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The BEST Master Mold Decks + Synergies in MARVEL SNAP

Are you looking for a deck that you can play with Master Mold in it in Marvel Snap? Master Mold can open up some interesting possibilities so I feel you will like this guide here – please mind, this guide here is getting the good decks directly from my popular meta decks list and gets updated each time I update my meta decks (at last once or twice per week), so you will never find any outdated decks here that are not flagged as old and outdated.

Is Master Mold A Good Card in MARVEL SNAP?

Master old is basically a double-reversed Sentinel, placing two Sentinels in your opponents hand iwht the goal that either cards that profit from opponent handsize (Ronan) or disrupting your opponent’s draws heavily..

Master Mold in current decks that do well in the meta: With the potential to revive a underused card like Ronan and opponent handsize-disruptive cards, Master Mold can become a very frustrating card to deal with but I don’t see any global dominating potential..

Good Synergies with Master Mold

Ronan the Accuser
scales up with every card in your opponent's hand and there's no way your opponent can get rid of the Sentinels as they will generate new ones once your opponent plays them
can be great as well as you can stuff up your opponent's hand with four Sentinels so your opponent can't draw any other cards anymore

Absorbing Man
works like Wong but can be played earlier on top of Master Mold so you can stop your opponent from drawing cards after Turn 4
Baron Mordo
is another great way to disrupt your opponent's abilities to draw new cards as you stuff with Sentinels and then also make another draw that will become a 6-cost card

The Best Master Mold Decks

The decks here are ranked by how well the decks perform in the current meta. As I said earlier in this guide, the table will get updated every time I update the meta deck tier list here automatically!

Right now there is no viable deck in the meta that works well with this card. We update this list every week when updating the tier list and out of the 500 meta decks we analyze, this card is not used at this point well. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it, it just means no strong meta decks that are popular right now is using it. We recommend that you check out our tier list linked above to see what decks and variations work well in the meta of Marvel SNAP right now.


I hope you liked this overview of the best Master Mold decks in Marvel Snap today and find them helpful to run one of them this season – I’m sure they will be one of the strongest and you can push your rank quite well with it. If you have questions or annotations to the decks, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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