The BEST America Chavez Decks in MARVEL SNAP

marvel snap america chavez card

Are you looking for a deck that you can play with America Chavez in it in Marvel Snap? America Chavez can open up some interesting possibilities so I feel you will like this guide here – please mind, this guide here is getting the good decks directly from my popular meta decks list and gets updated each time I update my meta decks (at last once or twice per week), so you will never find any outdated decks here that are not flagged as old and outdated.

Is America Chavez A Good Card in MARVEL SNAP?

With 9 power she’s not that impressive (although you will play her occasionally for her power), she will help drawing into your other cards as she will always appear on Turn 6..

America Chavez in the current meta: You will find her in several strong decks as she helps a lot into drawing more reliable into your enabling cards..

Good Synergies with America Chavez

Lockjaw works well with her as he can draw into her and as she is always inside your deck when you have Lockjaw down, changes are great to trade into her 9 power through Lockjaw. Read more about playing Lockjaw here.
Jubilee can also work well here as she might put her down. Not the craziest play but a positive energy-power trade-off. Read more about playing Jubilee here.
Dracula works nice as you will get her on Turn 6 and not play her that often, so chances are not bad that Dracula will pull into America Chavez.. Read more about playing Dracula here.
Apocalypse works along other discard cards well with her, too. It just makes it a lot more reliable that you can draw into your other cards as America Chavez blocks all options to draw her before Turn 6 which raises the chances to draw your other cards a lot. Read more about playing Apocalypse here.

The Best America Chavez Decks

The decks here are ranked by how well the decks perform in the current meta. As I said earlier in this guide, the table will get updated every time I update the meta deck tier list here automatically!


