Best Meta Decks in MARVEL SNAP (January 2023) – Savage Land Season

best zabu decks marvel snap

Different deck setups frequently evolve in MARVEL SNAP and every player is looking for the ones that work well and gets to higher ranks.

I review, test and tweak common decks frequently and keep them ranked here so you will always see an up-to-date overview of the different decks that run the meta so you can always play a great deck in MARVEL SNAP without having to test them yourself, get outdated decks somewhere else on other sites (as every update changes decks and meta a lot) and also explain how to play those decks correctly.

Best Decks in MARVEL SNAP

What makes a deck a good deck in MARVEL SNAP? Well, overall it’s about synergies between cards and how you play it that makes a deck a good deck. Please don’t expect that there are decks out there that will win you every single match, it’s about long-term progress and losing matches, even multiple in a row, also happens to the best players with the strongest decks.

MARVEL SNAP is pretty balanced and also fair for all players so your edge comes by playing a good deck with synergies as well as knowing how to play it.

Please also mind, some decks a a great opportunity that you can win matches with a snap as they have their strong and surprising win condition at the end that your opponent might not expect – those decks perform well but also might be more squishy when it comes to losing streaks. It depends how you play the game, if you like those kinds of decks and are okay with losing streaks without tilting, go for them. But I also have decks below that focus more on consistent wins.

How are the decks ordered?

So, there are different categories of decks that work well in the meta and that’s how I grouped them here so you can get some insights how the decks are played and once you find one fits your style, you find the more in-depths guides linked – otherwise, this would here simply be a guide with tens of thousands of words and reading or finding anything here basically impossible.


