Best Meta Decks in MARVEL SNAP (July 24th, 2023) – Rise of Phoenix

marvel snap best meta decks tier list july 2023 in rise of phoenix season

Different deck setups frequently evolve in MARVEL SNAP and every player is looking for the ones that work well and gets to higher ranks.

I review, test and tweak common decks frequently and keep them ranked here so you will always see an up-to-date overview of the different decks that run the meta so you can always play a great deck in MARVEL SNAP without having to test them yourself, get outdated decks somewhere else on other sites (as every update changes decks and meta a lot) and also explain how to play those decks correctly.

Best Decks in MARVEL SNAP

What makes a deck a good deck in MARVEL SNAP? Well, overall it’s about synergies between cards and how you play it that makes a deck a good deck. Please don’t expect that there are decks out there that will win you every single match, it’s about long-term progress and losing matches, even multiple in a row, also happens to the best players with the strongest decks.

MARVEL SNAP is pretty balanced and also fair for all players so your edge comes by playing a good deck with synergies as well as knowing how to play it.

Please also mind, some decks a a great opportunity that you can win matches with a snap as they have their strong and surprising win condition at the end that your opponent might not expect – those decks perform well but also might be more squishy when it comes to losing streaks. It depends how you play the game, if you like those kinds of decks and are okay with losing streaks without tilting, go for them. But I also have decks below that focus more on consistent wins.

How are the decks ordered?

So, there are different categories of decks that work well in the meta and that’s how I grouped them here so you can get some insights how the decks are played and once you find one fits your style, you find the more in-depths guides linked – otherwise, this would here simply be a guide with tens of thousands of words and reading or finding anything here basically impossible.

Best Season Decks – Phoenix Forcemarvel snap best phoenix force decks

Rise of Phoenix brings us Phoenix Force as featured new card – a card that merges with a destroyed card and can move afterwards.

