The Best Faction in Call of Dragons (Starting & Later)

Are you just starting out to play Call of Dragons or maybe you’re already playing for some time and you’re not sure if you are picking (or have picked) the right faction. In this guide I want to give you some more insights that go beyond other guides simply listing what you see on scene to give you a real recommendation what faction will benefit you.

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Selecting The Right Faction in Call of Dragons

So, the thing is there is not THE best faction in Call of Dragons, period. It always depends what you’re doing. If you’re starting out new, you have completely different focus (like progressing faster and leveling up) than a player that has done that and will focus more on battles.

In reality you will change your faction sooner or later, but I believe there’s a good pick for starting and a good pick later (and I also believe the developers will add some more factions in the future.

What’s the Best Faction FOR You?

Okay, here are the main things to focus on when starting out…

You want a good hero (well, all of them have good starting heroes as you can see in my hero tier list for Call of Dragons here). There’s not one faction that has a better option and, this is also important, you can still get the starting hero from another faction through pulls. So, starting hero makes no difference.

But what about the benefits? Well, you can now say for choosing a starting faction it comes down to League of Order with gathering speed or Wilderburg with building speed increase – and the answer is easy… it’s Wilderburg! Gathering speed increase is nothing compared to building speed increase. You can gather and get resources everywhere and even if you gather faster, you still can get raided on your way back. But adding up all the building upgrades it takes many hundred days for all of them and if you can shed of a couple dozen days of that easily, well, Wilderburg is by far the best faction for you. Also, it buff physical attack of your legion that benefits more heroes and units than magic attack that Legue of order offers.

TLDR; take Wilderburg as starting faction!

Later in the game when you’re closer to max buildings or you’re at a decent progress where you can slow it down, you can switch your faction for Gems and take Springwardens. They are great with more march speed that lets you hunt down other players more easy and the faster healing let your legions get out fighting faster again.


I hope this small guide helps you pick a faction that suits you better. Remember, this all can change quick when a new faction get released in Call of Dragons so make sure to check back here when that happens!

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