio.Meta Dependency: Does quite well in the meta and is a cheap card to fit in within almost all decks and cards with negative abilities that you would like to see removed are pretty wide spread.Pool 3: Best Zero DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Agatha HarknessCBest Agatha Harkness Decks
    Agatha Harkness will take over when she is in your hand and play for you - and you will find some weird plays with her.Meta Dependency: She honestly doesn't have much space in the meta right now, except you're looking for a fun hand to play as you will see wild plays from her. Unless there will be any setup where you can pass her into your opponents hand so they will mess up, I don't see much use of her to push ranks.Pool 3: Best Agatha Harkness DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Black BoltCBest Black Bolt Decks
    Although Black Bolt has a discard effect, it only affects your opponent. With 5 energy also quite a late card to discard the cheapest card in your opponent's handMeta Dependency: Not a card that you will come accross a lot, due to the lack of discard synergies. Still, people play Black Bolt successfully and late-turn sniping a 0-cost Death or Silver Surfer can be strong in the meta right now.Pool 3: Best Black Bolt DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Black CatCBest Black Cat Decks
    With 3 energy and 7 power a pretty nice card to play - if you don't play her she will discard herself by the end of the turn.Meta Dependency: She obviously depends on how discard decks do in the metaPool 3: Best Black Cat DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Black WidowCBest Black Widow Decks
    Black Widow will put her Widow's Bite into your opponents hand and they can't draw a card until they play it - and as it costs 0 energy they will effectively skip one draw and you can interrupt a lot of decks that create additional cards like Sentinel, Master Mold, etc.Meta Dependency: Although control has a place in the meta, Black Widow isn't neccessarily on top of the meta right now.Pool 3: Best Black Widow DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DeadpoolCBest Deadpool Decks
    Will double his power each time he get destroyed and spawn back in your hand.Meta Dependency: A great card in destroy decks that can scale pretty well in power plus feed cards that benefit from destroy effectsPool 3: Best Deadpool DecksBest Meta Decks
  • GambitCBest Gambit Decks
    With Gambit you can snipe away enemy cards by discarding decks from your hand, so combined with own cards that benefit from discarding this can turn into a great card. Also mind, you can still destroy your opponent's cards even when you have no more cards to discardMeta Dependency: Several decks that use reveal effects multiplication and/or discard cards are working well in the meta, so does Gambit as he fits well in therePool 3: Best Gambit DecksBest Meta Decks
  • GhostCBest Ghost Decks
    Ghost can be probbly the strongest 1-cost card out there as being guarantueed to always flip your cars sencond gives a lot reliability to many decks and cards and I have below a ton of great synergies to use.Meta Dependency: Works wonders for great counter cards so I see Ghost being strong no matter what. Not too meta right now as very expensive to unlock but that might change over the course of the next months.Pool 3: Best Ghost DecksBest Meta Decks
  • GigantoCBest Giganto Decks
    Giganto brings power for the last turn with the limitation that you can only play him in the left lane (unless you overcome that with another ability)Meta Dependency: The advantage of Giganto over Hulkis the extra +2 power that sometimes opponents don't see coming. The main reason he made his way into some meta decks is that you very rarely will play him actively and more pull him with other abilities and cards on the board, so he simply has more power than Hulk Pool 3: Best Giganto DecksBest Meta Decks
  • GooseCBest Goose Decks
    As Goose blocks all higher-energy cards from being played at the same location, you can use Goose either to take it with low-cost high-power cards or you can also use it to protect a card (more on that below)Meta Dependency: Tough spot since Zabu is so strong and makes all 4-cost cards to 2-cost cards so Goose becomes ineffectivePool 3: Best Goose DecksBest Meta Decks
  • HazmatCBest Hazmat Decks
    Hazmat debuffs all cards and make them 1 power weaker, yours and your opponents' cards. If you combine it with blocking cards on your side, it can take away up to 12 power from your opponent in totalMeta Dependency: Not really in the meta but if you like disruption decs, this card is working wellPool 3: Best Hazmat DecksBest Meta Decks
  • HellcowCBest Hellcow Decks
    With Hellcow you can discard two cards from your hand and get decent power on the board, too. It's a very good discard archetype card that all discard decks can get a lot of value off.Meta Dependency: Quite an essential card for discard decks and one that you can run in pretty much any discard deck - outside of discard decks a useless card so relies on how discard archetype performs in the meta.Pool 3: Best Hellcow DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Human TorchCBest Human Torch Decks
    Human Torch is a great freeloader card to run in any move deck - he only costs 1 energy and each time he moves he doubles his power (similar to Deadpool when destroyed) and this can multiply a lot. If you move him 3 times you get a 8-power card, when increasing his power in betweem even 16 power or more. Has the potential to scale a lot and as always in motion hard to counter for your opponent as long as there's no Killmonger around.Meta Dependency: Only viable in move decks and depends on them to perform well in the meta.Pool 3: Best Human Torch DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Invisible WomanCBest Invisible Woman Decks
    Invisible Woman delays cards flipping until after Turn 6, so you can hide what you're up to or protect cardsMeta Dependency: Not a huge meta card but as cloaking your moves can always be a advantage so can work with today's meta and future meta decks as wellPool 3: Best Invisible Woman DecksBest Meta Decks
  • KingpinCBest Kingpin Decks
    Kingpin destroys all cards that get moved to his location (yours and the ones of your opponent) on Turn 6, and only on Turn 6. So, you can use him along with cards that move your opponents cards to simply destroy plenty of power at the endMeta Dependency: Not top of the meta himself but useful in decks that use cards like Magneto or Aero. It's also not a very expensive card so you can drop it in between and then use your Aero or Amgneto to take out severl of your opponents cards at the end.Pool 3: Best Kingpin DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Luke CageCBest Luke Cage Decks
    Luke Cage is a card that you play along cards that have negative self effects that reduce their power - or cards that decrease all cards power (yours and your opponents). Tarditionally a card for a disruption deck.Meta Dependency: There's two ways how Luke Cage can fit into the meta - one is by playing a disruption deck with cards that will lower cards power on your side as well (e.g. Typhoid Mary or Hazmat) or with evolved abilities through High Evolutionary in play a lot to prevent your opponent to gain synergies from lower the power of your cards.Pool 3: Best Luke Cage DecksBest Meta Decks
  • M'BakuCBest M'Baku Decks
    Although M'Baku appears as kind-of a cheap Captain Marvel, he will only jump to a random location and has only 2 power so don#t expect any miracles from him.Meta Dependency: No great synergies to meta cards or decks and also not the strongest card among the 1-cost cards, so not a very popular card right now.Pool 3: Best M'Baku DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MagikCBest Magik Decks