  • Seracle SurferS+
    With loads of 3-cost cards you will flood the deck and either disrupt the enemy synergies with cards like Iceman, Scorpion, Cosmo, Killmonger or Polaris or build some yourself with Bishop, Brood, Mister Fantastic. You want to get as many 3-cost cards on the board as possible and then play Silver Surfer at the end to give each one of them +3 power. Playing Sera on Turn 5 will let you play 3 cards on your last turn so you can easily add 9-12 power to each location and turn over the game.Future Prediction: Silver Surfer was intriduced in December 2022 and this deck was running the show and still does in the new season as it disrupts enemy synergies and doesn't require you to draw into specific lines to find your win condition so I see it on the top decks for quite some time unless the developers nerf Silver Surfer significantly.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Silver Surfer Decks
  • Shuri ZeroS+
    This deck snowballs heavily through the higher cost cards and you can either go into Zabu to reduce the costs of your 4-cost cards heavily for a strong power play in the later turns, bringing a lot of power on the board or double their abilities through Wong or Shuri. With Zero you can also start comfortably play your Typhoid Mary or Red Skull without fearing the ability that buffs your opponent. Taskmaster and ARnim Zola are great high-power plays in the end and the combination with Sunspot and She-Hulk makes a great way out in case you draw into some weird lines with your deck.Future Prediction: Right out the bat with Savage Land season in January 2023 in Marvel Snap, this decks stars dominating heavily and will until any balancing is coming in as it is so versatile and powerful.Cards: Detailed Guide
  • Good Cards Priority (S8)S+
    This deck follows less of a synergy in total but it uses cards that are significantly stronger than normal and providing great value on their own. This means they either disrupt enemy synergies well early (Scorpion, Armor, Cosmo) or have great return value for the energy spend (Sunspot, Lizard, Maximus). With White Queen you can draw your opponents win condition Shang Chi destroys any high-power cards, Leech disrupts their last turn, Aero and Magneto move cards around to keep your tiles clean and Leader basically copy your opponents move if you have the lead in 2 locations by the beginning of Turn 6.Future Prediction: Great working but depends a lot on the balancing. Leader just got nerfed slightly and if other cards in this deck will get nerfed, too this might get less powerful. For the time being a very strong deck, through.Cards: Detailed Guide
  • Zabu DarkhawkS
    A very interesting deck that works around reducing your card costs (ideally with Bast and Zabu) so all your 4-cost cards are 1-cost or 2-cost) and letting your draw a lot so you can spam the board in the last turns with those fairly strong cards. Darkhawk is like a reverse Devil Dino and with Absorbing Man you can copy that. Shang-Chi is great for high-power enemy cards and Spider Man on Turn 5 can easily secure you one of the tiles you have a lead in.Future Prediction: Jut new deck in January 2023 with Zabu and the way Zabu works right now (and I don't see any balancing mid-season) will keep that deck quite strongCards: Detailed GuideMore Zabu Decks
  • Negative SurferS
    This deck works with many cards that have great effects but lower power themselves, so using cards like Bast and Mister Negative) to turn that around. Also has a ton of 3-cost cards that you can buff up with Silver Surfer in the end and if you can get Mister Negative on Iron Man you have a crazy push for one location that almost always wins it for you.Future Prediction: Silver Surfer is still a very strong and viable card and unless there will be any nerf to him, this deck will stay strong and viable in the meta in MARVEL SNAP.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Silver Surfer Decks
  • Electro RampS
    I love this deck a lot as you can play it two ways, either by using Psylocke to reduce your cards cost and then use Wave as well to get a grat final push where you can drop two 6-cost cards or you use Electro to be able to play 5-cost and 6-cost cards on earlier. You can use Leech on Turn 4 to already block your opponents abilities and with your 6-cost cards you always be able to find a win condition on the last turn.Future Prediction: Extremely strong deck and one you will enjoy playing, although Leader got nerfed a little recently we have to see where the journey of this deck goes in the future. Right of now, play it you have the cards you will like it.Cards: Detailed Guide
  • She-Hulk BaeroS
    A great destruct deck where you can gain value directly of your cheap cards (Hood, Bucky Barnes) or feed them cheap into Carnage while reducing the cost of your Death card. With Wave on Turn 5 you can even get Death to 0-cost on Turn 6. The good thing here is, even without drawing into that line, you have Leader to copy your opponent, Aero to move his final push away or She-Hulk to find your win condition.Future Prediction: Destroy decks are very versatile in Marvel Snap as you can always react to what your opponent or some locations will throw in your way and make a comeback out of it. I see this in the meta for a long time to come, maybe with small additions to single cards.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Destroy Decks
  • Patriot SurferS
    An absolute Zoo Deck resolving around cards without abilities (which also counts for many cards locations drop and Rocks/Adamantium). Towards later you will buff them up through Patriot, Blue Marvel and Silver Surfer. A very modern version of a Zoo deck in the classical approachFuture Prediction: We all know that Silver Surfer is still really strong early in 2023 and with the synergies along Patriot he snowballs heavily, making this deck strong and hard to deal with as it has no specific lines to draw into.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Silver Surfer Decks
  • GalactusS
    This deck is really frustrating to deal with for your opponent as you will try to use your Psylocke, Elektro or Wave to draw into your Galactur before Turn 5 and then ruin basically the whole locations except one that will show down on the last turn. Nothing your opponent built up until that will count and you can catch him pretty off guard with it. Espcially with Death getting very cheap on the last turn or if you play Doctor Octopus before Galactus and basically empty your opponents hand or Leech to block all enemy cards' abilities. Very strong and easy to play.Future Prediction: Galactus had one of the highest win rates and cubes per match ratios in the previous season so the devs decided to step it down a little with a small nerf recently so this might fall a little in the next weeksCards: Detailed Guide
  • Thanos ZooA+
    Several Thanos decks emerged since his release, but this Zoo deck seems to work best by reducing the costs qith Quinjet to basically get them to play for free. With Beast and Carnage you haev the ability to free up locations and Angela and Bishop grow stronger and stronger with each card played. At the end you either buff up Thanos incredibly and/or can use Blue Marvel or Valkyrie to buff up your cards power on the board.Future Prediction: Seems pretty stable in the current balancing and meta so I think it will stay here for some time.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Zoo DecksMore Thanos Decks
  • ZeroculaA
