Warpath Best Officers Tier List (w. Airforce)

warpath officer tier list

Using an officer in Warpath is a choice that has significant impact on your progress, once because it is not easy or cheap to actually upgrade an officer and also because they are not the same with their different skills and advantages.

In this guide I want to help you finding the right officers – I also update this guide here with new officers or when there are balancing updates in Warpath as well that impact the meta.

Please mind! I had a real hard time coming up with a tier structure that makes sense and the only thing that really made sense to me was ranking the officers individually for artillery, tanks, infantry and air force so you can select the ones that really make sense.

I also did rank them with a total tier that I dropped. The reason is that an officer that is okay for several things will rank higher than one that is really good in one. This is not the intention to run as you will run different sets.

Long story short, the only thing that made sense is ranking them subsequentially against each other so you can see which one works best for tanks or infantry.


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Best Officers In Warpath

Officer Army Tier Info
Angel of LightFlorence Borden Infantry


S+ Working for infantry and tanks as well. Her main use case still be tanks as they rely on sustain and your primary goal is keeping them alive as long as possible, no matter if that’s in siege, swarm or any other scenario and her healing along with her resists are simply perfect for that.
White WolfMira Volkova Infantry S Her special skill for the extra target along with her passive skills make her a really great fit for garrisoned setups and bunker
Sergeant SpannerJack Spanner Tank S Best healing officer for tank sets as his healing along with resists and the additional hitpoints will boost any tank march as no other officer could and give them so much sustain. For simply tanks, he’s even better than Angel of Light but she is ranked higher as you can also use her for infatry.
EruptorValery Alexei Artillery S Can shoot really fast when maxed and his active skill has great power and damage. Downside is he only buffs artillery but as artillery is so strong right now that is rather an advantage.
Brisk Eagle Airforce S Amazing how her critical strike can stack up. Yes, can emphasise RNG and glass cannon a little bit, but with airforce you don’t have that much trouble with that right now that pure damage output is absolutely worth running her
Guardian of the TruthWilhelm Von Zeppelin Tank A The resist make him stand out and the way how much tanks rely on gaining survivability makes him a strong option overall for tank. Downside is that he is really focused on tanks so once they fall out of the meta (no prediction, just theoretically), he might also be quite useless. But now, really worth it.
Wings of GloryJean Dufort Airforce A Ranked lower but current meta turned out to make him a really nice airforce officer with his special skill buffing really well. Use him for fighters.
The Witcher Airforce A A lot of maneuverability giving her versatility where Brisk Eagle suffers the glass cannon. She is able to also sustain where you would go short with Brisk Eagle
Adjutant PercySharon Percy Infantry A Works great for bunker scenarios with her special skill and blast resist.Actually one of the most complete officer in Warpath without any big downsides. Overall provides a ton of great buffs.
Winter HuntsmanIvan Anreyevich Volkov Tanks


A Got introduced in the May 2021 Update and with his revival skill he’s really powerful by stopping enemies for 2 seconds. Paired with strong artillery you can take down a ton of stuff in that time but needs the right situations or might fail. Kind of a glass cannon.
Antonina Shevchenki Neutral B
War MachineRandall Miller Infantry B Often referred to as the best officer due to his reload speed and attack buff. The problem here is, with infantry the battles won’t last long so there’s normally not much what the faster speed can do.
Golden PixieDoris Morgenstern Airforce B Not the craziest airforce officer but actually with speed and attack buffs and the extra attack when maxed a viable option. Still, the other airforce officers are way stronger.
Bloody MaryDorothy Rodriguez Infantry B The enemy delay is nice but you need to have the upper hand to make it 2s and you need the right scenario to actually run it well. Too squishy for me right now.
Fox of the HighlandErwin Schmitz Tanks


C Meh… Kind of resist and HP for tanks but nothing to really make a good appearance. Wouldn’t invest here right now and also not use actually.

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