Get AllClash as App!

A headline that today nobody find shocking anymore… but we have spend a lot of time considering and developing this to make sure we provide something really useful for you guys, I can promise you that.

We know that we all have our devices cluttered with apps (and games) so why get another app? Well, we didn’t just want to wrap our website into an app and call it a day and we developed a long time (and still do) to make the AllClash App a useful enhancement for you and not just-another-app se we did come around multiple useful features that I want to walk you through.

Better Experience

Apps just work smoother than websites, that’s a fact. And in particular we had three things in mind that we wanted as the core of the AllClash App to make sense to use over the website – and those are faster loading and caching (especially if you’re not using a high-end smartphone and swap between our guides and the games and see the website load over and over again each time you switch between them since the AllClash app only shows our website and not your full browser with all tabs when you switch between them)

Also without the browser bar and navigation elements of the browser you have more space on the screen, espcially for those of you that have devices with smaller screens this will be a huge difference

And to save you some data, we also tried to use partial offline support. Our app still needs a connection to the internet to make sure that you always get the lastest version of our guides and tier lists, but if there is nothing to update the app will not load the same content again that you already have loaded on your phone.

Your Favorites On Top

website vs app favorites

We are aware that with each game the list of games on the start page gets longer and longer and it takes longer for you to scroll and find the game(s) you play. We found a way to automatically show you your favorite games on top for quick access. We think this is something you will appreciate a lot as a frequent user.


With an app we finally can give you the option to get notifications for the games you play. Once opted-in for notifications, we will automatically keep track what games you play and you get notified when there is an update in guides. No notifications for games you don’t play and without complicated selection of the games you want to get notified for. Simply activate the push notifications and the app handles the rest. We know, the notification center is already stuffed enough and we didn’t want to make it worst.

Less Ads

We rely on ads to cover our costs and unless you are a AllClash PRO member you get served ads – but for those of you that frequently use AllClash and use it through our app, we wanted to give something back and serve less ads in the app than we do on the website.

Install Leightweight

Storage space is limited, app updates are annoying… we get it. That’s why we created our app with the Web App technology – no installation required and all the benefits of a native app. We don’t want to bore you with tech details, but the key here is our app is super leightweight, doesn’t need updates and is easily installed like a bookmark.

Here’s how you can install it:

Select your browser menu and select Install app from the menu. That’s it. You now have the AllClash App on your phone

Use the share button and select Add to Homescreen from the menu.That’s it. You now have the AllClash App on your phone