call of dragons best factions 2023 call of dragons best factions 2023

The Best Faction in Call of Dragons (Early-, Mid- & Late-Game)

Are you just starting out to play Call of Dragons or maybe you’re already playing for some time and you’re not sure if you are picking (or have picked) the right faction. In this guide I want to give you some more insights that go beyond other guides simply listing what you see on scene to give you a real recommendation what faction will benefit you.

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ATTENTION! Please mind that I totally reworked this guide as some of the benefits changed between the Call of Dragons beta and the global release version!

Selecting The Right Faction in Call of Dragons

So, the thing is there is not THE best faction in Call of Dragons, period. It always depends what you’re doing. If you’re starting out new, you have completely different focus (like progressing faster and leveling up) than a player that has done that and will focus more on battles.

In reality you will change your faction sooner or later, but I believe there’s a good pick for starting and a good pick later (and I also believe the developers will add some more factions in the future.

What’s the Best Faction FOR You?

Okay, here are the main things to focus on when starting out…

You want a good hero (well, all of them have good starting heroes as you can see in my hero tier list for Call of Dragons here). There’s not one faction that has a better option and, this is also important, you can still get the starting hero from another faction through pulls. So, starting hero makes no difference.

call of dragons select faction screen

All Factions At A Glance

Before we go deeper into the individual traits, let’s wrap up everything here real quick as I know how many of you just want a quick answer instead of a 30 minute long analysis…

Early-Game / Starting Faction

In the very early game you don’t have to care about troops types, they matter more later in the game or the faction bonus, they are quite small boosts – the only thing that really matters at the start is the hero you will get and will be able to level a lot faster! So, in this case, you have the choice between Waldyr (League of Order), Gwanwyn (Springwardens) and Bakhar (Wilderburg).

If you take a look at my very frequently-updated tier list of the heroes in Call of Dragons here, you can see that Waldyr is not only better than Gwanwyn or Bakhar, he is also right now the best epic hero in Call of Dragons and the ability to max him out faster makes League of Order a must-pick to start! Alternatively, you can pick Springwardens if you really want to, but Waldyr is just so great that I can’t emphasize enough to pick League of Order as starting faction in Call of Dragons!

Best Hero Builds for the starting heroes:


After starting out and having a couple epic heroes maxed out and you start working well on legendary heroes, it’s time to reconsider your faction – and that depends a lot on the style you play the game:

  • if you’re not in a very active alliance and gather a lot, stick with league of Order for the gather bonus until you want to combat more
  • if you like PvP open field combat and brawling around, consider Springwarden for the because the heal bonus you get for injured troops matter a lot and helps you keep your legions active and well-fed
  • if your alliance is active on the map, consider Wilderburg for the engineering destruction bonus but that is really only a thing if you’re in a very active alliance!

Late Game

I really want to postpone that topic as 99% of all plyers haven’t reached the mid-game status so far and everything here with all the changes the developers do at this point is simply guessing. I will update this in a few weeks when I feel this becomes more relevant to players that don’t spend a fortune on the game.


I hope this small guide helps you pick a faction that suits you better. Remember, this all can change quick when a new faction get released in Call of Dragons so make sure to check back here when that happens!

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