How To Win Tournaments In 8 Ball Pool

win tournaments in 8 ball pool

Tournaments are not so popular by the majority of players in 8 Ball Pool – but they should be. In fact, they offer a lot better prices and are a lot mroe exciting to play compared to regular 1-on-1 matches. I really enjoyed to play them recently and thought I will write this guide here […]

Why You Should Farm Rings

The benefit of rings are more than just a ring collection to show off in your player profile in 8 Ball Pool – they are one of the best things you can do to boost your rewards long-term. In this guide I want to show you why you should actively farm them, even when you […]

How To Win Every Game In 8 Ball Pool (One Shot Strategy)

how to win every game in 8 ball pool

I wanted to write this guide for a really long time and spend a lot of time getting all the things up to write you a guide that can be described the ultimate winner guide to 8 Ball Pool. My goal is to give you all the tips you need to finish off any opponent. […]

All Riddles & Answers

Riddles are frequent special events in 8 Ball Pool that give you tasks that are not hard to complete but not that easy to find out – because the task is hidden behind a riddle. Prices are good and difficulty okay and I think it is helpful when I update here all the current and […]

Win Lucky Shot Every Time

win lucky shot guide

Lucky Shot is a new mini game in 8 Ball Pool that will let you win 5 Cash just like that every day – and unlike Spin & Win it’s not a luck game, it’s plain skill so you can really win that every day. I have here a very detailed guide that will show […]

Best Trick Shots In 8 Ball Pool & How To Do Them

best trick shots in 8 ball pool

Trick shots are something really impressive and sometimes even needed. In 8 Ball Pool you often see a situation where you simply can’t play your next move straight and you need to get a little bit creative – that’s what trick shots are. You see, trick shots are more than just showing off in front […]

How To Win Leagues In 8 Ball Pool

Every week you will get grouped up with players that are at a similar level as you are and you compete against each other who can win more coins – and the best 3 of you will get some nice rewards, most of the time big bunch of Pool Cash. The good thing about this […]

How To Get Cash In 8 Ball Pool & Best Way To Use It

how to get cash in 8 ball pool

Pool Cash – that’s how the cash in 8 Ball Pool is called – is a lot harder to obtain than coins, but you will need it for several things. As there are a ton of scammy sources out there I wanted to write this guide here to bring some light into the dark and […]

How To Level (Rank) Up Fast

8 ball pool rank up level guide

Most player see thier player level and rank as something that is just happening in 8 Ball Pool – but unlike many other games the player level is really important and will give you a huge advantage. In this guide I will show you what advantages a higher player level has, what important levels you […]

Is Spin & Win Rigged?!

Spin & Win is a mini game inside 8 Ball Pool that you can play once every day for free and pay money for more spins (but with an improved drop chance). If you played Spin & Win a few times you might have noticed that you probably rather got the smaller prizes instead of […]