Find The Best Phoenix Force Decks here


  • Thanos ControlS+
    With several synergies combining the recently new cards with Thanos makes a pretty Control-focused deck that can limit your opponent's deck potentialFuture Prediction: Thanos is back in the meta with the new cards and OTA changes and comes back with a bang as probably the most consistent and strongest deck right now.How to play this deck
  • Evolutionary LockdownS+
    Unlocking the abilities of the cards without abilities that will reduce your costs and lower your opponent's power along control-heavy cards will give your opponent a really rought time dealing with youFuture Prediction: Probably one of the biggest winners in the rank meta recently with a huge jump of how new decks evolved and took over - this deck is now one of the strongest.How to play this deck
  • BounceS
    This deck plays around playing cheap cards over and over again to scale up your Collector and Bishop. Hard to control for the opponent and a deck that I see very well this season.Future Prediction: Took some beating espcially with Kitty Pryde being nerfed and while it can still perform strong, there is so many new decks entering the meta now that I question if Bounce will be as much on top as it used to for the past weeks.How to play this deckMore Control Decks
  • Stature Black BoltS
    A disruptive discarding deck tailored around foring the opponent to discard a card to drop Stature cheaply on the board and scale through Darkhawk and have a ton of reactive cards you get cheaper through Zabu.Future Prediction: Stature Black Bolt is back with the recent OTA changes and although it's a deck that is not that commonly played, it performs really strong and can potentially one of the strongest decks among the ones that have been rising in the past days in the rank meta.How to play this deckMore Discard Decks
  • Sera ControlS
    Control the board but primarily be able to play a lot of cards to counter what your opponent is up to makes this deck very powerful, espcially on the last tunr where you can easily overtakeFuture Prediction: More on a decline now against the new decks that took over, espcially the control decks with Thanos and High Evoutionary give this deck a hard time in the meta.How to play this deckMore Control Decks
  • Silver SurferA+
    With loads of 3-cost cards you will flood the deck and either disrupt the enemy synergies with cards like Iceman, Scorpion, Cosmo, Killmonger or Polaris or build some yourself with Bishop, Brood, Mister Fantastic. You want to get as many 3-cost cards on the board as possible and then play Silver Surfer at the end to give each one of them +3 power. Playing Sera on Turn 5 will let you play 3 cards on your last turn so you can easily add 9-12 power to each location and turn over the game.Future Prediction: With so much going on in the meta, this is probably the only deck that could hold this very good spot int he overall meta.How to play this deck
  • Iron PatriotA
    With Iron Lad you can copy basically every card in this deck and you are less vulnerable to Enchantress as this is not an ongoing effect so it's harder to shut down.Future Prediction: Quite a winner as you can play around the strong control meta with buffing up your cards at a later point and hiding them well behind Invisible Woman.How to play this deck
  • Shuri SauronA
    With Shuri you can still build a lot of power and although itÄs more predictable, it still works and unless your opponent has something to directly counter in his hand, this deck is still alive and working.Future Prediction: The Shuri archetype is back on track with the big shake we saw with the last OTA update not direcly affecting the deck but changing so much around decks that performed so strong against it and you can perform well agaist the top decks with it, too.How to play this deck
  • High EvoA
    Using High Evolutionary to add the evolution abilities to the cards without abilities and then play them around Wave to lockdown opponent power and gain synergies and benefitsFuture Prediction: Still a reliable deck but the way the top decks can build power is sometimes too much and is has been declining a bit in the recent weeks, espcially with control decks being that strong now.How to play this deck
  • Hela TribunalA
    Discard everything and bring it back with Hela hidden behind Invisible Woman and use The Living Tribunal to sprad the insane power you have to immediately take over all locations is your main plan with this deck.Future Prediction: With the big buff to The Living Tribunal and the way this can develop insane power that you can spread accross the board, this deck can overwhelm many decks if you draw into your Hela line well enough.How to play this deck
  • Negative ZabuA
    Turn all those 0-power cards with strong abilities with Mister Negative into free cards to play and scale it up through Wong , leaving you a ton ofpossibilities for your last turnFuture Prediction: In the curent meta you need to keep up with decks that either use control effects or a ton of power and Mister Negative can do that with a big push - this deck works a lot with snalling back for big cube wins so use that if you see you get your powerful cards entering your hand for 0-cost.How to play this deck
  • Lockjaw Thor EvoA
    Starting with your cheap cards you can either start populating the locations and gain some advatage to built up and Thor helps a lot by generating his Hammer that you can then draw through Jane Foster, feed into Lockjaw to scale up Thor and then Lockjaw rotates into something more powerful. THis deck is really powerful once you can get your combo lined up but also be ready to retreat if things aren't going your way as don't have the craziest backdoor. Still, sometimes you can still win a match even without that Thror, Jane Foster, Mjolnir, Lockjaw into Infinaut rotation.Future Prediction: Probably the biggest loser after the OTA update changed so much in the meta and brought up new archetypes back on top. A lot of control and crazy power decks give this deck now a harder time.How to play this deck
  • Shuri Nimrod RampB+
    This Shuri deck version incorporates Nimrod to scale up as well and givey ou more flexible lines to play towards the end.Future Prediction: As you can build a ton of power and relocate the power towards the end you can deal with several new meta decks if you draw into the lines but also be ready to retreat if things don't work your way.How to play this deck
  • Galactus DeathB+
    Use destory cards to build power and also the negative power cards against your opponent to see how the board develops and with Shuri you can then decide if you want to either play negative on your opponents side and finish with Nimrod and Destroyer or double up Galactus on a weak location.Future Prediction: Galactus is still not that strongly back as he used to be but with control archetype doing great, you can occasionally drop him when the boards work for you or finish without Galactus which makes him a lot more viable in the meta.How to play this deck
  • Zabu DevilHawkB+
    The evolution of the initial Darkhawk deck that created a ton of buzz in January and post-Zabu nerf this is the deck still on the very top with cards that increase your handsize to scale Devil Dinosaur and shuffle rocks inot your opponents deck to scale up your Darkhawk.Future Prediction: How often did I predict this deck to fall out of the meta? Well, often enough and each week it still works for players that know how to play it and so it does now.How to play this deckMore Control Decks
  • Thanos DeathB+
    Use Thanos along all the Inifnity Stones to spam the board for the reveal effects and then use destroy cards to free up space and discount Death for a big push towards the end.Future Prediction: A new Thanos archetype deck with destroy effects that has multiple options on your last turn to push a ton of power on the board. Fun to play although not the strongest on the list overall.How to play this deck
  • Deathpool Venom DestroyB+
    Using many destroy synergies, this deck can devlop a lot of power and also handle quite some controlling locations and cards your opponent might throw your way. Overall also a ton of fun to play when you scale up your cards well.Future Prediction: This deck seem to have found a niche-spot in the meta and falls off a little more recently but can still do well in climbing ranks. Still not a deck you will see much in the highest ranks but we'll see what Phoenix Force does with the classic destroy archetype decks in the coming days...How to play this deck
  • Cerebro 2B+
    As you can see all your cards have 2 power and the reason is that you will play Cerebro to give them all +2 power which is a lot at the end of the game. With Mystique you can even double that and Storm will make it eaier for you to find your win condition. A classical Zoo deck that is quite versatile to play without many lines to draw into.Future Prediction: Cerebro is back with some adjustments and viable to play if you're a fan and it can perform solid in the meta, although you don't see too many players running a Cerebro deck right now it can get you into the higher ranks.How to play this deckMore Ongoing Decks
  • Discard DraculaB
    Discard like crazy is the mantra of this deck in hope to grow as many 0-cost Swarm copies as possible, grow up Morbius and increase Apocalpye's power at the end for a big push through Dracula.Future Prediction: Not too viable right now anymore looking at the decks above that can develop so much more power.How to play this deckMore Discard Decks
  • Basic Control
    The classical control deck, using cards to interrupt and limit the way your opponent can play his synergies turn by turn with cards that lock down locations, limit the cards your opponent plays or manipulate the energy costs or power of themFuture Prediction: Still annoying to deal with and less about a certain deck type. If you're good at playing a control deck, this deck can still get you very far but compared to other decks above harder to play and doesn't work every single time.How to play this deckMore Control Decks
  • Budget Ongoing
    Play as many cards as you can early and then buff them up with the higher-cost cards to gain more power, espcially with Onslaught who doubles that buff you can get a nice result at the end of Turn 6Future Prediction: This deck can make a solid appearance. It lacks some high power to compete with the high-ranked decks in Marvel Snap above, but still solidHow to play this deckMore Ongoing Decks
  • Handsize Destroy
    This is bascially a deck that won't play much on synergy but more on using cards that have great value on their own. Great for beginner players that haven't have many cards unlocked and still working well to compete with other decks and reach a solid rank.Future Prediction: Depends a little on the cards performance but I update with every season/balancing change.How to play this deckMore Destroy Decks
  • Sandman Kazoo
    The idea here is to flood the board early and by the time your opponent can play the more powerful cards, you limit down with Sandman and buff up your cards zoo-styleFuture Prediction: Still viable and useful and espcially for newer players absolutely a deck to check out, although falling out of the meta slowly but steady.How to play this deckMore Ongoing Decks