    Magik can be used to extend the game for a Turn 7 that get appended. Please mind, this changes the lcoation so there's the chance your opponent might use Scarlet Witch or Storm to nullify Magik. The extra turn will let you play another high-cost card so you need a deck with enough power to mitigate that you basically didn't do. uch on Turn 5 by playing Magik when it comes to synergy or power on the board. Also, she can be used to get rid of a location effect that you don't like.Meta Dependency: Not really in or out the meta. There are some meta decs that worked well with him and rather a niche card.Pool 3: Best Magik DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Maria HillCBest Maria Hill Decks
    Will add a random 1-cost card to your deck so she's clearly a card to play along handsize decks as there are plenty of 1-cost cards you don't want to see. Sometimes you get lucky, though. You can also play her later to scale up Devil Dinosaur.Meta Dependency: Technically you can play Maria Hill in any deck, but there's so much rng what card you get that only handsize decks with Devil Dinosaur really make sense to play along with her - so, she absolutely depends on how Devil Dinosaur performs in the meta.Pool 3: Best Maria Hill DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Miles MoralesCBest Miles Morales Decks
    Miles Morales is a 5-power card without anything special but only that triggering any move effect let you play the card next turn for 1 energyMeta Dependency: You an use Miles Morales either along move decks or disruptive/control decks where a move effect will get triggeredPool 3: Best Miles Morales DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MojoCBest Mojo Decks
    Mojo can scale up if you play him in a location where your opponetn also has four cards, but that happesn frequently enough and the 6 additional power for this card that costs 2 energy is really great without any downsideMeta Dependency: Combine with the right cards, espcially deck archetypes that will flood the board, will make Mojo a cheap and useful powerhouse that you can use quite well to play around higher-power cards your opponent might throw on the board.Pool 3: Best Mojo DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Moon KnightC
    Meta Dependency: Pool 3: Best Meta Decks
  • MysterioCBest Mysterio Decks
    Mysterio will play clones in each location and your opponent will not see which one's the real one until the match ends. You can use him well to disguise your real power and also to use scaling cards ont he clones that will buff them up.Meta Dependency: Quite well although he depends on having cards he synergizes well to perform well as he won't fit perfectly into any deck.Pool 3: Best Mysterio DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Omega RedCBest Omega Red Decks
    With Omega Red you can reach power into the other locations but you need to remain a huge lead at his location by at least +10 power comapred to your opponentMeta Dependency: Works in the right decks but is rather a niche card for control-heavy decks than a mainstrem card right now.Pool 3: Best Omega Red DecksBest Meta Decks
  • RescueCBest Rescue Decks
    As kind-of a supercharge d Hawkeye, Rescue comes with some flaws that you need to play around. With the reveal next turn, Rescue will be 9 power and absolutely inviting your opponent to drop a Shang-Chi on top but can also use as a distraction or combined with protective cards as a good Turn 4 + Turn 5 push for one location.Meta Dependency: Not really as there's basically not much synergy to archetypes and better 4-cost cards out there to play.Pool 3: Best Rescue DecksBest Meta Decks
  • RockslideCBest Rockslide Decks
    With decent power himself as a 4-cost card, the other benefit of Rockslide are shuffeling two rocks into your opponents deck to potentially mess up one or even two draws.Meta Dependency: His clear main synergy combo is Darkhawk who benefits from a big deck so Rockslide will scale up by +4 power, even when played after Darkhawk - so, he will depend a lot on how Darkhawk performs.Pool 3: Best Rockslide DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Ronan the AccuserCBest Ronan the Accuser Decks
    A very similar card to Devil Dinosaur or Darkhaw, but unlike Devil Dino (scales by your handsize) and Darkhawk (scales by your opponent's DECKsize), Ronan scales by your opponent's handsize so adding as many cards there will help you make Ronan a decent 2-digit power card on Turn 5.Meta Dependency: Coming up more and more and needs some enabler. I potentially see him tied to Devil Dinosaur's performance in the meta as you can simply steal the trigger (handsize of your opponent) to counter.Pool 3: Best Ronan the Accuser DecksBest Meta Decks
  • SentryCBest Sentry Decks
    If you can destroy, block or even swap over The Void that you will get on the board through Sentry, you can gain quite some value.Meta Dependency: Not really a card you see being played a lot for several reasons. First, for 4 energy you normally see cards being played that gain more momentum or value in terms of synergies while Sentry 'only' throws some power on the field and then you need to do something in the valuable Turn 5 about The Void to gain more. This, plus the fact that your opponent will prepare that something will happen in The Void's location now, doesn't make him that strong in the current meta.Pool 3: Best Sentry DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Shadow KingCBest Shadow King Decks
    Reducing all cards to their initial value, Shadow King can deal with all On Reveal ability cards that increase power (or decrease your power), so there's a bit you can do here. Please mind, power increases through ongoing effects, like Darkhawk, Ronan or Devil Dinosaur have, will NOT be affected by Shadow King.Meta Dependency: A little off-meta as other cards are often more efficient in what they do, Shang-Chi destroys all cards with high power (including Devil Dinosaur), Valkyrie can set them to 3 power flat, etc. but there are combinations that make sense with Shadow King and when more players will be able access him I think he will become a card more frequently played in Marvel SNAP.Pool 3: Best Shadow King DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Super-SkrullCBest Super-Skrull Decks
    Super Skrull can take ALL ongoing effects your opponent plays and mirror them on your side through ongoing (this means also cards played AFTER he is played will donate their ongoing effects). So, this sounds amazing but also keep in mind he will take control effects like Professor X, Cosmo, Armor or debuffs like Typhoid Mary or REd Skull's skill so you really want to make sure you play him only in the right situation. He is a tech card, for sure.Meta Dependency: He's a real tech card that depends heavily what cards your opponent plays to see if you can make antything useful out of. Also requires meta to be about ongoing effects and if it's about control or reveal, Super Skrull won't help you much.Pool 3: Best Super-Skrull DecksBest Meta Decks
  • TaskmasterCBest Taskmaster Decks
    You can use him to copy the power of a card that you played earlier, this is already a great ability, but you can also use that on cards that gained their power through several stages or have negative effects (without copying those effects).Meta Dependency: he will duplicate a strong card, so he is not necessarily bound to certain meta setups and can be used quite off-meta - but decks using him well are not on top of the meta right now.Pool 3: Best Taskmaster DecksBest Meta Decks
  • TitaniaCBest Titania Decks
    Titania is probably the card with the highest confusion so let me get into her mechanics really quick. Whenever a card is played after she is played, she will flip sides - she will basically bounce back and forth until either both players stop playing cards on top of her location or one side of the location is full. So, the best startegy here is using her to be on your opponents side as the 4th card so he can't play any more cards and then play a card on Turn 6 on your side to make her switch sides back to your side. This is net a 10 power swing plus the card you played and most likely that location will be yours. Also, she won't be triggered by cards that get summoned there (like Squirrel Girl copies, Ultron's bots, Debrii's rocks, etc.)Meta Dependency: Has good disruption abilities and can confuse the hell out of your opponent - a strong card when played right and I think we will see her getting played more in the future.Pool 3: Best Titania DecksBest Meta Decks