    This deck has two sides that you normally don't see together, the Zoo aspect with many cards that get buffed up but also the high-power push cards towards the end, giving your opponent a hard time to deal with in Marvel Snap. With Zero you can also play your Red Skull without buffing up your enemy or your Infinaut despite played a card on Turn 5. Dracula can become a little bit of a gamble but if you see you have your high-power cards in your hand at Turn 4 it's worth gicing it a shot.Future Prediction: Very solid deck that doesn't rely on new cards and drawing certain lines so I see it stable for the time beingCards: Detailed Guide
  • Cerebro 2A
    As you can see all your cards have 2 power and the reason is that you will play Cerebro to give them all +2 power which is a lot at the end of the game. With Mystique you can even double that and Storm will make it eaier for you to find your win condition. A classical Zoo deck that is quite versatile to play without many lines to draw into.Future Prediction: With more and more Scorpion out there in meta decks, this deck's synergy can get interrupted and cards like Enchantress can destroy it. Still pretty much as strong as previous season, though.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Zoo Decks
  • Zabu ControlA
    Very intereting development of the classical control deck adding Zabu to reduce card costs and play even more of the cards to control your opponent.Future Prediction: Working well for the time being and unless Zabu will get changed it will remain stable. Just because it uses a season card doesn't mean it will get weak in the next season, Silver Surfer is still a viable and strong card today.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Zabu Decks
  • Hela Absorbing ManA
    Hela along with Ghost Rider and Absorbing Man to bring back discarded cards like crazy and leaving the opponent often times no chance to overcome a crazy power push towards the end. This deck can snowball so strong, it's simply crazy!Future Prediction: Although this deck broke the meta really big when discovered, it's more declining now as better variations evolved. Still a solid deck, thoughCards: Detailed Guide
  • Budget Good Cards (S8)B+
    Similar to the higher ranked meta cards deck, this is a lower pool version that more players have access to, including Devil Dino tat so many players love playing. Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed Guide
  • Wide Wong Black PantherB+
    Early in a match you will try to lock down locations you have cards in that you can buff up with on reveal effects. The good part here is that you have White Tiger, Arnim Zola and Doctor Doom to reach into those locations easily later. Getting Wong down means basically you can double any card played after and they are strong and multiply and snowball heavily. If you don't pull Wong into your hand you're still able to use Black Panther, White Tiger, Arnim Zola or Doctor Doom and with Odin you still can double their on reveal by triggering it once more and having decent power as well.Future Prediction: This deck came with the Warriors of Wakanda season in Nocember 2022 and Black Panther can snowball heavily here, gaining up to 64 power and then duplicate him. Very strong but more and more players use counters so Enchantress or Shang-Chi are always risky to face and you see Cosmo more and more frequently around so I see this deck more and more declining in the metaCards: Detailed GuideMore Black Panther Decks
  • Lockjaw RevealB+
    Starting with your cheap cards you can either start populating the locations and gain some advatage to built up. Armor and Sunspot is great and Quinjet will make your cards cheaper. You always want to gather as many powerful cards in your ahdn as possible (and America Chavez helps as she will block the Turn 6 draw) so you can get your Lockjaw down and then add one cheap card after him to switch into one of the strong cards like Infinaut, Magneto, etc. If you have your Sunspot down you can also play it slower to make She Hulk cheap in the end if you don't pull into a decent Lockjaw lane with high power final cards to swap into.Future Prediction: Used to be a lot stronger and is still a decent deck, espcially if you're experienced with it you can still push to the highest ranks. But the other decks above are simply easier and less RNG-dependant.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Thanos Decks
  • Zabu Hela DiscardB+
    The mother of all discard decks and super viable. You discard with Lady Sif, Sword Master and Hell Cow and then try to get Ghost Rider and Hela on the board to bring (hopefully powerful cards you discarded) back on the board. I added Zabu as he makes that many 4-cost cards in this deck a lot more viable unless you want to pull into your Sandman to limit your opponent that plays a lot of cards like a Zoo deck.Future Prediction: Still a viable deck but as newer decks emerge and discard decks are always a little rng + more and more players use Cosmo these days I downranked it a little bit. If you know what you're doing and you're experienced with this deck, swap in Zabu this season and you'll still be able to see the highest ranks.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Discard Decks
  • Ongoing DestroyerB+
    The Destroyed Deck was always fun as you have this crazy push towards the end that turns around so much. Armor is very important to gain the lead in one location or Cosmo to prevent Destroyer to wipe out but still have the high power.Future Prediction: Not the latest deck and around for quite some time and working well but struggles more and more with the newer decks I recently added as they will compete for all locations and the Destroyer sometimes just doesn't have enough power to gain that win condition.Cards: More Destroy Decks
  • Discard LockjawB+
    Great discard deck and probably one of the classic ones out there. You basically discard as much as possible and most cards gain value and then you will have your Apocalypse at the end that can easily have 20 or more power for a final push at the end.Future Prediction: A little declining recently also since Cosmo became so much more freuqently used in so many decks that discarding can be difficult.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Discard Decks
  • Dino ControlB+
    This early Pool 3 control deck with Devil Dino is insane and uses Daredevil to foresee your opponents' semi-last move so you can very reliably find your win condition and push really far, up to infinity without much problems.Future Prediction: A solid deck and a good start into Pool 3, although Devil Dino is more and more on the decline this deck will not be as meta-defining as it used to be end of 2022. Still, if you lack some of the cards above give it a shot, it performs well as all control decks do these days and with Leader in the meta anywayCards: Detailed Guide
  • HelapocalypseB+
    One of the most 'discardy' decks in marvel Snap, using all cards that have to do something with discard effects so less depending on drawing specific cards to find your win vonditionFuture Prediction: Discard decks are a little declining as control decks are so powerful right now and can be countered more frequently these days. Still a solid deck worth playingCards: Detailed Guide
  • Deathpool Venom DestroyB+
