age of titans tier list of heroes september 2023 age of titans tier list of heroes september 2023

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Best Hero Tier List (September 2023)

Are you having a tough time deciding which heroes in Grand Cross: Age of Titans to invest in? Developing a hero takes a lot of time, effort and resources so you don’t want to waste that on a hero that will be weak in later stages of the game, right? Below you find a tier list that will help you decide what heroes are worth developing/maxing in Grand Cross Age of Titans and which ones are not.

Best Hero Tier List for Grand Cross Age of Titans

Below you find all the currently available heroes in the tiers. I have not fully finished writing short explanations for all heroes but I will do so in the next days/weeks to give you more background information on them.

Important! This is now updated for global launch but also keep in mind that it will take some time to shape the meta so I recommend to NOT spend real money based on this list and wait a little bit until you do. I will update this list as frequently as possible!


  • Beli-mawrS+
    Super versatile allthough technically a rally hero. He is a crazy single-target nukerRarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Attack
  • ElishaS+Best Builds & Pairings
    Just crazy kit for open field. Deals massive single-target damage and reduces enemy march speed to lock them in and when you have her awakened skill the damage on targets with decreased march speed is even higher + she has a built-in mana engine to cycle faster through her active skill. Just a beast.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: AttackBest Builds & Pairings
  • MellibeeSBest Builds & Pairings
    Great area dmage with debuff in the active skill and overall solid buff and kit that make her versatile, espcially when used at an barrier but also in the open field.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: SupportBest Builds & Pairings
  • FreyjaS
    Good single-target damage but more valuable is the HP reduction on multiple enemies, nice damage decrease and healing when you unlock the 5th skill. Can be a great secondary hero even without thinking about engineering troops at all.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: EngineerTalent Tree: Attack
  • ArthurS
    Crazy good frontline tank with area damage and sustain abilities in his skills.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: InfantryTalent Tree: Attack
  • IsaacA+Best Builds & Pairings
    Nice hits and damage debuff for targets and as cavalry and is unlike other cavalry heroes in Age of Titans not that much of a glass cannonRarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CavalryTalent Tree: DefendBest Builds & Pairings
  • BeomA+
    If you do Siege and likee cavalry, then this is a great hero to have with great skills. The expertise is questionable but overall a good hero.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CavalryTalent Tree: Siege
  • ErdelA+
    Strong defense and healing + HP buffs that can be used with many pairings and in many situations.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Station
  • HelenaABest Builds & Pairings
    Alright active skill but her HP buffs are increadible to have and HP is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, stats in Age of Titans.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: HuntBest Builds & Pairings
  • AgnesABest Builds & Pairings
    Has potential but her active skill dealing damage over time which is sometimes really messy in open field and her boosting to active skill requires a correct setup to really work.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CavalryTalent Tree: AttackBest Builds & Pairings
  • JeanetteA
    The manadecrease on her active skill alone is already great but also is a mana-engine with her 4th and 5th skill so you can build her to generate a ton of mana and reduce the enemy mana to slow-silence them.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Attack
  • DestinaA
    Really nice and sturdy kit for an eic hero.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Station
  • HelgaA
    Nice area damage and damage taken buff with the active skill and universally happy with all troop types and the immunity with her 5th skill is simply insane.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Support
  • KrishnaA
    Makes every march so much more tanky as she shields, heals and buffs defense and can be used well as secondary hero whenever you need more sustain.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Support
  • ClaudiaA
    Perfect for an nfantry march to tank, counterattack and sustain.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: InfantryTalent Tree: Hunt
  • KalopeA
    Shields and the counterdamage is amazing antiswarm tech to have that punishes heavily and combined with a hard-hitting infantry hero she will start trouble.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: InfantryTalent Tree: Station
  • BellaB+Best Builds & Pairings
    Cavalry with damage over time simply doesn't go too well and in the open field you will lose the over-time effect too often and her 3rd and 4th skill share the same mechanics but for different HP percentage left of the target which feels ike dumping 10 skill level into one skill.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: CavalryTalent Tree: AttackBest Builds & Pairings
  • NumaB+Best Builds & Pairings
    Great damage but part of it is over time which is never that great in the open field as enemies always leave and re-enter battle. The mana-engine from the awaened skill is really viable for her 4th skill passiveRarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CavalryTalent Tree: maneuverBest Builds & Pairings
  • IvanB+
    Great area damage with circular shape against swarming with his active skill but needs something sturdy or he will glass cannon like crazy as he has zero survivability in his kit.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Attack
  • FynnBBest Builds & Pairings
    Good against setups that use heroes that heal and hunting down targets in the open fieldRarity: UniqueTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: ManeuverBest Builds & Pairings
  • HaemosuBBest Builds & Pairings
    The circle shape for her active skill is nice when swarmed and her additional basic attack chance is also nice but her kit is designed to defend and be stationed and swarmed so I question that this is universally useful for most players actively than theoretically.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: StationBest Builds & Pairings