  • VenomCBest Venom Decks
    Venom eats through cards and gains all their power and if you can combine that with cards that benefit from being destroyed, you can scale up Venom a lot. Also a useful card to 'wrap up' multiple cards to become one to gain more space in a location. But also with 3 power a decent card overall.Meta Dependency: The only real way to play Venom is playing him in a destroy deck and, yet, he's a powerful card but has the problem to normally scale up to a lot of power and that invites Shang-Chi to take him down so several turns of combos are done for nothing in a single turn.Pool 3: Best Venom DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ViperCBest Viper Decks
    Viper might sound at first like. card you play in vers specific situations, but taking a closer look you will see there are several combos you can use to disrupt your opponent's sideby a lot.Meta Dependency: Powerful disruption card but needs a deck and the skills to be played well so you will probably not see Viper appear in any meta decks.Pool 3: Best Viper DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Adam WarlockDBest Adam Warlock Decks
    As long as you can keep the lead in a location and you have a deck that benefits from handsize, he will work really well for you.Meta Dependency: As long as you have ahndsize decks work well (and right now you have), Adam Warlock has a place in there, too.Pool 3: Best Adam Warlock DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Baron MordoDBest Baron Mordo Decks
    He's a 2-cost card that can iinterrupt your opponents lines by pulling a medium-cost card and make it a 6-cost cards.Meta Dependency: There are several flaws to Baron Mordo that make him not perform too well. First, you can mess with your opponents lines through Iceman cheaper and more reliable - Baron Mordo can also give your opponent a extra draw when drawing a regular 6-cost cards - and high-cost cards are pretty meta right now.Pool 3: Best Baron Mordo DecksBest Meta Decks
  • CrossbonesDBest Crossbones Decks
    Crossbones has a nice energy-power ratio but can only be played in locations where you are aheadMeta Dependency: To be fair, Crossbanes is very similar with Jessica Jones but many players prefer her about him. A solid card but not a dominating onePool 3: Best Crossbones DecksBest Meta Decks
  • CrystalDBest Crystal Decks
    Crystal is a great handsize enabler for your hand but also your opponents' hand and can be used if you combine her with handsize-depending cards like Devil Dinosaur and Ronan the AccuserMeta Dependency: Depends heavily on using Ronan and Devil Dino as your high-power cards so her performance is tied close to their effectsPool 3: Best Crystal DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DaggerDBest Dagger Decks
    Each time you can move her, she will gain +2 power for enemy cards and that can scale quite highMeta Dependency: Inside Move Decks a card that scales well (kind-of-the the move-version of Deadpool), but move decks don't do too well in the meta right now.Pool 3: Best Dagger DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DazzlerDBest Dazzler Decks
    Will trigger when you play a deck that is able to fill all of your locations and develop additional power accross the board so it goeas well with zoo decks or with patriot/ultron decksMeta Dependency: As Zoo decks in several shapes do fine in the mta, she can be one of the higher-power cards in those decks and with the recent buff it is a lot cheaper to playPool 3: Best Dazzler DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DRAXDBest DRAX Decks
    Can become a 8-power card if you manage to play him at the same time and location as your opponent.Meta Dependency: Not really a card you see frequently and needs to be combined with cards that help him trigger his ability to be a good card.Pool 3: Best DRAX DecksBest Meta Decks
  • FalconDBest Falcon Decks
    Falcon moves back all your played 1-cost cards back into your hand so you need to combine this card with the right cards to make sense to play.Meta Dependency: Is not too much into the meta right now but there are working niche decks that can do fine.Pool 3: Best Falcon DecksBest Meta Decks
  • HelicarrierDBest Helicarrier Decks
    Helicarrier has decent power but will add three random cards to your hand. This works well to increase your handsize with a deck that benefits from that (see some synergy cards below) but also can give you very helpful cards or strong cards you haven#t unlocked so farMeta Dependency: Not really on top of the meta but absoutely useful in either decks with Devil Dinosaur that benefit hand size or ramp decks that can play 6-cost cards earlier.Pool 3: Best Helicarrier DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Nick FuryDBest Nick Fury Decks
    Nick Fury adds three 6-cost cards to your hand so you can either get lucky and find a good card that you can use or you play him in a deck that synergizes on growing your handsize. He absolutely will give you some flexibility.Meta Dependency: Not really in or out the meta. You will not see him in too many decks but he can be played decently in handsize decksPool 3: Best Nick Fury DecksBest Meta Decks
  • OrkaDBest Orka Decks
    Orka is very similar to Namor but with a little more power and a 6-cost card. So you can either use him along with other cards that buff up a location, pretending to not care about a location to pump the 14 power into on the last turn plus whatever you buffed up there before.Meta Dependency: Not really in the eta as it requires quite some specific cards designed around him to work out wellPool 3: Best Orka DecksBest Meta Decks
  • QuakeDBest Quake Decks
    Has the ability to change up locations which sounds not powerful - but it can be! Quake is not a card you play frequently or for power, you play that on locations that heavily develop/limit power and you can wait your opponent to rely on that and then switch the locations around, espcially when they snap you can snap back and steal cubes. A very startegical but powerfulful cards in the right hands.Meta Dependency: Not in the meta but can make a great off-meta deck as shifting locations is strong and only a few opponents think about it - stealing cubes happesn with Quake and I saw people hitting Infinity Rank with that deck.Pool 3: Best Quake DecksBest Meta Decks
  • YellowjacketD
    Meta Dependency: Pool 3: Best Meta Decks
  • Pool 2

  • KillmongerSBest Killmonger Decks
    Destroy all 1-cost cards on the board can be devestating for your opponent, espcially if they play Zoo Decks so you take away their baseline of power. But also works great in combination of destroy archetypes so you can the benefits from the amount of destroyed cardsMeta Dependency: Super versatile and you can see him in many different decks. Not just tied to destroy archetype decks and a great way to deal with many different decks (from Thanos, through Zoo or just dealing with cards like Ebony Maw, Sunspot, etc.)Pool 2: Best Killmonger DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Shang-ChiSBest Shang-Chi Decks
    This card is the card that will keep all the high-power cards hidden until the end as nobody wants to reveal them to get them destroyed that easily by a 4-cost Shang-Chi. Use him in any deck to make sure that you can deal with any high-power push your opponent will throw your way.Meta Dependency: The only card that deals with crazy high-power decks and it will not require any specific archetype of decks or combos to enable - he's the card all high-power cards are afraid of.Pool 2: Best Shang-Chi DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MorbiusABest Morbius Decks
    Morbius will grow by +2 power each time you discard a card so Morbius is an incredible card to run in basically every discard deck that benefits from discarding but has no discard effect himself.Meta Dependency: As long as you see discard cards high in the meta he will be along with them as you simply can't play a discard deck where every card discards or you will run out of cards pretty soon.Pool 2: Best Morbius DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ScorpionA