    With so many Pool 3 cards that can destroy, this deck has so much potential. Yes, lower-pool destruct decks sometimes lack drawing into your destroying cards but with now Venom in your hand, too, this deck has great potential and Death as winning condition is a card that also gains power from each single destroyed card as well. My absolute favorite deck and a ton of fun!Future Prediction: Used to work better and with more and more control decks around and Armor and Cosmo being pretty common cards, this deck struggles a little bit recently.Cards: Detailed Guide
  • 2-Lane DestroyerB+
    A different Pool 3 version of a very good destruct deck is this one here, using Destroyer as the final card. This deck is really interesting as you also use cards to block destroy effects like Armor or Cosmo to make that strong final-turn move. What I like about this deck specifically is that it's not that obvious early on that you're playing a destroy deck so your opponent will get a weaker read on your next moves. In my opinion also a really strong deck that's absolutely worth giving a shot.Future Prediction: Has been getting better, espcially as you see Armor and Cosmo being played by other players, too and this will rather help you than disrupt youCards: Detailed Guide
  • Ben Brode B-HeadB+
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed GuideMore Disrupt Decks
  • Magneto MoveB+
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed GuideMore Move Decks
  • Aero MoveB+
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed GuideMore Move Decks
  • Handsize DestroyB
    This is bascially a deck that won't play much on synergy but more on using cards that have great value on their own. Great for beginner players that haven't have many cards unlocked and still working well to compete with other decks and reach a solid rank.Future Prediction: Depends a little on the cards performance but I update with every season/balancing change.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Destroy Decks
  • Budget OngoingB
    Play as many cards as you can early and then buff them up with the higher-cost cards to gain more power, espcially with Onslaught who doubles that buff you can get a nice result at the end of Turn 6Future Prediction: This deck can make a solid appearance. It lacks some high power to compete with the high-ranked decks in Marvel Snap above, but still solidCards: Detailed GuideMore Ongoing Decks
  • Sandman KazooB
    The idea here is to flood the board early and by the time your opponent can play the more powerful cards, you limit down with Sandman and buff up your cards zoo-styleFuture Prediction: Still viable and useful and espcially for newer players absolutely a deck to check out, although falling out of the meta slowly but steady.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Zoo Decks
  • Reach N RevealB
    This is a new an exciting deck with many win conditions, great meta countering and loads of options to play and it dominates very well recently. You have Sunspot and Storm to lock down one location while being able to get more power into it later and then strong end-game moves to win a second location.Future Prediction: It's a very basic deck and most played by newer players that don't have the advanced cards. Works fine but not top-of-meta deck in Marvel SnapCards: Detailed Guide
  • P2 DiscardB
    This deck here is the evolution of the Pool 1 Discard deck below with the new cards that become available in Pool 2 with discard effects, and cards like Morbius and Swarm give this deck a lot more viability and the synergies are a lot stronger since you have less 'filler' cards. Apocalypse is still your primary goal but you just have better benefits from discard effects overall.Future Prediction: It's not useing the advanced Pool 3 Discard cards and with all the control decks around discard decks have a hard time these days anyways, more a beginning or classic deck to play around with than a deck that will get you too far on the ladder.Cards: Detailed Guide
  • Basic ControlB
    The classical control deck, using cards to interrupt and limit the way your opponent can play his synergies turn by turn with cards that lock down locations, limit the cards your opponent plays or manipulate the energy costs or power of themFuture Prediction: Still annoying to deal with and less about a certain deck type. If you're good at playing a control deck, this deck can still get you very far but compared to other decks above harder to play and doesn't work every single time.Cards: Detailed GuideMore Control Decks
  • Double Devil DinoB
    Double Devil Dino is a Pool 3 version of the Devil Dino deck that is extremely effective as you will clone your Devil Dino power towards the end either with Taskmaster or Arnim Zola to new locations - so the hard counter of Enchantress or Shang Chi is way less effective and the raw power this decks plays can wipe over opponents easily.Future Prediction: Just falling out of the meta for the reasons that control cards plus Shang-Chi are all over the place and can disarm this deck well. A good deck for early Pool 3 if you got Arnim Zola but none to push very far.Cards: Detailed Guide
  • Basic DisruptB
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed GuideMore Disrupt Decks
  • P2 DestroyC+
    This is a progressive evolution of the Pool 1 Destruct deck (see below) using some cool new cards that you can unlock in Pool 2. The general destruct cards stay the same, but you can play Killmonger to gain benefits but also counter other decks (like Zoo decks or other destruct decks). With Shang.Chi you can disarm locations easily that use high-power cards or power up early and Hobgoblin can ruin a location for your opponent out of nowhere effectively.Future Prediction: Not outstanding but performing alright given the fact that you use very early cards only in this deck.Cards: Detailed Guide
  • Basic DiscardC+
    this deck here resolve around the cards that gain power when getting discarded, like Apocalypse that will gain extra power so you can get a big comeback at the end. You have several cards in your deck that have nice cost/power ratio with the ability to discard a card in your deck. Can be a little rng as you want this effect to take place on your Apocalypse so sometimes it just doesn't run well - but if it does, you can throw in a 20-power card at the end and take over a tile effortlessly or even snowball through the full board.Future Prediction: As a very basic Discard Deck this will do fine and you have easy access to the cards. Still, there are some very powerful advanced discard cards like Hell Cow or Hela missing so you can get far but not to the very top with this deckCards: Detailed Guide
  • Spectrum WongC+
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed Guide
  • P2 MoveC+
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed GuideMore Move Decks
  • Basic Devil DinoC
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed Guide
  • KaZooC
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed Guide
  • Strong Guy JeBaitC
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed Guide
  • Basic MoveC
    Future Prediction: Cards: Detailed GuideMore Move Decks
  • Basic DestroyC
    This is a version that's quite early available with Carnage and Deathlok as your destruct cards and several cheap cost cards to feed to. With Wolverine, Squirrel Girl and Nightcrawler you also have cards to play into locations that get locked and Enchantress is a great meta counter card. Your win condition with Iron Man and Hulk at the end is phenomenal!Future Prediction: Fun to play but with very basic cards and not the best synergies you will not get too far in ranksCards: Detailed GuideMore Destroy Decks