Bounce Decksmarvel snap best bounce decks 2023

Bounce decks are a ton of fun to play and a newer archetype of decks in Marvel Snap and flexible while still able to develop a ton of power on the board. You normally play cards that boucen back like Kitty Pryde along scaler cards like Angela or Bishop and finally Hit Monkey for a ton of power on the board.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Bounce Decks here

Destroy Decks

Destruct decks are so much fun to play – they synergize around cheaper cards that gain benefits when being destroyed and cards that can destroy your own cards to snowball. They are flexible and powerful and, in my opinion, the most fun to play in Marvel Snap. Typical cards you play in these decks are Venom, Deathlok or Carnage. Famous destruct decks are decks like Deathpool Venom, Two-Lane Destroyer or the classic Carnage Deathlok deck.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Destroy Decks here

Discard Decks

Discard decks in Marvel Snap work a little differently than destruct decks as they work around discarding cards in your hand that will gain power through that. So, you have cheaper cards that have the ‘downside’ of discarding cards from your hand and when they discard one of the key cards, your hand gets stronger. Less obvious than destruct decks but as effective! You see cards here like Blade, Sword Master, Lady Sif or Apocalypse.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Discard Decks here

Move Decks

Move decks in Marvel Snap have a lot of cards that are mobile themself or can move other cards around along with cards that gain power when they get moved. This is not only fun to play (and effective), this also gives you the ability to switch your cards around on the last turn and take over locations leaving your opponent no chance. Important cards you see in these decks are Heimdal, Cloak, Iron Fist or Doctor Strange.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Move Decks here

Ongoing Decksmarvel snap best ongoing decks

These style of decks use cards with ongoing effects to buff each other up and snowball towards the finish line victory, using cards that will give all other cards additional power. They are less rng than other decks and require less surprise elements and work consistently. Don’t listen to players calling them boring, they are effective and work even with higher pool enemies, too. These decks use cards like Kazar, Blue Marvel, Spectrum or Devil Dino.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Ongoing Decks here

Disrupt Decksmarvel snap best disruption decks pool 1 - pool 3 guide

Disrupt decks are more than just troll decks and getting a read on your opponent and destroying their synergies to win is a solid and also powerful strategy in Marvel Snap that you should give a try (also if you’re not into playing a disrupt deck to learn how they work).

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Disrupt Decks here

Control Decksmarvel snap best control decks pool 1 - pool 3

Control decks evolve around certain cards that will limit the ability of your opponent to play his hand – this can be with cards that limit playing one card per turn or changing the energy costs. These cards typically work well as your deck is built around the fact to work with these control effects active, but your opponent just get limited too much to make a proper win condition out of his deck.

Find Pool 1 – Pool 3 Control Decks here


I hope this overview helps you and I will update this guide here with the current meta decks with each season so don’t be worried to find outdated decks here. If you have questions or suggestions for a deck that should be listed here, please comment below.

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