The BEST Gamora Decks in MARVEL SNAP

marvel snap best gamora decks

Are you looking for a deck that you can play with Gamora in it in Marvel Snap? Gamora can open up some interesting possibilities so I feel you will like this guide here – please mind, this guide here is getting the good decks directly from my popular meta decks list and gets updated each time I update my meta decks (at last once or twice per week), so you will never find any outdated decks here that are not flagged as old and outdated.

Is Gamora A Good Card in MARVEL SNAP?

Gamora is one of the cards that have a reveal effect that will give her more power when your opponent played a card in the same loction – risk and reward. But normally predicting is not too hard so you get a decent payoff for the 5 energy spent..

Gamora in the current meta: She’s pretty self-sustainable but that also means she won’t contribute too much to other deck archetypes.

Good Synergies with Gamora

Nebula really forces your opponent to play in the same location or she will scale up more and more and with Gamora and an open slot on Turn 5, this is a strong way to have the victory on that location with great power – and if not, well, than Nebula will take care by gaining more and more power there. Read more about playing Nebula here.
Daredevil is a card that fits well with Gamora as you can see on Turn 5 where your opponent will place cards and you can play Gamora the way she will be able to get the +5 power from her reveal effect. Read more about playing Daredevil here.
Storm is another great card to play along Gamora but make sure to play her on Turn 4 so you can place Gamora on top of her. If you opponent tries to put more into that location, Gamora will scale up and there’s no card stronger than her with 12 power – and if not, you have the location on your side anyway. Read more about playing Storm here.

The Best Gamora Decks

The decks here are ranked by how well the decks perform in the current meta. As I said earlier in this guide, the table will get updated every time I update the meta deck tier list here automatically!


  • Nebula ControlA
    A control-archetype deck build around Nebula, other GUardians of the Galaxy and new cards that can hold up and deal with other meta decks pretty good.Shut down lanes while playing cards that scale well and generate more power is the game-plan here while trying to prevent your opponent to get his comos or synergies done.Future Prediction: Not a deck to dominate, but one to shut the other decks down and take a victory when they don't draw into their linesHow to play this deck
  • Thanos Control
    With several synergies combining the recently new cards with Thanos makes a pretty Control-focused deck that can limit your opponent's deck potentialFuture Prediction: Thanos is on the decline so this deck is (in the great matter of meta) not a deck that will dominate and rather one for players that enjoy control decks along Thanos.How to play this deck
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
    Use Nebula to force your opponent to play at the location and use the Guardian of the Galaxy cards that gain extra power when your opponent plays a card to scale up a location for an easy win condition.Future Prediction: new deck for the Guardians' Greatest Hits SeasonHow to play this deck
  • Aero Move
    as with other move decks, you start to build power with your cards that have move synergy before drawing into one of your win-condition lines. With Daredevil you can see their Turn 5 move and you have great counters to heavy-power play cards with Shang-Chi and Enchantess, too. Finally you can completely mess up their final turn play with Aero to take your win condition lanes.Future Prediction: A versatile deck and Daredevil makes it great to counter your opponent and gan great value on Turn 5. Move decks aren't top of the meta right now but this is one of the best ones.How to play this deck


I hope you liked this overview of the best Gamora decks in Marvel Snap today and find them helpful to run one of them this season – I’m sure they will be one of the strongest and you can push your rank quite well with it. If you have questions or annotations to the decks, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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