  • Lockjaw ThanosS+
    This deck develops the points slower towards the end and is harder to predict as you play all the cheap reveal effects of the Infinity Stones into Lockjaw to trade for high-power cards. With Leech, Aero and Magneto you have also a ton to shift around on the last turn of you need to and there's always some lines you can play into to find your win condition.Future Prediction: This deck saw a steep rise and is relatively new and has been dominating the meta right now like crazy and there doesn't seem to be a deck that's stopping it in the current meta. This deck dominates so heavily that almost 70% of victories in the highest ranks are using this deck due to the heavy energy manipulators that Magneto and Quinjet are and before there will be a patch, there won't be any change to this.How to play this deckMore Thanos DecksMore Lockjaw Decks
  • DoomWaveA+
    This deck combines a lot of cheaper cards with great value and then builds a bridge through Wave to play high-costs cards that are really effective. There's no specific synergies here you're after, you basically play the cards you have and try to make the most out of it, which works quite well as you don#t have to rely on specific lines to draw into.Future Prediction: Combining good cards together, this is probably by far the best chance to run a competitive deck in the current meta without having Series 4 and Series 5 cards. It will struggle against the ThanosLockjaw and Shuri deck so retreat if you see what's coming there but overall a deck to push right now.
  • DeathWaveA
    DeathWave is incredibly powerful as you enable your win conditions from both side. Destroy cards and gain synergy there will make your Wave cheaper as well as every unspent energy reduced She-Hulk's cost. With Wave you can then reduce their cost to 4 energy plus their reduction, so sometimes you can drop both of them for something like 2-3 energy n total to overtake locations on the last turn easily.Future Prediction: DeathWave seems to fall behind more and more this season for the fact that the strong archetype of decks simply seem to regulate syergies well or simply overcome DeathWave with pure power if you don't draw into your lines well. Still, a solid deck to play if you're experienced, just make sure to bale to escape the ThanosLockjaw and strong Shuri setups.How to play this deckMore Destroy Decks
  • Lockjaw ThorB+
    Starting with your cheap cards you can either start populating the locations and gain some advatage to built up and Thor helps a lot by generating his Hammer that you can then draw through Jane Foster, feed into Lockjaw to scale up Thor and then Lockjaw rotates into something more powerful. THis deck is really powerful once you can get your combo lined up but also be ready to retreat if things aren't going your way as don't have the craziest backdoor. Still, sometimes you can still win a match even without that Thror, Jane Foster, Mjolnir, Lockjaw into Infinaut rotation.Future Prediction: This deck is, unfortunately, falling behind more and more. On one side you have the LockjawThanos and the Shuri decks that overcome it with high power and then the decks on the other side with many control cards (especially Cosmo) that make the Thor synergy hard to work.How to play this deckMore Lockjaw DecksMore Thor Decks
  • Galactus DestroyB+
    This deck is really frustrating to deal with for your opponent as you will try to use your Elektro or Wave to draw into your Galactur before Turn 5 and then ruin basically the whole locations except one that will show down on the last turn. Nothing your opponent built up until that will count and you can catch him pretty off guard with it. If you play Doctor Octopus before Galactus and basically empty your opponents hand or Leech to block all enemy cards' abilities. Very strong and easy to play.Future Prediction: Nimrod gave the Galactus decks more a direction towards destroy as you gain extra power for Knull or can use Destroyer as backup line. Falls behind the top decks and is a little predictable but still a slid deck to run.How to play this deckMore Control Dekcs
  • Discard DraculaB
    Discard like crazy is the mantra of this deck in hope to grow as many 0-cost Swarm copies as possible, grow up Morbius and increase Apocalpye's power at the end for a big push through Dracula.Future Prediction: If everything works well with this deck, you can devop a crazy power and unstoppable win condition through Dracaula but drawing into the lines can be squishy at times and you need to be prepared to retreat a lot to keep your cubes together with this deck.+How to play this deck
  • Deathpool Venom DestroyB
    Using many destroy synergies, this deck can devlop a lot of power and also handle quite some controlling locations and cards your opponent might throw your way. Overall also a ton of fun to play when you scale up your cards well.Future Prediction: This deck is back into viable meta decks a little bit by surprise but the fact that you can use Bast to scale up your low-power cards before starting to use their destroy synergies can develop crazy power accross the board.How to play this deck
  • Basic Disrupt
  • Basic Move
  • Discard Lockjaw
    Great discard deck and probably one of the classic ones out there. You basically discard as much as possible and most cards gain value and then you will have your Apocalypse at the end that can easily have 20 or more power for a final push at the end.Future Prediction: A little declining recently also since Cosmo became so much more freuqently used in so many decks that discarding can be difficult.How to play this deckMore Discard Decks
  • Greedy Lockjaw
    This deck can turn out so much power when you draw into the right cards with either creating numerous free copies of Swarm or then using Dracula and/or Hela to draw into one of the many high-power cardsFuture Prediction: Stable build and one of the decks that can turn out so much power but also sometimes has frustrating lines you draw intoHow to play this deck
  • Helapocalypse
    One of the most 'discardy' decks in marvel Snap, using all cards that have to do something with discard effects so less depending on drawing specific cards to find your win vonditionFuture Prediction: Discard decks are a little declining as control decks are so powerful right now and can be countered more frequently these days. Still a solid deck worth playingHow to play this deck
  • MODOK Ramp
    MODOK works incredibly well in a ramp deck, too. Play him into Invisible Woman and make sure you have Hela behind him. So, then MODOK will discard your whole deck and Hela brings all cards back without rngFuture Prediction: With the change to Zabu and SIlver Surfer the game is a little looking for meta right now and MODOK seems to step it up a bitHow to play this deck
  • MODOK Swarm
    MODOK gives a lot of viability here, scaling Morbius a lot higher, draw into Lockjaw and with Hela as a backdoor you can have a ton of fun with this deck.Future Prediction: MODOK is real fun card to play and it feels like he will put discard decks right back into the meta. We'll see where this is going in the next days and weeks, but this is a great deck to start playing him.How to play this deck
  • P2 Destroy
    This is a progressive evolution of the Pool 1 Destruct deck (see below) using some cool new cards that you can unlock in Pool 2. The general destruct cards stay the same, but you can play Killmonger to gain benefits but also counter other decks (like Zoo decks or other destruct decks). With Shang.Chi you can disarm locations easily that use high-power cards or power up early and Hobgoblin can ruin a location for your opponent out of nowhere effectively.Future Prediction: Not outstanding but performing alright given the fact that you use very early cards only in this deck.How to play this deck
  • P2 Discard
    This deck here is the evolution of the Pool 1 Discard deck below with the new cards that become available in Pool 2 with discard effects, and cards like Morbius and Swarm give this deck a lot more viability and the synergies are a lot stronger since you have less 'filler' cards. Apocalypse is still your primary goal but you just have better benefits from discard effects overall.Future Prediction: It's not useing the advanced Pool 3 Discard cards and with all the control decks around discard decks have a hard time these days anyways, more a beginning or classic deck to play around with than a deck that will get you too far on the ladder.How to play this deck
  • P2 Move
    you basically have many cards that can move and use cards to strengthen them and then multiply that through the board. This also gives you a lot of flexibility and makes it hard for your opponent to react as you can make him dump his strong cards into a location you abandon later. Also using Chavez helps draw your move cards more reliably through the turns.Future Prediction: Although this is the first 'real' move deck you can play with many move cards, move decks struggle these days with all the Cosmo usage but a great deck to learn move decks and I think they will make a comeback later this year.How to play this deckMore Move Decks
  • Pool 2 MODOK
    This deck is a Pool 2 deck using MODOK and you're trying to buff up Swarm and discard as much as possible. With Chavez and Strong Guy you still have options if that doesn't play along.How to play this deck
  • Strong Guy JeBait
    you have a ton of 1 Energy cards that give you great advantages (see below) and then use Kazar, Strong Guy and America Chavez to turn over in the last turns. This deck is very low rng as you will always play it empty.Future Prediction: Struggles late Pool 2 to early Pool 3 already with many strong counter cards, so clearly a beginner deck to playHow to play this deck
  • ZabuCula
    With Zabu pushing so many 4-cost cards, you can bring a lot action by Turn 5 here and then still push further with high-power cards.Future Prediction: Same as all Zabu decks in the meta right now, as long as Zabu won't get nerfed, they will remain really strong.How to play this deckMore Zabu Decks
  • MODOK Lockjaw
    A pure discard deck that will scale Mobius through all the discarding, ultimately clearing your whole hand to make Apocalypse insenly powerful and make Dracule switch into him at the very end. many plays and a solid deck for MODOK.Future Prediction: Works well and seems like MODOK is getting more and more into the meta and I rather see that kind of decks rise in the next week than anything else.How to play this deckMore Discard Decks


I hope you liked this overview of the best America Chavez decks in Marvel Snap today and find them helpful to run one of them this season – I’m sure they will be one of the strongest and you can push your rank quite well with it. If you have questions or annotations to the decks, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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