Best Velyn Builds (Talent Tree | Skill Order | Best Pairing) In Call of Dragons

call of dragons best velyn build

Are you planning to or already running Velyn in Call of Dragons in one of your legions and want to see how you should invest the talent points, what artifacts works best and what other hero you should pair with? Well, then you’re in the right place, below you will find answer to each one of those questions and this will help you make your Velyn perfrom as strong as possible in all situations.

Current Ranking – is Velyn S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

See how Velyn is ranking in the different game modes of Call of Dragons in my current tier list here and also make sure that you’re running the best faction in Call of Dragons or you might really affect your progress negatively – I have an updated guide on the best factions in Call of Dragons here

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Skill Order

When you star up Velyn, you also unlock a new skill. This helps you fine-tune in what order you want to upgrade the skills of your heroes as not all skills are equally good and worth maxing or worth maxing first (in general) – this helps to invest your sculptures more reasonably to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Velyn is incredibly strong to use, espcially in the open field, as he deals great damage, slows down enemies and also has the control tree, the strongest tree in Call of Dragons. In terms of his skills, I recommend that you star him up as quickly as possible to unlock the skills as quickly as possible. You might want to max out the 1st skill before you star up, but all his skills are so good that unlocking them is a way better boost than adding levels to one you already have.

Best Troop Types

With his kit, even when you use a talent build that doesn’t use the magic Tree at all, you want to bring Magic Units as his 3rd and 4th skill are strong buffs for Magic Units.

Best Hero Pairing for Velyn

Liliya is about fire but her kit is similar to Velyn and together they gain the Magic Unit crit, deal crazy damage and even with both heroes at 5111 you have such a pack running that makes so much fun to play. You can either run Velyn primary for more control effects or Liliya for more active damage dealt – or just use the one that has more skills leveled. Find the talent builds for Liliya here.
Waldyr is not just a cheap synergy hero to pair Velyn with, Waldyr also has freeze effect and buffs Magic Units and once you expertise Velyn you get that 400 damage factor extra damage all the time and have one of the nastiest legions to deal with running. Yes, Waldyr is ‘only’ an epic hero but with Velyn primary and Waldyr secondary you have one of the most devestating PvP combos running. Find the talent builds for Waldyr here.
Alwyn is the best F2P hero in Call of Dragons and goes so well with Velyn and is a little bit a epic version of him, ticking damage over time but also providing a ton of synergy. Find the talent builds for Alwyn here.
Theia deals ranged magic damage so you can run her with Velyn and she adds a ton of survivability. I’d prefer the pairings above at any time but if you have her as the only option available it’s working. Find the talent builds for Theia here.
Atheus deals ranged magic damage and although it’s ‘only’ single-target damage, his 2nd skill with extra rage generation and the control tree on Velyn makes them a pretty beast combo. Find the talent builds for Atheus here.

Best Artifacts

In terms of artifacts, here’s what I recommend to use as the route for Velyn:

Phoenix Eye can be used to deal damage when your target gets closer to you and then leaving the spot + buffs up Magic Units well and gains you some nice attack. Probably the best damage-oriented magic unit artifact in Call of Dragons right now and one you should go after.
Magic Bomb deals damage after time but it’s great damage so drop right at the start and finish off the target easily. Many players don’t like this artifact but decently upgraded this can easily be your 2nd-best pick after Phoenix Eye for Velyn.
Tear of Arbon can heal your units up and increases the base stats of Magic Units. This is a helpful artifact to run with Velyn if you run him along another damage dealing hero so you can gain some survivability. Not my top-tier choice but can work if that’s your best option available.
Freezing Ring adds some survivability espcially when you pair Velyn with another damage-dealing hero to prevent becoming too much of a glass cannon. The thing is this is only an option to consider if you don#t have any other artifact above available and as Velyn is so strong he should be your priority magic unit march.
Spriit Bangle for adding more utility to your Valyn march can be valid as you will gain magic unit HP (which is simply the most important stat in Call of Dragons) and removing debuffs can be a great thing.

Best Builds For Velyn

Below you will find the talent tree builds for Velyn that make sense when running Velyn as the primary hero in any legion in Call of Dragons. Please also refer to the description below each talent tree as I explain a general route on how you should spend your talents there + some additional background for each talent build that I very likely will appreciate.

There are two talent builds with Velyn that make a lot of sense and this is the first one, the Control Tree build. Compared to the Magic Tree build below, this is my personal favorite as you gain a ton of extra rage and can silence your target which is the key for any PvP situation.

You unlock the core node and then go into the Control Tree and take the march speed and the extra attack and unlock HIgh Spirits for more rage and Soul Siphon to steal rage from the enemy, so you can use your active skill more often and they take longer to accumulate the rage needed. From here take Intimidation Temper for even more rage and Sage. The final talent will be Reticent that has a chance to silence the target to prevent it using their active skill. And with all the extra rage you use your active skill more often and have more chance to silence the target.

The last points then are best spend in the Magic Tree for more HP march speed, Intimidation and Magic Maelstrom to reduce target def.

Now let’s come to the Magic Tree build, most universal Velyn talent setup you can have and that will work with him in any situation really well but should only be your priority if you don’t primarily use Velyn as the commander to hunt down other players in the open field.

Once you have unlocked his core node, move right into the Magic Tree and get the extra health, Foresight for more extra rage to cycle through his primary skill more frequently and Initmidation for more hero skill damage to unlock Magic Maelstrom. I told you to only bring Magic Units and this talent will increase rage skills to deal 10% more damage. From here take Egoism to reduce damage taken a little bit, Wither for more defense break and Cry Havoc to get some boost when you get in closer fights. Finally take Iconoclasm, this will roll a lot with the extra rage we pick up now and increase your hero skill damage even further.

The last points now go into the Control Tree for more march speed, more attack and with High Spirits and Soul Spiphon you generate a nice extra bunch of rage that helps keep Iconoclasm active more frequently.


I hope this guide for building Velyn helped you investing without wasting much time and resources. If you liked it or you further questions (or maybe also annnotations that you believe should be added here in this guide), please don’t hesitate to post them below in the comment section. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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