    Meta Dependency: Pool 2: Best Meta Decks
  • SunspotABest Sunspot Decks
    Sunspot is a 1-cost card that gains power each time you have unspent energy at any turn, basically turning your leftover energy into a push and although that might not sound much, it can snowball heavily and combined with the right cards make a strong 10+ power out of this card.Meta Dependency: Sunspot performs really well right now due to the fact that he automatically gathers power and can occupy a single location on his own. Protected by Armor there's nothing the opponent can do, combined with Infinaut you can feed 5 energy into Sunspot on Turn 5 and play 20-power Infinaut on Turn 6. Also She-Hulk is a great combination as she will get cheaper for each energy unspent.Pool 2: Best Sunspot DecksBest Meta Decks
  • The InfinautABest The Infinaut Decks
    The Infinaut can only be played actively if you skip Turn 5, so opponents often know what you're up to. Overall brings a ton of power to the board and if played with other cards you can still get your Turn 5 play and get his power on the board - so, yes, when played right a powerful card in Marvel Snap!Meta Dependency: He is powerful, but predictable if not played well. Part of several meta decks, though, and if protected/played right a push that it hard to defend against at the end of the match and can be your win condition frequently.Pool 2: Best The Infinaut DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Bucky BarnesBBest Bucky Barnes Decks
    Bucky Barnes needs to be destroyed to become Winter Soldier, a 6-power card. So, his ssynergy is strong in any deck where you have destroy cards to drop on him.Meta Dependency: Depends hevily how well destroy archetype decks do but you always find some destroy elements in meta decks so Bucky barnes is somewhat always around.Pool 2: Best Bucky Barnes DecksBest Meta Decks
  • CloakBBest Cloak Decks
    Cloak enables moving card to the same location in the next turn - not just for you, also for your opponent. Combine it with cards that gain power by moving to get a lot from his effectMeta Dependency: Depends on how move cards to in the meta as it only makes sense to run him in your deck when you have cards with the move synergies that gain power (see below).Pool 2: Best Cloak DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Ebony MawBBest Ebony Maw Decks
    With an amazing energy-power-ratio, Ebony Maw get the negative effect that he blocks your location and that you have to play him in the first turns. Still, you can use him so your opponent has to invest quite some resources to overcome while you can invest into more important things.Meta Dependency: There's always some decks where you can play this, espcailly control archetype decks do well so he's not bound to certain combos, enablers or cards to be good and you will see him frequently.Pool 2: Best Ebony Maw DecksBest Meta Decks
  • HobgoblinBBest Hobgoblin Decks
    Hobgoblin comes accross as this 5-cost card that appears to have 8 power but there's so much more ot it. You can get him down to prevent an opponent caring about a pretty empty location, you can use him to cloak up a enemy location and with the right synergy cards you can even stuff him into important trigger slots and stuff a location with him. He's pretty versatile and if you see the opportunity to play him with value you will gain value from him.Meta Dependency: Has a little the reputation of being a card for disruption decks but you can actullay use him in quite a variety of decks as he is pretty independant from synergies and can counter quite a number of opponent decks and win conditions.Pool 2: Best Hobgoblin DecksBest Meta Decks
  • JubileeBBest Jubilee Decks
    Jubilee has the ability to pull any card from your deck on the board, so you have the chance to get some high-power cards on the board for 4 energy.Meta Dependency: Not really depending, but works better in decks that rely on having many high-power cards in your hand (something like Hela greedy discard decks) so you have an additional chance to get that much power on the boardPool 2: Best Jubilee DecksBest Meta Decks
  • LeechBBest Leech Decks
    Leech will block all abilities of all cards in your opponent's hand so you can basically block many enemy synergies and build-ups on Turn 6. His ability got changed so getting him on the board before Turn 5 will not remove any abilities before Turn 6.Meta Dependency: You can block most final moves, like discarding cards or any other effects so they come down to play the plain power and you will not rarely see your opponent retreat - but be aware, Infinaut is not uncommon so you might also make an Infinaut possible with Leech.Pool 2: Best Leech DecksBest Meta Decks
  • OkoyeBBest Okoye Decks
    Okoye will buff all your cards in your deck by +1 power and although that won't sounds much, this can lift you over the edge in some matches.Meta Dependency: In general a nice card that can help you lift your cars in general over the edge as your full deck will get the additional power.Pool 2: Best Okoye DecksBest Meta Decks
  • SandmanBBest Sandman Decks
    Sandman is a really strong contorl card as he will limit the amount of cards you AND your opponent can play to one one per turn - this means you can use him to prevent your opponent to flood the board with many cards on the last turn (or earlier when you can combine him with cards that allow you to drop Sandman on Turn 4).Meta Dependency: Control cards are always performing strong and with decent power he's working well in ramp decks, control decks or simple disrupt decks.Pool 2: Best Sandman DecksBest Meta Decks
  • StormBBest Storm Decks
    With Storm you can shut down a location so no more cards can get played there after the one last turn, so you will have it quite easy to find the win condition on one location with her.Meta Dependency: quite well as control decks are doing strong and you can combine her with plenty of classic cards to keep the lead in one location with her.Pool 2: Best Storm DecksBest Meta Decks
  • SwarmBBest Swarm Decks
    Try to discard Swarm as often as possible and you will create an army of 0-cost cards with 3 power each you can drop along on your last turn to fill the board with power. This also helps a lot against cards that move around your cards and make it harder for your opponent to predict what's coming.Meta Dependency: In a discard archetype deck he creates additonal power that you can drop on the last turn, but playing swarm outside of discard decks makes little sense so he's pretty tied to how well discard decks do in the meta.Pool 2: Best Swarm DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Agent 13CBest Agent 13 Decks
    Agent 13 is a basic 1-cost card that helps increasing your handsize plus you might be able to pull a useful card that you don#t have in your deck or collection, making her quite a popular starting card.Meta Dependency: A frequently used card in many decks, espcially in Devil Dinosaur decks.Pool 2: Best Agent 13 DecksBest Meta Decks
  • VisionCBest Vision Decks
    Vision as a 5-cost card can move once with every turn, but without any combinations, there's only one turn left where he can move. Still, you can get him on the board earlier or just park some power with him to re-arrange later.Meta Dependency: There are several powerful decks that use him but he is not meta himself, more his flexibility lets him fit into many decks that make him useful.Pool 2: Best Vision DecksBest Meta Decks
  • VultureCBest Vulture Decks
    Scale Vulture up every time you move him by +5 power, easily scaling him towards a 13+ power card and as he's moving also harder to track and destroy.Meta Dependency: Only a card you would play in move decks as you need the synergy of moving cards around to really gain momentum with Vulture.Pool 2: Best Vulture DecksBest Meta Decks
  • WarpathCBest Warpath Decks
    By competing only for two locations and keeping one free, Warpath can become a 9-power card and help you keep the lead in that location.Meta Dependency: Requires very specific decks and combinations as you need a deck designed to compete wlel for two locations instead of three, so this makes Warpath less flexible to be used in many archetypes of decks.Pool 2: Best Warpath DecksBest Meta Decks
