Call of Dragons Best Heroes Tier List – Season 1+

call of dragons best hero tier list season 1+

Investing into a hero in Call of Dragons is not only a very long-term project, it also costs a lot of resources and you absolutely don’t want to end up having done all of this just for a hero that is not that good, right? For that reason I have below a frequently updated tier list of all the heroes in Call of Dragons to help you decide which heroes you invest your time in.

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The Best Heroes in Call of Dragons

Alright, let’s jump right into the tier list…


  • LiliyaS+
    Liliya has really nice area damage from her active skill. Her passive skills only buffs damage against Darklings and Dark Creatures and the other one only buffs magic units but especially with the release of the game and how (comparable) cheap you can obtain her compared to some other legendary heroes in Call of Dragons. Great damage and probably THE hero you will see brawling around most right now for a reason. You need to invest some money but looking at the invest versus what you get, this is worth it if you condier spendingRarity: LegendaryOpen Field: S+Rally: S+Darklings: S+Defense: C+Best Builds & Pairings
  • VelynS+
    Similar to Liliya and works with freeze and magic damage but has overall a great kit and is a great hero to run in the open field. Why not ranked above Liliya? I really like his control kit but Liliya can overall deal a lot more damage and although they make a amazing apir together, Liliya is just a small tick better because of the damage she deals and also she's easier to build with a small invest compared to Velyn. Still Velyn can be build quite well through the Daily Packs and with the Season 1 Stones you get and is overall just an incredible hero in Call of Dragons right now.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: S+Rally: S+Darklings: A+Defense: C+Best Builds & Pairings
  • KinnaraS+
    Kinnara is a very strong open field hero and all of her skills are about debuffing her target legion, dealing damage and locking the target in, making her one of the best PvP heroes in Call of Dragons. I love her but the way to obtain her through the wheel is quite expensive so I ranked her here slightly below the the other two that are a lot cheaper to build.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: S+Rally: S+Darklings: B+Defense: C+Best Builds & Pairings
  • BakshiS
    Bakshi's buffs and skill damage is simply powerful and on point - his only downside is that multiple targets are simply not working well with him as everything he does is for single-target damage. You can get him through Gold Chest but building his skills can become quite a bottleneck but if you're into cavalry you should have him on the list.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: SRally: B+Darklings: ADefense: CBest Builds & Pairings
  • EmrysS
    Emrys has a great active skill that deals a lot of damage to the target + paired with his extra rage accumulation when entering a battle makes him a real threat all the time when he's out there in Call of Dragons. He's that damage dealer you want to run with cavalry legions.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: SRally: ADarklings: A+Defense: C+Best Builds & Pairings
  • MadelineS
    Madeline has a nice attack bonus and shield with her active skill, that you can combine very well with any other hero that has active skill damage on the primary skill. Also, the increased legion capacity and anti-swaring tech she has when surrounded make her a great hero (although building her through wheel is quite expensive so ot a top choice for many players.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: SRally: A+Darklings: BDefense: S+Best Builds & Pairings
  • TheiaS
    Shielding and buffing makes her a gereat support hero to run along but on her own she really has trouble as attacks can literally go forever with her not dealing damage but also barely taking damage. I rank her now higher as she is simply a very universal legendary hero that can be added to pretty much any legion you want to make more durable or makes a great rally support legion or whenever you need to harden a legion to sustain more. Also, as marksman marches don#t have that much of range you can use her to make one of the marksman heroes more durable as off-tank legion.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: ARally: A+Darklings: C+Defense: A+Best Builds & Pairings
  • NikaS
    Nika is a great direct damage dealer but what really sticks out is that she temporarily reduces the target maximum health by up to 30%, so she does really well in any burst formation. She should run with infantry and then also offers more legion buffs that are quite sweet. You can combine her with any other sustain hero that provides shield or heal to get a nice tanking buffRarity: LegendaryOpen Field: A+Rally: B+Darklings: B+Defense: ABest Builds & Pairings
  • NicoA+
    Nico has some debuffing and damage and makes a quite accessible marksman legion hero to run. I feel his role will become more about engineering later but without much invest he can be a great Season 1 hero to run and along any hero that provides more sustain (like Theia or Madeline) or healing (Garwood), makes him a solid option to cover some damage.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: ARally: BDarklings: B+Defense: B+Best Builds & Pairings
  • HoskA
    Hosk offers a great buff on all stats plus his passive skill makes him an outstanding rally leader himself and he can be paired with pretty much any other hero in Call of Dragons as his skill kit and active skill is a universal buff. The only big downside is that the early stages of the game are not really about him unless you lead the rally and you need a lot of Honour Levels to be able to actually purchase him. I think investing in him is nothing you will regret in the long run but right now in the early season(s) you don't actually need him neccessarily unless you aim for the top and are one of the leading players in your alliance.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: B+Rally: S+Darklings: ADefense: CBest Builds & Pairings
