Best Cavalry/Special Marches (Heroes, Artifacts, Pets) Progressive Pairings in Call of Dragons

Like shown in my guide about the best marches you should have right now in Call of Dragons, cavalry is not necessarily a mandatory march you use all the time in the current meta of Call of Dragons, so this guide is a little bit different in structure compared to the magic marches, marksman marches or infantry marches guides I have here.

These are more special ops marches you should build but not necessarily have to to sustain in the meta.

Cavalry Interception / Hunting

So, cavalry is fun as you can intercept and chase down players or use them to disrupt enemy lines – options are numerous but also need to be picked well as this march is fun, high damage, blazing fast but also vulnerable.

So, this is your oldie-but-goldie cavalry march to chase down players or disrupt and they deal a ton of damage and are quick. Have them available when you need them but for most other things you do on a daily base you will not run your cavalry along your infantry and marksman, for example.

Here's the best order to invest in their skills and build their talents

Capturing Passes

So as most players can build the above cavalry setup and be fine with it, if you play in an alliance that actively competes for new zones, here are two special marches that you can build as well to capture flags after pass openings as there are huge distances so you need fast cavalry units (Springwarden!!) to make them work. This are the two additional marches I recommend building (again, not for average players only for the ones in alliances that participate in capturing new zones):

The first one uses quite basic heroes that aren’t cavalry heroes but they are flying so use them with flying cavalry to be quick capturing flags. Also you need to have Springwarden as your faction to have the flying cavalry units:

This is a quick, not too crazy to build quick interception team that is not a glass cannon but still deal some damage to do things:

Here's the best order to invest in their skills and build their talents

And now the wildest march here that is quite a top player invest:

Here's the best order to invest in their skills and build their talents


This is the snapshop of the cavalry meta in Call of Dragons right now and the ideal order you should build your cavalry march(es) in order to progress well. Do NOT skip any of them before you have the heroes available and also ready to be built for the next step. If you’re wondering which the total march setup right now should look like, please refer to my frequently updated march and pairing guide here.

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