  • NakiaD
    Meta Dependency: Pool 2: Best Meta Decks
  • RhinoDBest Rhino Decks
    Rhino doesn't have the best reputation but he's actully a quite reliable card. You get 3 power for energy and you can remove a location and unlike Scarlet Witch don't need to hope that there's going to be a new location that's even worse. You can take your opponent's win condition in a location, you can remove Magik's effect for a 7th Turn (1) and you can also block Storm locking down a location (!!). That's great value, right?Meta Dependency: Not as popular although you see him occasionally. Works well in control decks but actually in any deck where you have an open mid-cost card missing and he can turn around compelte matches for you.Pool 2: Best Rhino DecksBest Meta Decks
  • SabretoothDBest Sabretooth Decks
    Meta Dependency: Pool 2: Best Sabretooth DecksBest Meta Decks
  • The CollectorDBest The Collector Decks
    The Collector scales up with every hard that you add to your hand without drawing it from your deck.Meta Dependency: Traditionally a card that only makes sense to play in a deck that grows your handsize so very depending on how big cards like Devil Dinosaur perform in the meta.Pool 2: Best The Collector DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Pool 1

  • Blue MarvelSBest Blue Marvel Decks
    Buffs up all your other cards by +1 power each. Doesn't sound much but can be up to +11 power on the board and if you combine with a multiplicator (see below), you can even double that on the last turn.Meta Dependency: Does well in a variety of zoo archetype decks and although those change somehow in what cards work well, the whole archetype relies on Blue MarvelPool 1: Best Blue Marvel DecksBest Meta Decks
  • CarnageSBest Carnage Decks
    Carnage eats cards and gains power so you can scale him for little energy but also use him in other decks to get rid of cards you don't like.Meta Dependency: He's a mandatory card in each destroy deck because he's cheap, versatile and super flexible. But also don't be too surprised if you run accross him in other deck archetypes as well as he is so flexible to also clear up locations when you need it.Pool 1: Best Carnage DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Devil DinosaurSBest Devil Dinosaur Decks
    Devil DInosaur scales by your handsize through his ongoing effect and you can easiy make him be a 5-cost cards with 11-17 powerMeta Dependency: Works well as his power is through an ongoing effect and as a 5-cost card you still have a good option for your last turnPool 1: Best Devil Dinosaur DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Iron ManSBest Iron Man Decks
    Iron Man doubles power in one location and can turn around a location easilyMeta Dependency: Not on top right now but can work in several strong decks and always depends a little in how popular cards like Enchantress arePool 1: Best Iron Man DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Ka-ZarSBest Ka-Zar Decks
    Ka-zar is a general buffer who will give every 1-cost card on your side of the board +1 power so he goes really well with spwaner cards and zoo decksMeta Dependency: Always has a place in zoo decks but is also tied how well that meta erformsPool 1: Best Ka-Zar DecksBest Meta Decks
  • America ChavezABest America Chavez Decks
    With 9 power she's not that impressive (although you will play her occasionally for her power), she will help drawing into your other cards as she will always appear on Turn 6.Meta Dependency: You will find her in several strong decks as she helps a lot into drawing more reliable into your enabling cards.Pool 1: Best America Chavez DecksBest Meta Decks
  • AngelaABest Angela Decks
    Fits in many decks but specially on those where you repetively play cards and get rid of them (like 1-cost cards combined with Beast, as you would see in Thanos decks, or with Killmonger who free up the location) to scale this card quite heavily.Meta Dependency: Absolutely as it can be combined with so many different dekcs that you see her around in all kind of ranks and decks archetypes.Pool 1: Best Angela DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Ant-ManABest Ant-Man Decks
    A great innocent card that you can scale up for more power and make benefit from other ongoing synergies wellMeta Dependency: He's cheap, has a ton on ongoing synergies and you can see him played in so many decks from starter to infinity rank.Pool 1: Best Ant-Man DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ApocalypseABest Apocalypse Decks
    Apocalypse is the card to have in your discard deck for the plain reason that it will scale up by 4 additional power each time it gets discardedMeta Dependency: Depends a lot on how discard decks perform in the metaPool 1: Best Apocalypse DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ArmorABest Armor Decks
    Armor is an incredible card to play with synergies but also mess with your opponent as well as protect your cards. Very versatile and powerful to play and you can get so much power out of Armor when playing it right.Meta Dependency: Fits in so many decks and even useful to play if you don't have synergies, just to protect your cards or mess with your enemy.Pool 1: Best Armor DecksBest Meta Decks
  • BishopABest Bishop Decks
    Bishop grows in power every time you play a card. That sounds not much, but placing him on Turn 2 and then play the other 11 slots, making him a 12-power cards. That's quite theoretical, but I can tell you that often opponents will not account him growing and he sometimes can be the missing one or two energy n a locationMeta Dependency: Has synergies with strong rare cards but can also work naturelly in several archetypes that place down many cards, so he's a card that you will see around a lot, even when meta chenges aroundPool 1: Best Bishop DecksBest Meta Decks
  • BladeABest Blade Decks
    The first discard card in Marvel Snap you unlock and although there's not much synergy in Pool 1 for discard, Blade will remain a card that you can also fit into discard archetype decks later with decent power but most importantly only 1-energy cost which make shim a flexible card to runMeta Dependency: Depends how well discard archetype cards do in the meta as there's literally no other use for a discard card (maybe excelt running an early P1 Strong Guy deck where you want to have an empty hand at the end of the game)Pool 1: Best Blade DecksBest Meta Decks
  • CosmoABest Cosmo Decks
    Cosmo is a very protecting and disrupting card as the same time as you can protect your locations with it by blocking enemy reveaals or disrupt their synergies when you have an idea what their deck isMeta Dependency: not depending, more shaping. Cosmo is all over the place as blocking reveal effects is so powerful and for the low energy invest a very powerful card to run.Pool 1: Best Cosmo DecksBest Meta Decks
  • IronheartABest Ironheart Decks
    Can increase the power of random cards on the board and what sounds not too powerful overall, she can turn into a crazy powerhouse for your board when you can trigger her ability multiple times.Meta Dependency: Not too depending on certain decks or cards, but she works best in reveal decks as they will build around the synergy of triggering reveal effects multiple times.Pool 1: Best Ironheart DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Jessica JonesABest Jessica Jones Decks
    Jessica Jones gains +4 power if you don't play a card in her location on the next turn, so combining with control cards is working well with her.Meta Dependency: Has some synergies but currently you primarily see her along Storm as there's not too much benefit in running with other cards, especially with so many control cards aroundPool 1: Best Jessica Jones DecksBest Meta Decks
  • LizardABest Lizard Decks
