The BEST Doctor Doom Decks + Synergies in MARVEL SNAP

marvel snap best doctor doom decks june 2023

Are you looking for a deck that you can play with Doctor Doom in it in Marvel Snap? Doctor Doom can open up some interesting possibilities so I feel you will like this guide here – please mind, this guide here is getting the good decks directly from my popular meta decks list and gets updated each time I update my meta decks (at last once or twice per week), so you will never find any outdated decks here that are not flagged as old and outdated.

Is Doctor Doom A Good Card in MARVEL SNAP?

Doctor Doom will bring 13 power in total on the board, divided to 4 power in each location through his Doom Bots. This is nice to spread your power evenly but also to reach into locked locations at the same time, making him one of the best stand-alonge 6-cost cards that are highly versatile and difficult to defend,.

Doctor Doom in the current meta: he is a little next to the meta as you’re facing some control decks and he’s nice to push into the locked locations but also with more high-power cards to deal with, he just doesn’t seem to pack enough of a punch for a Turn 6 card to be viable enough so rather a situational card to have along with other high-power 6-cost card(s). His performance overall is normally not depending on certain cards/archetypes and you can see him in many different archetype of decks..

Good Synergies with Doctor Doom

Storm has a great synergy with Doctor Doom as she can lock down a location and you can still reach into it with a Doom Bot on Turn 6 when your opponent might think he already has that location. Read more about playing Storm here.
Electro let you play Doctor Doom already on Turn 5, so you can get more value out of him and play him along another 6-cost high-power card. Read more about playing Electro here.
Wong let you trigger his effect twice, so you get 2x Doom Bots for the other locations each, making it a total of 8 power if you have the space available (5 power for Doctor Doom + up to 16 power in the other locations makes this net a 19-power card). Read more about playing Wong here.
Odin, like Wong, can trigger Doctor Dooms ability again, but you need to play him along any deck that let you play Doctor Doom on Turn 5 with reduced costs (like Electro, Psylocke) or cards that pull him on the board earlier (Lockjaw, Jubilee). Read more about playing Odin here.

The Best Doctor Doom Decks

The decks here are ranked by how well the decks perform in the current meta. As I said earlier in this guide, the table will get updated every time I update the meta deck tier list here automatically!


