Warpath Best Officers Tier List

warpath officer tier list

Using an officer in Warpath is a choice that has significant impact on your progress, once because it is not easy or cheap to actually upgrade an officer and also because they are not the same with their different skills and advantages.

In this guide I want to help you finding the right officers – I also update this guide here with new officers or when there are balancing updates in Warpath as well that impact the meta.

Best Officers In Warpath

Officer Total Garrison Offensive Comment
Randall Miller S- A S His damage output is really nice and his buffs work on all unti types, making him the most versatile officer in Warpath.
Florence Borden B+ C A Makes your march really strong with her healing and additional durability buffs.
Sharon Percy B B B Your starting commander in Warpath. Quite versatile and good use in the garrison.
Valery Alexei B B B Super splash damage and damage output overall. Only buffs artillery.
Sergeant Spanner C+ E B Helps raiding bunker a lot but his buffs primarily focus on tanks.
Bloody Mary C+ E B Super to hunt on the open field with her additional speed and distraction.
Wilhelm Von Zeppelin C+ E B Quite strong skills but needs a tank heavy army to roll with him
Mira Volkova C C C Nice agianst bunker and good buffing for army full of infantry. Not that versatily overall
Erwin Schmitz C- D C The combination of buffing firepower and durability sounds stronger on paper than it really is.
Antonina Shevchenki D+ E C She’s a buffer and useful as secondary officer a lot more than primary.

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