Best Season Decks – Zabubest zabu decks marvel snap

With Savage Land season, we got Zabu, a 3-cost card that will reduce all 4-cost cards by 2 energy, enabling a lot more expensive combinations and fitting in well into meta decks (see above) as well as building own decks with it.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Zabu Decks here

Destruct Decks

Destruct decks are so much fun to play – they synergize around cheaper cards that gain benefits when being destroyed and cards that can destroy your own cards to snowball. They are flexible and powerful and, in my opinion, the most fun to play in Marvel Snap. Typical cards you play in these decks are Venom, Deathlok or Carnage. Famous destruct decks are decks like Deathpool Venom, Two-Lane Destroyer or the classic Carnage Deathlok deck.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Zabu Decks here

Discard Decks

Discard decks in Marvel Snap work a little differently than destruct decks as they work around discarding cards in your hand that will gain power through that. So, you have cheaper cards that have the ‘downside’ of discarding cards from your hand and when they discard one of the key cards, your hand gets stronger. Less obvious than destruct decks but as effective! You see cards here like Blade, Sword Master, Lady Sif or Apocalypse.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Zabu Decks here

Move Decks

Move decks in Marvel Snap have a lot of cards that are mobile themself or can move other cards around along with cards that gain power when they get moved. This is not only fun to play (and effective), this also gives you the ability to switch your cards around on the last turn and take over locations leaving your opponent no chance. Important cards you see in these decks are Heimdal, Cloak, Iron Fist or Doctor Strange.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Move Decks here

Ongoing Decksmarvel snap best ongoing decks

These style of decks use cards with ongoing effects to buff each other up and snowball towards the finish line victory, using cards that will give all other cards additional power. They are less rng than other decks and require less surprise elements and work consistently. Don’t listen to players calling them boring, they are effective and work even with higher pool enemies, too. These decks use cards like Kazar, Blue Marvel, Spectrum or Devil Dino.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Zabu Decks here

Disrupt Decksmarvel snap best disruption decks pool 1 - pool 3 guide

Disrupt decks are more than just troll decks and getting a read on your opponent and destroying their synergies to win is a solid and also powerful strategy in Marvel Snap that you should give a try (also if you’re not into playing a disrupt deck to learn how they work).

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Disrupt Decks here

Control Decksmarvel snap best control decks pool 1 - pool 3

Control decks evolve around certain cards that will limit the ability of your opponent to play his hand – this can be with cards that limit playing one card per turn or changing the energy costs. These cards typically work well as your deck is built around the fact to work with these control effects active, but your opponent just get limited too much to make a proper win condition out of his deck.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Zabu Decks here


I hope this overview helps you and I will update this guide here with the current meta decks with each season so don’t be worried to find outdated decks here. If you have questions or suggestions for a deck that should be listed here, please comment below.

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