The BEST Nimrod Decks in MARVEL SNAP

marvel snap best nimrod decks

Are you looking for a deck that you can play with Nimrod in it in Marvel Snap? Nimrod can open up some interesting possibilities so I feel you will like this guide here – please mind, this guide here is getting the good decks directly from my popular meta decks list and gets updated each time I update my meta decks (at last once or twice per week), so you will never find any outdated decks here that are not flagged as old and outdated.

Is Nimrod A Good Card in MARVEL SNAP?

Nimrod will place copies of himself in the other locations one destroyed, so absolutely a card you want to work around a destroy archetype deck that will absorb his power, scale him up before copying him or make other forms of synergies (see below)..

Nimrod in the current meta: Has the potential to bring back destroy decks more in the meta but needs to be supported by a deck around them..

Good Synergies with Nimrod

Venom can be used to destroy Nimrod to add his copies with 5 power each and also make Venom absorb the 5 power on the current location. If you can buff up Nimrod before that, the total power gain is even better. Read more about playing Venom here.
Destroyer is such a sweet synergy card for Nimrod as you will gain additional benefits from playing Nimrod and the using Destroyer at the end, gaining the copies. Read more about playing Destroyer here.
Galactusworks really well with Nimrod as well as you would gain the 5-power Nimrod for the leftover location after you play Galactus . Read more about playing Galactus here.
Arnim Zola can destroy Nimrod and play him on two oter locations + the destroyed Nimrod will also add copies there. WOrks like a super-charged Doctor Doom but requires a deck that leves you enoughe mpty spaces to play it like that. Read more about playing Arnim Zola here.
Hulkbuster is a great card to power up Nimrod to become a 9-power card before destroying it, adding net 18 power on the board. Read more about playing Hulkbuster here.
Forge can also power-up Nimrod. Not a combo I’d build a whole deck around but if you play a deck that gains from Froge in other synergies (like Deadpool), this can be a nice thing for little cost. Read more about playing Forge here.
Shuri can turn Nimrod into a 10-power card that you can then split. Feels a little disappointing at first when you have those high-power pushes in mind with Shuri but works excellent here, too. Read more about playing Shuri here.

The Best Nimrod Decks

The decks here are ranked by how well the decks perform in the current meta. As I said earlier in this guide, the table will get updated every time I update the meta deck tier list here automatically!


  • Shuri Nimrod Ramp
    This Shuri deck version incorporates Nimrod to scale up as well and givey ou more flexible lines to play towards the end.Future Prediction: Shuri is pretty strong and with Nimrod you gain a ton of flexibility here. Not on top of the meta but if you like Shuri and want to play Nimrod you can make this deck work.How to play this deck
  • Nimrod Destroy
    Revolve around using your negative Goblin cards to clogg up one location of your opponent to play Galactus in on Turn 6. Then play Nimrod in another location, ideally scaling him up through Shuri and use Wolverine as well on the right location or the lcoation left of Galactus to make sure he will jump into it.Meta Dependency: Can be quite predictable with the Goblins, Wolverine, Nimrod down, but with ARnim Zola, you still have a backdoor to play on Turn 6 if Galactus doesn't seem to do the trick.How to play this deck
  • Deadpool VS Nimrod
    A very interesting deck that buffs up Deadpool early and then you have a lot of backup lines to play into. You can use Shuri then to buff up either Deadpool further for Arnim Zola or work into Nimrod or Black Panther. Keep in mind, if you use Shuri into Nimrod, he will become a 10-power card, Then Arnim Zola on top of him will make 10-power copies into all other locations + play another 10-power version of him there as well.Meta Dependency: A very interesting approach of a deck that ahs so many lines to play and uses Shuri well to get some good punch on the board a the end.How to play this deck
  • Cerebro 5
    Use all 5-power cards to buff them up with Cerebro and mystique to become 9-power cards. With Wave you can play Nimrod earlier or use Magik to buy you an additional turn. Then drop Cerebro and Mystique at the end together for a +4 power to each card.Meta Dependency: A new deck to work with Nimrod for the start of the new season, we'll have to see how well it performs against the other meta decks.How to play this deck


I hope you liked this overview of the best Nimrod decks in Marvel Snap today and find them helpful to run one of them this season – I’m sure they will be one of the strongest and you can push your rank quite well with it. If you have questions or annotations to the decks, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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  1. A other best Nimrod Deck it’s a deck than I have creat
    1. Deadpool
    2. Nova
    3. Bucky Barnes
    4. Forge
    5. Carnage
    6. Venom
    7. Hulk Buster
    8. Absorbing Man
    9. Shang-Chi
    10. Nimrod
    11. Arnim Zola
    12. Destroyer

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