  • JangseungBBest Builds & Pairings
    I like his active skill but his 2nd skill is about monsters, his 3rd skill reduces only against ranged troops and he is more a mid-range epic secondary to buff up a nuking primary hero. But there is not too much sustain in that setup and using a sustain primary there is no use for his skill damage boost.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: SupportBest Builds & Pairings
  • ValkyrieBBest Builds & Pairings
    Nice damage but single-target and also one skill specifically for monster hunting. Needs her 5th skill as mana-engine so there are better options although when maxed she is not bad.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: CavalryTalent Tree: HuntBest Builds & Pairings
  • SekhmetBBest Builds & Pairings
    Area damage but the area of effect is not the greatest as enemies need to be aligned and the 3rd skill makes clear that she is primarily for gighting monsters and not other players.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CavalryTalent Tree: HuntBest Builds & Pairings
  • GalahadBBest Builds & Pairings
    Great kit but the 3rd skill is only about hunting other players down that gather so her 3rd and 5th is missed for anything else and I don#t see how many players really do that to an extinct where it would be too much of a smart investment.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: CavalryTalent Tree: MAneuverBest Builds & Pairings
  • LanecB
    Overall more suited towards hunting monster than playersRarity: UniqueTalent Tree: InfantryTalent Tree: Hunt
  • KorvoC+
    Overall decent-ish but the shield passive not often has the chance to trigger much and the healing chance of the 4th skill is also pretty low to make up much. Just the full invest makes him still mediocre as support hero and there are better options...Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: InfantryTalent Tree: Support
  • KarmaCBest Builds & Pairings
    The 5th skill is a joke for the invest and her 3rd skill is more about monster hunting. Also, the cmbination of damage and healing ultimate really doesn't feel like either way and I rather have a good damage dealer with AoE and a good supporter/healer that makes more than a hero dealing some damage and do minor healing.Rarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: HuntBest Builds & Pairings
  • HieCBest Builds & Pairings
    Clearly a siege(rally) hero but why does his 2nd skill only affect archers then?! Simply feels not suitable for most players to buildRarity: UniqueTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: SiegeBest Builds & Pairings
  • KaylaCBest Builds & Pairings
    Her kit shines so well and I'd love to have them on a legendary hero, but she is a rare hero so early-game cavalry you will have a ton of fun with her but then she falls off and there's nothing to do about it and the only case is to pair her as secondary hero with a strong cavalry hero to get the extra march speed.Rarity: RareTalent Tree: CavalryTalent Tree: ManeuverBest Builds & Pairings
  • ActausC
    Monster-hunting and EXP farming kit which is nice early but not that useful later anymore.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Hunt
  • RoxanaC
    The damage-reduction and healing of her active skill should be higher and her kit is more to make her a hero you station than one to use in the open field. But if someone is serious about attacking you, she will not sustain enougha s epic hero doing so.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: InfantryTalent Tree: Defend
  • ErenC
    Sturdy defense but only early-stage simly because she is a rare hero so her stats won't let her scale at a certain point enough to keep up.Rarity: RareTalent Tree: InfantryTalent Tree: Defend
  • KamaitachiDBest Builds & Pairings
    The damage factor and the debuff from the active skill isn't that much his counterattack passive only applies to melee enemies and his 5th skill healing chance is quite low to really make a difference. I think that all is enough to justify the ranking here, right?Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: AttackBest Builds & Pairings
  • AdrienD
    As gathering hero alright, but not a hero you should focus on buildingRarity: LegendaryTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Gather
  • KayaD
    As gathering hero alright, but not a hero you should focus on buildingRarity: UniqueTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Gather
  • NatalieD
    As gathering hero alright, but not a hero you should focus on building her with Manastones.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Gather
  • LarieD
    Some engineering and gathering but only a very early stage hero in Grand Cross Age of TitansRarity: RareTalent Tree: EngineerTalent Tree: Gather
  • RamessesD
    Pretty lackluster and maybe useful in the early stages of Grand Cross Age of Titans but falls off and becomes useless later.Rarity: UniqueTalent Tree: EngineerTalent Tree: Station
  • CaenisD
    Her area damage only targets two enemies so she is not really great for blocking frontline nor for being stationedRarity: UniqueTalent Tree: InfantryTalent Tree: Attack
  • MooaFBest Builds & Pairings
    AS a rare only viable in the very early stages and gets replaced soonRarity: RareTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: HuntBest Builds & Pairings
  • AngusF
    AS a rare only viable in the very early stages and gets replaced soonRarity: RareTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Hunt
  • Elian-Best Builds & Pairings
    A basic gathering hero, don't prioritize you will max out automatically while gatheringRarity: RareTalent Tree: ArcherTalent Tree: GatherBest Builds & Pairings
  • Sophia-
    A basic gathering hero, don't prioritize you will max out automatically while gathering. Her active skill is nice but her whole kit resoves pretty much about march speed, gather speed and march size which is clearly built for gathering so investing Manastones into her is just a waste you should not do.Rarity: UncommonTalent Tree: CombineTalent Tree: Gather
  • Lulu-
    A basic gathering hero, don't prioritize you will max out automatically while gatheringRarity: UncommonTalent Tree: EngineerTalent Tree: Gather


I hope this tier list helps you decide what heroes to invest in in Grand Cross: Age of Titans. If you have more questions or suggestions, please feel free to post a comment below and I will be more than happy to help.

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