    Lizard has amazing energy-to-power ratio and is considered one of the best 2-cost cards in the game. You can also use him to force your opponent to play in that lane to prevent Lizard having the full power.Meta Dependency: You can find Lizard in so many decks as he will build pressure early on and doesn't depend on any synergy cards, you see him being played a lot right now. With the recent changes that will take more power off him when your opponent plays 4 cards in the same location will give him a little decline in the meta but he is still a common card that you see around.Pool 1: Best Lizard DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Mister FantasticABest Mister Fantastic Decks
    Reaching into the adjacent lanes with aditional power can make Mister Fantastic potentially a 6-power card when played in the middle lane. Also a very hand card to reach into locked or blocked locations or increase the power in filled locations.Meta Dependency: Potentially a card you see more in lower pool decks as there's simply no combo power that will scale him up, but there are several synergy cards that work well with him.Pool 1: Best Mister Fantastic DecksBest Meta Decks
  • NightcrawlerABest Nightcrawler Decks
    A great card to play early and then move if you need to either free up the location for a stronger card or reach into a location where you can't play cards directly. Nightcrawler is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and most-frequently used 1-cost cards in MARVEL Snap.Meta Dependency: You can fit him into most decks and find him in many decks. One of the very few cards that you will see and use from the day you start playing MARVEL Snap till the very high ranks.Pool 1: Best Nightcrawler DecksBest Meta Decks
  • OdinABest Odin Decks
    Odin has decent power himself and triggers all reveal effects on the same location again, so combining him with cards that have strong reveal effects make him quite viableMeta Dependency: One of the key cards in reveal decks and as long as you find strong meta cards that have reveal effects, he will also be a strong card.Pool 1: Best Odin DecksBest Meta Decks
  • White QueenABest White Queen Decks
    White Queen has decent power herself and with the additional card she helps handsize archetype decks - but you can also gain a useful card to play or at least tome valuable information what deck your opponent plays with herMeta Dependency: Most of the time in either Good Card or Handsize archetype decks so relies on how well those deck perform in the metaPool 1: Best White Queen DecksBest Meta Decks
  • WolfsbaneA
    Meta Dependency: Pool 1: Best Meta Decks
  • Captain AmericaBBest Captain America Decks
    Increases the power of the cards in the same location so you can build respectively power in one location with smaller invest.Meta Dependency: Requires zoo decks or ongoing decks to perform well and as long as there are some in the meta, Captain America can be a solid mid-cost card in your deck.Pool 1: Best Captain America DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ColossusBBest Colossus Decks
    Colossus is immune against any disruption effecty your enemy or a location can use on him. He can't get his power reduced (great for locations that do that), he can't be moved or destroyed so he can be used in a variety of waysMeta Dependency: Not depending on any archetype, he can be used in a variety of decks but also when any hot location is disruptive. You just see him around quite frequentlyPool 1: Best Colossus DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DeathlokBBest Deathlok Decks
    Deathlok has a decent energy-power ratio with the little downside that he will destroy all cards in the location you play him in - so if you can use that as your benefit in decks like destroy decks, you can gain a ton of value from himMeta Dependency: A very common card you see frequently in destroy decks so he's kind-of tied how well those deck archetypes do.Pool 1: Best Deathlok DecksBest Meta Decks
  • ElektraBBest Elektra Decks
    You can use Elektra to snipe out an opposing enemy 1-cost card that your opponent really needs so you can effectively turn that 1 energy she costs into amazong value when up against cards like Sunspot, Ebony Maw, Quinjet, Ant-Man etc. - but also taking out a regular 2-power card makes her effectively a good oneMeta Dependency: Not too common as there are more powerful 1-cost cards and many players safeguard their Sunspots quite well so she is a little off-meta - but you still see her being played here and therePool 1: Best Elektra DecksBest Meta Decks
  • EnchantressBBest Enchantress Decks
    Enchantress blocks all ongoing effects at her location through a reveal effect. That means she also blocks the ongoing effects on your side (can be great to block negative ongoing effects your cards come up with) that have been revelead BEFORE your play Enchantress. If a card with an ongoing effect is flipped after her, she won't block itMeta Dependency: Shang-Chi has dominating the limiting tech.card branch for quite some time but more and more decks seem to protect well and scale more through ongoing effects now so Enchantress gains more and more momentum recently...Pool 1: Best Enchantress DecksBest Meta Decks
  • GamoraBBest Gamora Decks
    Gamora is one of the cards that have a reveal effect that will give her more power when your opponent played a card in the same loction - risk and reward. But normally predicting is not too hard so you get a decent payoff for the 5 energy spent.Meta Dependency: She's pretty self-sustainable but that also means she won't contribute too much to other deck archetypesPool 1: Best Gamora DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Iron FistBBest Iron Fist Decks
    Is a cheap card that will move the next card you play. You can use him best to either use cards that gain power by moving or to reach into locked locations.Meta Dependency: Although cheap and you can use him for locked locations (locations that won't let you play cards or if your opponent played Storm), primarily works best with move archetype decks.Pool 1: Best Iron Fist DecksBest Meta Decks
  • KlawBBest Klaw Decks
    Klaw is a great card to feeed more power into the location to his right, so you can use him to reach into locations that are filled already or locked down. Also vombining him with cards that need to be on their own works well and turn things on a location that your opponent already see as his ownMeta Dependency: Not a crazy meta card but one to play along wither control decks or ongoing decks where you can either use him for locked locations or stack up his ongoing effect even morePool 1: Best Klaw DecksBest Meta Decks
  • KorgBBest Korg Decks
    Has 2 power and adds a rock into your opponents deck that can ruin a draw with a rock, can sometimes prevent your opponent in drawing into certain lines and has a high potential of frustration-retreating.Meta Dependency: Not too depending. With Darkhawk in the meta, though, a very strong card but can be played in any deck and work fine.Pool 1: Best Korg DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Lady SifBBest Lady Sif Decks
    Lady Sif will discard the highest-cost card from your hand. A great way to play her is along Apocalypse so you can be sure that you gain more power on Apocalypse, but also with Hela you can play her well if you make sure that you can prevent her discarding Hela.Meta Dependency: A pure discard archetype card that makes no sense in any other deck than that - so her role in the meta depends a lot on how discard decks perform.Pool 1: Best Lady Sif DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Moon GirlBBest Moon Girl Decks
    Duplicating your full hand when playing her gives you quite some flexibility as you can either feed that into cards that benefit from handsize or also duplicate cards that will help you find your win condition.Meta Dependency: Has been doing well and I think will always do as you can clone strong cards and handsize decks have always had a point that worked in the game.Pool 1: Best Moon Girl DecksBest Meta Decks
  • NovaBBest Nova Decks
    Nova has the same stats as most other 1-cost cards with 2 power but when destroyed, he will give +1 power to all your cards on the board and this can scale quite well. Basically a no-risk/high-reward card to play-Meta Dependency: You'll see Nova getting played along several types of decks as Killmonger plays outside the meta, but normally rather a destroy archetype kind of card.Pool 1: Best Nova DecksBest Meta Decks
