The BEST Black Panther Decks in MARVEL SNAP (Pool 1 – Pool 3)

marvel snap best black panther decks

The new season is out and Warriors of Wakanda we now see Black Panther along with other cards that are ready to enter the meta in Marvel Snap – but is Black Panther viable? Yes, he is. In fact, he’s actually a really strong card that can play well in several decks. In this guide here I have not only the best decks for playing Black Panther this season for you, I also ordered them so, no matter if you just started and only can use Pool 1 cards, have access to Pool 2 cards or have all cards available, you will find a great deck here that you can use to climb the ranks, collect cubes effortlessly and dominate this season in MARVEL SNAP.

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Is Black Panther A Good Card in MARVEL SNAP?

Yes, he’s strong. Very strong, to be more precise. With 5 energy cost and 4 power he’s baseline a card that gets a lot out of the way you play it as on reveal Black Panther will double its power to 8. This is still not too outstanding as we have several flat 5-8 cards in Marvel Snap already, but if you can combine him to either play along with cards the activate his reveal effect twice or clone the card, you can multiply that easily and there are decks (see below) that can ramp him up to have 32 or even 64 power at the end!

marvel snap black panther insane power

So, I think without losing much more time here let’s jump into the decks and let you get settled so you can start crushing your opponents.

Best Black Panther Deck
(Pool 1: lvl 214 & lower)

For Pool 1 players, if you are lower than Collection Level 214, you only have one deck that makes sense but it’s one that I enjoyed playing and that makes a lot of sense:

Pool 1 Black Panther Deck

Without getting too fancy here, this deck is a variation of a classic Odin deck (and as odin makes all cards in the location trigger their reveal effects again, Black Panther will become a 16-power card for 5 energy).

You have several lower cost cards here to occupy the locations early with the 1-cost and 2-cost cards. In the middle turns (Turn 3 & 4) you have Ironhearth and Wolfbane to gain some extra value at one location and dropping Jessica Jones is also a great move to keep pressure on one location without having to mind it. In the late phase of the match you will get stronger with this deck, so don’t get intimidated by opponents who snap as you might appear quite weak at earlier turns.

In the last 2 turns you play your Black Panther or White Tiger and prepare to drop your Odin at the end to double their effect – this can be either Black Panther with insane power then or White Tiger adding the 7-power tiger to an additional location. It’s a strong and stable deck and even without playing Odin you can deal with lots of other decks here, especially as you can use Forge do get Black Panther more power before he will double it on reveal (turning him still into a 5-12 card)

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Best Black Panther Deck
(Pool 2: lvl 222+)

Pool 2 Black Panther Deck

The Pool 2 deck is quite similar to the Pool 1 deck with Black Panther, but we have other cards that help us deal with the meta and pressure out opponents.

With Nova you have only a single 1-cost card in your deck and if your opponent destroy it you might already gain great value on your other cards. Killmonger is amazing to deal with opponents that use Zoo Decks or Destruct Decks to interrupt them. Forge is amazing to play before Black Panther as it will buff him up before he doubles his power.

You can also make an early push on a location with something like Mister Sinister or Angela and drop Storm to lock down the location and later push with White Tiger into it (or even risking Storm on an empty location and hope that you drop her tiger there).

End-game is then, after hopefully have buffed up your Black Panther before playing by Forge or Nova and then drop Odin for insane double power that will make you win that location.

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Best Black Panther Deck
(Pool 3: lvl 486+)

At Pool 3 there are actually three different decks that are strong (make sure to check out the last one, that’s absolutely isnane and crushes the end-game meta in Marvel Snap right now soo heavily!).

Wide Wong Black Panther Deck

This deck here has several win conditions and resolves around getting Sunspot down or any other quick push and then lock down a location with Storm. There’s not much more happening early, but then you try to get your reveal doubled with Wong and play either White Tiger or Black Panther on it that will push into other locations or make a double improvement. Then you can double that with Odin for a strong push, or use Arnim Zola or Doctor Doom to duplicate into other locations. having Wong plus Black Panther in a location and play Arnim Zola on it (or even Odin) is a crazy push that will give up to 64 power in the other locations, leaving you almost always the victory there.

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Lockjaw Thor Rotation (with Black Panther) Deck

Another great deck using Black Panther here is this one and it has a little bit more consistency than the above ones and works well to make great pushes in the last turns, so don’t get scared if you opponent snaps as you will get strong by the end. You have not much to play early here and can use Gambit to either interrupt your opponent early or late. Lockjaw is great as you normally have a chance to get one of your high-cost cards down early. With Thor and Jane Foster Thor you can rotate the hammers in, Wong with Black Panther is a beast, Oden multiples your strong cards and even with Magneto you can clear up lanes in the end and let your opponent wonder what just happened. Great fun to play and effective, for sure.

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Electro Ramp with Black Panther Deck

Yes, this deck has a hard cost curve with lots of expensive cards but it has many paths for a win condition that makes it powerful. With Electro you can get your cards in earlier and already see what your opponent is up to as well as the revealed locations. You can double-trigger with Wong, counter well with Enchantress, make White Tiger or Doctor Doom occupy other locations, duplicate with Arnim Zola or play a Odin at the end and getting the hammers in between from Thor makes so much possible tu completely turn tides at the en of a match that this deck is my favorite Black Panther decks so far in Marvel Snal. I also have a slightly similar version described more in detail here.

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I hope you liked this overview of the best Black Panther decks in Marvel Snap today and find them helpful to run one of them this season – I’m sure they will be one of the strongest and you can push your rank quite well with it. If you have questions or annotations to the decks, please don’t hesitate writing a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to replay.

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