  • WaldyrA
    Waldyr is the highest-ranked epic hero in Call of Dragons as his kit is just extremely great, building him is quite easy compared to the legendaries and his talent tree is just on point to do PvP in the early stages. I think no player should refuse to have him very high on the priority list right now and you can combine him well with any other magic unit legendary or epic hero.Rarity: EpicOpen Field: ARally: ADarklings: B+Defense: D+Best Builds & Pairings
  • AlwynB+
    Alwyn deals solid direct damage with his active skill but also adds damage over time that is quite nice and the march speed debuff can be handy to prevent the enemy from trying to get away. Just overall a super nasty kit to deal with and probably one of the best heroes to build in the early stages of the game and also a great hero to combine with epic magic hero like Waldyr or Alwyn or with one of the top magic legendary heroes like Liliya or Velyn.Rarity: EpicOpen Field: ARally: B+Darklings: C+Defense: CBest Builds & Pairings
  • AtheusB+
    Is a good epic commander to brawl the open field with his active skill dealing damage and the passive skills that grant more rage and have a chance to heal. The best bonus is only for flying units, though, but can also be worked with. Building him is absolutely nothing you'll regret mid-term and you can also combine him with other magic heroes quite well.Rarity: EpicOpen Field: ARally: BDarklings: ADefense: D+Best Builds & Pairings
  • KreggB
    Kregg also good direct skill damage plus delayed area damage plus an amazing buff from the first passive skill. BUT, from here the other passive skills are really tough and require you only to use flying units in your legion and you need to build barricades and alliance buildings to trigger. He has his role but he shouldn't be too high on your priority list right now.Rarity: EpicOpen Field: BRally: C+Darklings: BDefense: DBest Builds & Pairings
  • GarwoodB
    Garwood can heal wounded units with his active skill and be paired well with any other hero that is more on the glass cannon side with less survivability, offering the full package of defensive and surviving passive skills. The only issue with garrisoning this hero is that there's literally no damage you will deal and is more about exhausting attackers.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: C+Rally: A+Darklings: C+Defense: ABest Builds & Pairings
  • GwanwynB
    Gwanwyn has the active skill with the highest damage of all epic heroes in Call of Dragons but overall lacks some good passive skills to really make her viable. So, normally you want a epic hero that also can benefit a legendary hero. With Gwanwyn you don't have that and although her damage is good for an epic hero, it gets outclassed by any legendary hero so build her early until you can replace her with one of the better options above.Rarity: EpicOpen Field: B+Rally: BDarklings: B+Defense: D+Best Builds & Pairings
  • IndisB
    Technically a gather hero but can also be a decent support hero and unlocking her throughDragon Trail is also not too bad. Don't prioritize her but also don#t neglect her too much I think she will get a more important role in the upcoming seasons in Call of Dragons.Rarity: LegendaryOpen Field: CRally: B+Darklings: DDefense: DBest Builds & Pairings
  • ElianaC+
    Eliana has this shield and damage in her active skill but she is primarily a hero to have in the legion to make it tankier and more sustain and not run the show by her own. She is more like a backup-pairing for many heroes if you don't have better options although she is quite easy to build through the events where you can obtain a lot of tokens by rally Dark Eliana legions.Rarity: EpicOpen Field: C+Rally: BDarklings: BDefense: C
  • PanC
    If you stretch her kit out she could be an early-stage support hero to run but in reality her role more converts towards being a gather hero as her heals are not good, the attack damage boost can be alright and the debuff removing effect is maybe the only thing you might care about. Just no hero to invest more than you have to right now.Rarity: EpicOpen Field: D+Rally: D+Darklings: DDefense: D
  • AlistairC
    Alistair is not that great as he is cavalry, his kit is partly about rally cities which is nothing many players should care much about in the earlier stages and the only interesting thing about his active skill is that he deals damage to multiple targets as a cavalry commander.Rarity: EpicOpen Field: BRally: CDarklings: C+Defense: DBest Builds & Pairings
  • BakharD
    Bakhar has actually a decent direct skill damage and the additional debuff that increases all damage dealt to the enemy legion, but he is overall maybe only useful to run as early-stage garrison commander which will also bring problems. I'm really not too much of a fan of him right now.Rarity: EpicOpen Field: BRally: DDarklings: BDefense: B+Best Builds & Pairings
  • Ordo
    You'll probably max him out and not use him after a few days, so no reason to dive too deep into himRarity: RareOpen Field: DRally: DDarklings: DDefense: DBest Builds & Pairings
  • Kella
    Kella is a pure gather hero and you will pretty much max her out from the tokens you get from Silver Chests easily.Rarity: RareOpen Field: DRally: DDarklings: DDefense: DBest Builds & Pairings
  • Chakcha
    Chakcha is a pure gather hero and you will pretty much max her out from the tokens you get from Silver Chests easily.Rarity: RareOpen Field: DRally: DDarklings: DDefense: D


I hope this list helps you and I will try to update it whenever there’s a new update or balancing that changes the meta in Call of Dragons. If you have further questions or anything else you want to share, please post a comment below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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