How To Rank Higher In Contest of Mayors

simcity buildit contest of mayors guide

Contest of Mayors and ranking high there will give you great prizes and also it’s the only easonable way to efficiently earn Platinum Keys in SimCity BuildIt. I have here a general guide that will show you the right startegy to easily get a lot of points from your assignements. Success In Contest Of Mayors […]

Dr. Vu Tower Guide & Best Disasters To Use

simcity buildit dr vu tower and disaster guide

Dr. Vu’s tower and disasters have a tough standing, especially for lower players. I’ve even heard many that say it’s a waste of money to even re-build it. Dr Vu’s Tower is the best way to get Gold Keys for spacializations and also important for Club Wars. I wanted to write this guide to help […]

Farm Expansion Items Faster

expansion item farming in sc buildit

Expansion Items are extremely valuable and the further you progress in SimCity BuildIt, the more you hit a wall that seems to unlock more storage capacity, disasters or map expansions so slow that it’s basically not happening. I wanted to give you some really helpful tips here that will help you getting multiple expansion items […]

Speed Up Token Guide – The Truth!

Speed Up Token have been introduced along with the Department of Epic Projects and let you boost the production rate of your factories. The reason why I wanted to write this guide here is that many many players simply use them wrong and also think that the Gold ones (Cheetah) are the ones they want […]

How To Finish Epic Buildings Faster

simcity builit epic buildings guide

I wanted to write this guide because still many people tend to have problems with their epic buildings. Some struggle with getting the higher tier or enough epic points simply because they have the wrong strategy or expectation. In this guide you will find the perfect strategy to use and get your epic project done […]

How To Get Golden Keys & Best Specializations To Get For Them

Golden Keys are by far the most valuable currency in SimCity BuildIt – they are very hard to get but needed for the specializations that will boost your city extremely. In this guide I will give you the best ways to farm the Golden Keys plus also some real helpful advice what specializations you should […]

Level Up Guide For SimCity BuildIt

simcity buildit level up guide

Each new level will unlock new things in SimCity BuildIt (up to level 40). While most games incentivise leveling up the thing with levels in SimCity BuildIt is a little differently and you need to know some things to not level up too much and get stuck easily. I can’t recommend you to read this guide […]

Best Club Wars Strategy – Stay Domed?!

best club wars strategy for Simcity buildit

Every club wants to win Club Wars to get the nice victory prize – but what is the best startegy? In turned out that a startegy called “stay domed” promises the best results so I decided that I will not only how this strategy in Club Wars works, I will also show you how you […]

Free SimCash in SimCity BuildIt?! Yes It’s Possible

how to get simcash in simcity buildit

While like 99% of all sites or videos you find out there that tell you how to get free SimCash for SimCity BuildIt are only false advertising, I decided to give you a true guide on that. Please be aware that this method will give you like 30-40 SimCash per week if you follow the […]

How To Get More Simoleons In SimCity BuildIt – Swim In Money

simcity buildit get simoleons strategy

Money make the world go round – in case of SimCity BuildIt it’s more like Simoleons make the world go round 🙂 You will pretty early recognize that you will need tons of Simoleons to grow your city so I thought it might be helpful for you when I wrap up me techniques here for […]