Warpath Best Officers Tier List

warpath officer tier list

Using an officer in Warpath is a choice that has significant impact on your progress, once because it is not easy or cheap to actually upgrade an officer and also because they are not the same with their different skills and advantages.

In this guide I want to help you finding the right officers – I also update this guide here with new officers or when there are balancing updates in Warpath as well that impact the meta.

Please mind! Right now artillery is really strong but in August there will be the air force update so there will be quite some shifts in meta. This tier list is for the current meta so think twice before putting all your sculptures into one officer now that might get less powerful later…

Best Officers In Warpath

Officer Total Garrison Offensive Comment
War MachineRandall Miller S A S His damage output is really nice and his buffs work on all unti types, making him the most versatile officer in Warpath. His primary skill also deals great damage and his attack speed is outstanding.
EruptorValery Alexei S- B+ S Can shoot really fast when maxed and his active skill has great power and damage. Downside is he only buffs artillery but as artillery is so strong right now that is rather an advantage.
Antonina Shevchenki S- B S Really strong right now, also because of her damage buff for artillery and has the best revival skill in Warpath right now that will grant you one extra attack grid. You can basically attack a base without taking damage with that. I think she might get a nerf in a future update but right now she’s killing it.
Winter HuntsmanIvan Anreyevich Volkov S- B S Got introduced in the May 2021 Update and with his revival skill he’s really powerful by stopping enemies for 2 seconds. Paired with strong artillery you can take down a ton of stuff in that time.
Adjutant PercySharon Percy A+ S A Not just your starting officer, also easy to level while leveling the other officers. Actually one of the most complete officer in Warpath without any big downsides. Overall provides a ton of great buffs.

Also great as garrison officer with her damage buff when in garrison

Fox of the HighlandErwin Schmitz A B A Amazing buffs, especially the penetration. Skills are all on point and great synergy in tank hunters and medium tanks. Mind, this rank is with the bad performance of tanks in Warpath, so he might get a lot more powerful when other units get more powerful in the future.
Guardian of the TruthWilhelm Von Zeppelin A B A+ Quite strong skills but needs a tank heavy army to roll with him. The up-top officer you need to pay real ones for to max out and it won’t be cheap.
Sergeant SpannerJack Spanner B+ B B+ Had a hard time ranking him because he has some nice buff he provides but in the current meta with artillery he’s the one rather for super-heavy tanks and healing so not fitting the A-Tier quite well.
Bloody MaryDorothy Rodriguez B B B There are specifically no skills that are bad, but also none that stand out that much to make a huge difference. The stunning of her revival skill is good but in the perspective of the whole package not worth getting right now.
White WolfMira Volkova C D C On the plain field, I’d rank her higher. The biggest problem of Mira is that she is all the way focus on infantry which is weak in the current meta.
Angel of LightFlorence Borden D D D Used to be really high in the tier list a few months ago, but with the change in the healing skill she got really bad. Focus on infantry plus almost all skills pretty much useless, she’s not a officer you want to invest in right now.

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