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call of dragons best war pets tier list call of dragons best war pets tier list

Call of Dragons Best War Pet Tier List (February 2024) with Bruinbear & Shadow Faedrake

War Pets in Call of Dragons can be quite a complex and confusing part of the game, espcially if you’re not too familiar with all the skills, synergies and what they can do. For that reason I have put together this overview that will help you understand what war pets should be a priority and which ones have rather niche uses.

Please also mind that this list will get updated and adjusted when new meta evolves in Call of Dragons, updates change something and so on, so please bookmark and don’t take the current snapshot of war pets as given for the next years.

You can open the ‘Show More’ button and there you will also find a link to each war pet that will show you the best way to build the pet, the skills I recommend and also what heroes to pair that pet with.

Below is ‘only’ a broad general overview that will give you a priority before you start finetuning your war pets. Also, this works closely together with the tier list of the best heroes in Call of Dragons that you can find here and the best legion lineup you should build here.

The Best War Pets in General in Call of Dragons


sapphire faedrake
Sapphire Faedrake
The one and all mage war pet range damage dealer pet. Best universal war pet for any mage march..
berserk faedrake
Berserk Faedrake
Stacking up marks with every debuff on the enemy and when your hero uses a rage skill, it will deal damage. Amazing for running with Forondil but not as universally strong with other heroes..
Great for every hero that deals and increases counterattack damage.
venomous lizard
Venomous Lizard
When you get hit with a normal attack, you have a chance to poison the inflictor and deal damage over time. Great for longer battles and with infantry if you have a sturdy legion.
night roc
Night Roc
Amazing for any hero that deals critical hit damage. There was a problem in the description telling that the extra damage is triggered by normal attacks, but it's now corrected and it only works with critical hits and heroes that use that are quite limited in the game but also those gain a ton of value fro using Night Roc as a pet..
golden roc
Golden Roc
Provides extra rage and even healing when enhancing the talent and can deal direct damage if the hero has Passion. Extra rage is always good and welcome and quite versatile.
sand lizard
Sand Lizard
Heals nearby legions every few seconds and opens a lot of possibilities, not just for infantry but also for marksmen.
ice lizard
Ice Lizard
Deals magic damage with an ice orb that follows the target and deals damage over time. Great mage war pet but not as strong as the Sapphire Faedrake..
thunder lizard
Thunder Lizard
Deals magic attacks from a distance so can be combined primarily with mage ranged legions.
shadow faedrake
Shadow Faedrake
Only ideal for single target magic damage dealers which is only Bertrand and Tohar right now and they are not really that much used.
Deals damage when have a shield and get hit with normal attacks and ideal for any infantry march that gains shield.
snowpeak roc
Snowpeak Roc
When your legion applies DEF Break to the target, there's a chance to deal extra damage. Strong but also needs the debuff going on.
Make your leagion gain HP Bonus each time your legion gets healed. If you run a tanky legion with Garwood, great, but without healing not too useful..


I hope this helps you to prioritize your war pet collection and if you have any notes or questions regarding them, please feel free to drop a comment below and me and the team will be happy to reply.

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