  • OnslaughtBBest Onslaught Decks
    Onslaught doubles any ongoing effect at the same location while also packing some extra power and as Turn 6 card a solid move to surprise your opponent.Meta Dependency: Not on top of the meta but as long as you have strong cards with ongoing effects running well, he kind-of has a spot in there, too.Pool 1: Best Onslaught DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Professor XBBest Professor X Decks
    Professor X will lock down a location really well, no cards get destroyed, added, removed or whatsoever. Even cards that have reach and place copies or summons in other locations (e.g. Doctor Doom) won#t be able to do so.Meta Dependency: There are different techniques how to use Professor X and several strong decks do use him right now, so he is absolutely a strong card and one that you will see frequently.Pool 1: Best Professor X DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Rocket RacoonBBest Rocket Racoon Decks
    Has the standard 1-cost with 2-power ratio but interesting enough can scale extra power when you play into a location that your opponent also plays a card intoMeta Dependency: Not really and with a lot more powerful other 1-cost cards with stronger effects available only viable in decks that form a strong synergy with his ability.Pool 1: Best Rocket Racoon DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Scarlet WitchB
    Meta Dependency: Pool 1: Best Meta Decks
  • SentinelBBest Sentinel Decks
    Sentinal is a solid 2-cost cards that brings 3 power on the board but the spcial thing with him is that he will create a duplicate in your hand so you can play him over and over again. There are several cards you can form quite nice combos with him (see below).Meta Dependency: Benefits primarily handsize deck sbut can also be a filler card if oyu have any of the below listed good synergy cards in your deck and you're looking for a low-cost card to fill your deck.Pool 1: Best Sentinel DecksBest Meta Decks
  • SpectrumBBest Spectrum Decks
    Spectrum works great along cards with ongoing abilities as you can give them each a +2 power boost at the end which can easily add up to a lot of extra power accross the boardMeta Dependency: Depends how well ongoing archetype decks do in the meta as she literally needs them to affect enough cards to make an impactPool 1: Best Spectrum DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Spider-WomanBBest Spider-Woman Decks
    Spider Woman can be a disruptive card to drop on Turn 5 and gain up to 12 power effectively without even combining her with other synergy cards and cause a dramatic swing before the last turnMeta Dependency: Disruptive cards and deck archetypes are nothing you see that frequently but those who know how to use it can do really well with itPool 1: Best Spider-Woman DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Squirrel GirlBBest Squirrel Girl Decks
    A cheap and early swarm card to get a couple cards down so you can run her with buffer decks or also destroy decks that depend on deastroying a lot of cardsMeta Dependency: Makes her way in a number of decks that use either Patriot or Death and as long as those cards work in the meta, Squirrel Girl is also aroundPool 1: Best Squirrel Girl DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Sword MasterB
    Meta Dependency: Pool 1: Best Meta Decks
  • White TigerBBest White Tiger Decks
    There's two ways to play White Tiger - you can either play her for reach into locked locations which is decent or use cards that will trigger her reveal ability multiple times to flood the board with the spawned tiger cardsMeta Dependency: Not really a meta card or not and has some place in rach/control decks and needs them to perform wellPool 1: Best White Tiger DecksBest Meta Decks
  • YonduBBest Yondu Decks
    Yondu is a solid card to start with (or play in between) as you sometimes can get lucky and snipe a vital card for your opponent but even if not, you normally gain a lot of information about the deck you're up against. And with the recent changes in America Chavez mechanics that she will not be on top of the deck anymore, you will not consistently destroy her if your opponent runs her.Meta Dependency: A great 1-cost card that you can even make some synergies with and for that reason one you will see being played frequently.Pool 1: Best Yondu DecksBest Meta Decks
  • AngelCBest Angel Decks
    Whenever any of your cards gets destroyed, Angel will fly in and fill the spot with the +2 power.Meta Dependency: Has a spot in some destroy decks but there are better 1-cost cards available to run.Pool 1: Best Angel DecksBest Meta Decks
  • CableCBest Cable Decks
    Cable does various things that will help you - he draws a card your opponent might need for his draw lines, you can gain information on the deck your opponent is running, increase your handsize if you run Devil Dinosaur and if its useful, you can even play the card yourselfMeta Dependency: More a early-pool card as you have other and stronger cards available later in the game to draw opponent cardsPool 1: Best Cable DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Doctor StrangeCBest Doctor Strange Decks
    You can use Doctor Strange to move around a card - and when using it with a card that benefits from being moved, you can gain quite some power through thatMeta Dependency: Only really works well in move archetype decks and depends heavily how they perform in the meta.Pool 1: Best Doctor Strange DecksBest Meta Decks
  • DominoC
    Meta Dependency: Pool 1: Best Meta Decks
  • ForgeCBest Forge Decks
    Forge can increase the power of the following card and when played with cards that duplicate their power, they can scale up faster and higher overall.Meta Dependency: Should only be paired with cards that go well with him as there are many good 2-cost cards in the game that would be a better choice thenPool 1: Best Forge DecksBest Meta Decks
  • GrootCBest Groot Decks
    Has okay energy-to-power ratio and can gain a little extra if you manage to play it in the location your opponent plays cards in. Can be a card to deal with Storm in, but overall not too exciting.Meta Dependency: It's actually a mediocra energy-power ratio card that can gain a little with a lot of rng so not a card you will see a lot right now, unless you are a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy, tbh.Pool 1: Best Groot DecksBest Meta Decks
  • HawkeyeCBest Hawkeye Decks
    A common 1-cost card that gains +2 power when you play another card in the same location on the next turn. Nothing game-changing but can be incorporated quite easily in several deck archetypes.Meta Dependency: A card you can fit in without any specific dependency on meta.Pool 1: Best Hawkeye DecksBest Meta Decks
  • HeimdallCBest Heimdall Decks
    With Heimdall you can not only move all your cards one location to the side and change the outcome of the game completey, you can also enable all moving buffs your other cards have to gain more powerMeta Dependency: Move decks are not too popular right now plus opponents see this coming after you played your first move cards and with Cosmo as blocking card around doesn't improve his situation in the meta either.Pool 1: Best Heimdall DecksBest Meta Decks
  • HulkCBest Hulk Decks
    Hulk has no special ability but 12 power for 6 energy is a fair deal in case you need it - still you can combine him with cards to increase his power or get him on the board cheaper to get more value out of him. If you run him along High Evolutionary, he can unlock his evolution ability that let him grow power whenever you have leftover energy.Meta Dependency: Is in many decks so you have the 12 power to place on the board if you need that power, espcilly for players that haven't unlocked too many other power cards.Pool 1: Best Hulk DecksBest Meta Decks
  • HulkbusterCBest Hulkbuster Decks
    Hulkbuster is used best to power-up certain cards that can multiply their power to they scale up more or to target certain cards.Meta Dependency: You will see Hulkbuster quite frequently in move decks as most cards that synergize well are cards within the move archetype.Pool 1: Best Hulkbuster DecksBest Meta Decks
