All Runes In Archero & Which Ones To Forge (Full List)

archero rune forging tier list

Runes are relatively fresh in Archero and are random enhancements for your character that will boost individual stats and give you better chances to get certain skills. The system has some pitfalls and you can easily waste a lot of potential (and time/coins) here so I wanted to make this guide to give you the […]

Archero Expedition Rewards List & Guide

archero expedition guide and reward list

Expedition is the latest game mode that got added in Archero and you can imagine it like a “tower” in other games where you will be able to fight through stages once for great rewards. Each Stage – in case of Archero, room – has a fixed setting of enemies and also room specials (increased […]

Archero Fusing Guide – How To Get Legendary Equipment Fast

archero fusion guide

Of course everybody want to have all Ancient Legendary Equipment, but the road there is long. I understand that you simply want to fuse what you can fuse to get your first legendary as fast as possible, but that’s not the right strategy! With the right strategy you will have long-term success in Archero without […]

Archero Hero Tier List – What’s The Best Hero (Overall & F2P)

When looking at some hero tier lists for Archero it really makes me mad how bad they deliver the information – it’s simply a list from the most expensive being the best and the then descendingly listing the heroes that are cheaper. Hands down, there’s a lot you need to know to understand the hero […]

Best Pets & Pet Combinations In Archero – Tier List

archero best pet tier list

Pets are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend, right? Well, in Archero many players simply use the spirit (what the pet is called like in the game) that is leveled up the most – the truth is, your spirit or pet has a huge effect on your gameplay and only because you are often focused […]

All Promo Codes In Archero

archero promo codes list

All you need to do is enter the code in your account and get some rewards, just like that in Archero – but what are the codes? If you don’t want to follow several people and the official Archero accounts on social networks, I have creates this page here that I always update with the […]

All Bosses In Archero & How To Beat Them

archero all bosses and how to beat them

Every Boss has a weakness, in real-life and in Archer 🙂 Alright, I have here all different bosses listed with the best strategy to use against them. The regular chapter bosses are often times mixed randomly around so you will see them appearing in other chapters as well. For that reason, you will find all […]

Best Weapon in Archero – Tier List

archero best weapon tier list

We have 6 different weapons in Archero and every one has pretty unique benefits (and disadvantages), but I can already tell you that some are for sure better than others. The critical thing here is that it’s a really long (and expensive) road to level up your weapon and doing that with the wrong one […]