  • Lockjaw Thor EvoS
    Starting with your cheap cards you can either start populating the locations and gain some advatage to built up and Thor helps a lot by generating his Hammer that you can then draw through Jane Foster, feed into Lockjaw to scale up Thor and then Lockjaw rotates into something more powerful. THis deck is really powerful once you can get your combo lined up but also be ready to retreat if things aren't going your way as don't have the craziest backdoor. Still, sometimes you can still win a match even without that Thror, Jane Foster, Mjolnir, Lockjaw into Infinaut rotation.Future Prediction: With the small nerfs to Wasp and Hulk evolved abilities, this deck took a little step down from the very top of the meta but is still one of the best decks to playHow to play this deck
  • Iron PatriotA
    With Iron Lad you can copy basically every card in this deck and you are less vulnerable to Enchantress as this is not an ongoing effect so it's harder to shut down.Future Prediction: Still seems to have found a stable way in the meta after being out of the meta tier list for quite a while. Relibale against many decks but if you see your opponent builds crazy power, tiem to retreat to save the cubes.How to play this deck
  • Evolutionary LockdownA
    Unlocking the abilities of the cards without abilities that will reduce your costs and lower your opponent's power along control-heavy cards will give your opponent a really rought time dealing with youFuture Prediction: Not a bad deck, but has also been declining a bit with the way other decks entered the meta and people more and more are comfortable to play around locked down spots.How to play this deck
  • Electro Sandman RampB
    I love this deck a lot as you can play it two ways, either by using Electro to reduce your cards cost and then use Wave as well to get a grat final push where you can drop two 6-cost cards or you use Electro to be able to play 5-cost and 6-cost cards on earlier. You can use Leech on Turn 4 to already block your opponents abilities and with your 6-cost cards you always be able to find a win condition on the last turn.Future Prediction: With Spider Ham Electro Ramp can be played successfully although not as strong as it used ot be quite a while ago. The reason it still performs is Wave as you can really mess up the combo lines of Bounce archetype decks right nowHow to play this deckMore Control Decks
  • Good Cards Wave
    Combining strong cards together that have a lot of potential along Wave to reduce their costs can not only be flexible but also build a lot of power on the board - and with several tech-counter cards you can always limit your opponent well.Future Prediction: Probably the biggest loser of the past weeks and the only way to make this deck work well is if you can use Wave at the right time to disrupt either Lockjaw Combos (especially with Thor's Hammer) or Bounce Decks at the last turn. If you manage that, this deck can still perform solid but retreat whenever you're behind or you will see your cubes and ranks meltHow to play this deck
  • Lockjaw Thanos
    The return of Thanos Lockjaw that found a strong win condition and with Killmonger you have more chances to pull strong cards + the reveal effects from the Infinity Stones through Lockjaw on the boardFuture Prediction: One of the biggest winners in the past week and the first time Thanos made it back to the higher part of the tier list for quite some time.How to play this deckMore Thanos DecksMore Lockjaw Decks
  • DeathWave
    DeathWave is incredibly powerful as you enable your win conditions from both side. Destroy cards and gain synergy there will make your Wave cheaper as well as every unspent energy reduced She-Hulk's cost. With Wave you can then reduce their cost to 4 energy plus their reduction, so sometimes you can drop both of them for something like 2-3 energy n total to overtake locations on the last turn easily.Future Prediction: DeathWave seems to be more in business since Wave has become a way stronger card in the meta recently and with all the versatile options you have here now. Probably the most accessible deck high in the meta right now.How to play this deckMore Destroy Decks
  • DoomWave Nebula
    This deck combines a lot of cheaper cards with great value and then builds a bridge through Wave to play high-costs cards that are really effective. There's no specific synergies here you're after, you basically play the cards you have and try to make the most out of it, which works quite well as you don#t have to rely on specific lines to draw into.Future Prediction: DoomWave with Nebula is taking over a lot recently and makes it on par with the other top decks in the Marvel Snap meta right now. I feel it's not THAT strong as the decks above, but overall a very reliable and good deck to play.How to play this deck
  • MODOK Ramp
    MODOK works incredibly well in a ramp deck, too. Play him into Invisible Woman and make sure you have Hela behind him. So, then MODOK will discard your whole deck and Hela brings all cards back without rngFuture Prediction: With the change to Zabu and SIlver Surfer the game is a little looking for meta right now and MODOK seems to step it up a bitHow to play this deck
  • Wide Wong Black Panther
    Early in a match you will try to lock down locations you have cards in that you can buff up with on reveal effects. The good part here is that you have White Tiger, Arnim Zola and Doctor Doom to reach into those locations easily later. Getting Wong down means basically you can double any card played after and they are strong and multiply and snowball heavily. If you don't pull Wong into your hand you're still able to use Black Panther, White Tiger, Arnim Zola or Doctor Doom and with Odin you still can double their on reveal by triggering it once more and having decent power as well.Future Prediction: I will remain this deck here as it doesn't seem it got affected by the recent balancing changes muchHow to play this deckMore Black Panther Decks
  • Quake Control
    Quite an off-meta deck that uses locations hifting to steal cubes when opponents snap. Snapping back and gain big but retreat if things are not going your way.Future Prediction: People have reached Infinity with this deck without being in the meta, simply as shifting locations is something players aren#t that aware of but it's not meta-depending.How to play this deck
  • Good Cards 2099
    Use strong cards along move effect around Spider-Man 2099 to surrpise your opponentMeta Dependency: Not really a meta deck but if you're into a disruptive control deck, this is a lot of fun and can gain quite some cubes in the right hand
  • Snowguard Control
    Use control-heavy cards along Snowguard to push your opponent agisnt the wall by leaving them only little options and taking great locations effects or negate the ones that are not in your favorMeta Dependency: Not a meta deck univerally but sometimes with weird featured locations it can work well to gain some cibesHow to play this deck
  • Cerebro 5
    Use all 5-power cards to buff them up with Cerebro and mystique to become 9-power cards. With Wave you can play Nimrod earlier or use Magik to buy you an additional turn. Then drop Cerebro and Mystique at the end together for a +4 power to each card.Meta Dependency: A new deck to work with Nimrod for the start of the new season, we'll have to see how well it performs against the other meta decks.How to play this deck
  • Thanos Lockjaw Death
    This Thanos Lockjaw deck version works also really well and has a lot of ongoing cards to get some additional power to push at the end.Future Prediction: Thanos Lockjaw after all is on the decline and there are simply too many ways to beat this deck to make it really viable right now.How to play this deck
  • Phoenix Ramp
    Try to destroy Black Panther with Venom or Arnim Zola early and then use Phoenix Force to gain a flexible high-power card on the board before Turn 6.Meta Dependency: Potential deck for playing Phoenix Force, we have to see how well it performs in the meta.How to play this deck


I hope you liked this overview of the best Doctor Doom decks in Marvel Snap today and find them helpful to run one of them this season – I’m sure they will be one of the strongest and you can push your rank quite well with it. If you have questions or annotations to the decks, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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