  • KravenCBest Kraven Decks
    Kraven gets +2 power for each card, no matter if those cards are on your side or your opponent's cards, that moves to his location. This might now sounds too much and moving is not too common, Kraven can often grow without the opponent noticing and win you locationsMeta Dependency: Absolutely tied to move archetype decks and depends how well they do in the meta.Pool 1: Best Kraven DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MantisCBest Mantis Decks
    If you play her in the right location (where your opponent plays a card), she willnot just increase your handsize by drawing a card from your opponent's deck, she will also reveal a lot of information what deck you opponent is up to. Also, your opponents don't know what card you draw from their deck so they might wait for that card while you know what deck they might play. That's a ton of value for a 1-cost card if you can land it right.Meta Dependency: You could technically play her in control decks, but her best use and most frequent use is inside handsize decks with Devil Dinosaur.Pool 1: Best Mantis DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MedusaC
    Meta Dependency: Pool 1: Best Meta Decks
  • Mister SinisterCBest Mister Sinister Decks
    Mister Sinister has 2 power and summons a clone with the same stats. Not too interesting but you can combine him with several cards that increase power to scale him up and get great value for the 2 energy spent.Meta Dependency: Not oo much depending on the meta, but should only be played along combo cards (see below) to get real value.Pool 1: Best Mister Sinister DecksBest Meta Decks
  • MorphCBest Morph Decks
    Morph will switch into a card from your opponent's hand. This can be a great thing or not as you can switch into a Infinaut fro 3 power or get a card that will destroy your location or discard your whole hand so be very careful. Either play it on an empty location or later in the game to have better chances to draw a high-power card.Meta Dependency: Not a card you technically see in meta decks as it has so much surprises to it that you can draw into. I rather see it as a fun card for players that don't have access to the big powerful cards, yet.Pool 1: Best Morph DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Multiple ManCBest Multiple Man Decks
    By moving Multiple Man through any movement ability, he will leave behind a exactl copy of himself, so you can basically duplicate him accross the board, increase his power and get a nice power spread.Meta Dependency: Absolutely a card you need a move archetype deck for and depends how well that archetype performs in the meta.Pool 1: Best Multiple Man DecksBest Meta Decks
  • NamorCBest Namor Decks
    Namor is very similar to Orka but with a little less power but cheaper to play. So you can either use him along with other cards that buff up a location, pretending to not care about a location to pump the 10 power into on the last turn plus whatever you buffed up there before.Meta Dependency: Not really in the meta as it requires quite some specific cards designed around him to work out wellPool 1: Best Namor DecksBest Meta Decks
  • PunisherC
    Pusniher can scale quite well if you play him into a location with many cards on your opponent's side (or make sure to fill that location up)Meta Dependency: Not really in the mate post P1 or maybe P2 decks as there are simply cards with stronger ongoing synergy and overall potentialPool 1: Best Meta Decks
  • Star LordCBest Star Lord Decks
    Can become a 5-power card if you manage to play him at the same time when your opponent plays a card in the same locationMeta Dependency: Not really and with a lot more powerful other 2-cost cards with stronger effects available only viable in decks that form a strong synergy with his ability.Pool 1: Best Star Lord DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Strong GuyCBest Strong Guy Decks
    Strong Guy gains a good power push if you manage to empty your hand so you will not only have net some nice power on the board, you can also increase it after the match ends to take over from your opponent, which can be a great way to use Strong Guy.Meta Dependency: Has some synergies that merge him into the discard archetype as that's where most his synergies are in so he#s a little tied to how discard decks perform in the meta.Pool 1: Best Strong Guy DecksBest Meta Decks
  • WolverineCBest Wolverine Decks
    Try to slide in Wolverine into destroy effect cards to scale him up or have him in your hand along mass-discard cards to get his 4 power on the board for free is how you play himMeta Dependency: Not a core card but works along destroy and discard archetype decks so his performance is tied to how well those decks perform in the metaPool 1: Best Wolverine DecksBest Meta Decks
  • AbominationDBest Abomination Decks
    Without any ability, this card relies on getting powered up, otherwise there's no reason to run this card without any syerngiesMeta Dependency: Depends absolutely on how well Patriot is doing in the meta, as cards without ability don't have any other synergy right now.Pool 1: Best Abomination DecksBest Meta Decks
  • CyclopsDBest Cyclops Decks
    Without any ability, this card relies on getting powered up, otherwise there's no reason to run this card without any syerngies (unless you have High Evolutionary to unlock the evolution ability)Meta Dependency: Depends absolutely on how well Patriot is doing in the meta for most players or how High Evolutionary is balancedPool 1: Best Cyclops DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Misty KnightDBest Misty Knight Decks
    Without any ability, this card relies on getting powered up, otherwise there's no reason to run this card without any syerngies - except running her along High Evolutionary so she gains her evolved ability that will make her power up a random friendly card +1 power whenever you have unspent energy at the end of a turnMeta Dependency: Depends absolutely on how well Patriot or High Evolutionary is doing in the meta, as cards without ability don't have any other synergy right now.Pool 1: Best Misty Knight DecksBest Meta Decks
  • QuicksilverD
    Meta Dependency: Pool 1: Best Meta Decks
  • ShockerDBest Shocker Decks
    Without any ability, this card relies on getting powered up, otherwise there's no reason to run this card without any syerngies unless you run him with High Evolutionary which can unlock the evolve ability of ShockerMeta Dependency: Depends absolutely on how well Patriot is doing in the meta or how the balancing of High Evolutionary turns out to workPool 1: Best Shocker DecksBest Meta Decks
  • The ThingDBest The Thing Decks
    Without any ability, this card relies on getting powered up, otherwise there's no reason to run this card without any syerngies - unless you can activate the evolved ability by playing The Thing along High Evolutionary so you can in total remove 3 power from your opponents side of the location you play The Thing (turning him effectively into a 4/9 card)Meta Dependency: Depends absolutely on how well Patriot or High Evolutionary is doing in the meta.Pool 1: Best The Thing DecksBest Meta Decks
  • UatuDBest Uatu Decks
    Uatu just needs to be in your hand at the start and you will be able to see the middle and right location before they reveal so you can adjust your game plan before your opponent knows what locations you will play intoMeta Dependency: Quite a single tech card without much synergies or relevancy in the current metaPool 1: Best Uatu DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Ghost SpiderB
    Move the last card you played to Ghost Spider's location so you can use her to enable scaling abilities of cards that gain from being movedMeta Dependency: Absolutely a card that depends on the move archetype doing well as she is 100% dedicated to movement cardsBest Meta Decks


Please keep in mind that ranking cards individually might help you decide which cards to get from the Token Shop but in terms of meta decks it comes down to running a strong deck and not just single cards that are individually strong together.

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