call of dragons best artifacts tier list call of dragons best artifacts tier list

The Best Artifacts in Call of Dragons (Tier List) – Season 2+ 2024

Building artifacts in Call of Dragons is as important as heroes and war pets and a long-term progress that will require a lot of time and resources (and some of them even money). I have here an overview which artifacts are universally strong and always a good idea to upgrade to help you out which ones you should dedicate to.

General Artifact Tier List in Call of Dragons

Please refer to the individual hero builds to see how well they perform with each hero, this is more a overview to help you see what artifacts are generally strong in Call of Dragons and which ones are rather specific.

Also please make sure to check out our frequently updated tier list of the best heroes in Call of Dragons here and the best war pets here.


  • Infernal FlameS+Best Heroes
    Just activate it and deal huge single-target damage without aiming.Rarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Dragon Scale ArmorS+Best Heroes
    Soaks up damage so well when paired with infantry that you will love it.Rarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Rattle SpearSBest Heroes
    Absolutely crazy artifact for marksman and should be your priority pickRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • SpringbladeSBest Heroes
    incredible useful and amazing effect radiusRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Greymars WarhammerA+Best Heroes
    Huge Radius and great damageRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Phoenix EyeABest Heroes
    Rocked the worls in Season 1 for magic unit heroes but the Internal Flame is just strongerRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • KingslayerABest Heroes
    Great stats for avalry and also great damage on the active skillRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Mirage OrbABest Heroes
    Crazy strong for Tohar and Bertrand but also in general with the damage and the airborne control effectRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • ShadowbladesABest Heroes
    Simply useful and great, just the new artifacts have been putting it off a little bit so I ranked it down a notchRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Violas BowABest Heroes
    Great overall and if it would give attack instead of HP I would be happy to rank it higherRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Spiritbone TorcB+Best Heroes
    For any infantry that does counterattack this is a very strong and helful artifact but I don't want to rank it too crazy at this pointRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • GoldcrestB+Best Heroes
    Perfect for Ffraegar and when used with her out of this world - but not universally greatRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Guardians Runic LongswordB+Best Heroes
    Straightforward cavalry damage artifactRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Dagger of BetrayalB+Best Heroes
    Solid universal artifact but can be super strong when dispelling debuffs is important or pretty much useless. More useful against the newer hero combinationsRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Lakeside RhapsodyB+Best Heroes
    Very fun artifact but also hard to get in the forge or when you can there are better ones available to youRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Steel-Heart AvengerB+Best Heroes
    Nice long-range marksman artifact with good stats and damage but honestly at the point you get access to this in the forge you have better artifacts available alreadyRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Sunflame HammerB+Best Heroes
    Fine for attacking infantry setups but honestly when you have access to this at the forge you normally have better artifacts alreadyRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • HeartpiercerB+Best Heroes
    Really amazing for what it is and the best epic marksman artifact in Call of Dragons - but the legendaries are simply too good to rank this higher but still very valuable and worth to maxRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Sorlands BladeBBest Heroes
    The stats are there and although I don't like the radius of the skill too much, it works. The issue here is there are so many crazy better options for cavalry available that I simply can't rank this higher.Rarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Breath of the ForestBBest Heroes
    for garrison captain and defending city great, but nothing else really usefulRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Fang of AshkariBBest Heroes
    can be a great artifact that is universal for the legion in the middle of the action to apply the damage effect effectivelyRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Codex of ProphecyBBest Heroes
    Pretty cool on main def infantry tank legions but realisitically needs more stats and legendary to be good. I still think you should have it as backup readyRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Magic BombBBest Heroes
    when you use the skill right to get the value it can really shineRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Springs of SilenceC+Best Heroes
    The damage is there and usefu as offensive infantry artifact but you often times want something more defensive as infantry and the damage raius is also not idealRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Butchers BladeC+Best Heroes
    pretty solid infantry artifact with good radius and statsRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Storm ArrowsCBest Heroes
    Can do some work but there are simply so many better artifacts and unless you're cavalry teleporting around (which is fun, don't get me wrong), it is not that great overall and more useful for the statsRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Wolf-Woman of HaelorCBest Heroes
    great for hutning cavalry but more fun than usefulRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • DragonriftCBest Heroes
    overall not bad infantry artifact but the single-target makes it so much less effectiveRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Visage of the SanctusCBest Heroes
    Super specific use-case for flying legionsRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Cloak of StealthCBest Heroes
    fun for hunting but oother than that only for stats and very specific legionsRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Archery Masters ManualCBest Heroes
    why def on marksman? the buff is nice, thoughRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Amulet of GloryCBest Heroes
    for early cavalry amazing and the whole kit great - but the low rarity and effect makes it kind of useless laterRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Ever-IceCBest Heroes
    nice basic magic artifact until you get the better ones but great value on early Velyn as it apply freeze. Theoretically with him expertised amazing but expertised Velyn and blue artifact sounds a lot like theorycraft, right?Rarity: EliteBest Heroes
  • Centaur BowD+Best Heroes
    solid cavalry early-stage artifact but nothing too specialRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Harlequin MaskD+Best Heroes
    on paper great but when you only run a ble artifact on your main tank legion you really don't want to taunt, right?!Rarity: EliteBest Heroes
  • Rapid CrossbowD+Best Heroes
    nice basic marksman artifact until you get the better onesRarity: EliteBest Heroes
  • Bone CleaverD+Best Heroes
    nice basic cavalry artifact until you get the better onesRarity: EliteBest Heroes
  • Veterans DiaryD+Best Heroes
    nice basic infantry artifact until you get the better onesRarity: EliteBest Heroes
  • Tear of ArbonDBest Heroes
    the healing effect is rarely needed and usefulRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Heart of KamasiDBest Heroes
    Can be alright to use but why having def on marksman and the effect radius is also rarely usefulRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Oath of StormpeakDBest Heroes
    Works around Forondil and if you really want to make that invest is really questionableRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Bomb FlingerDBest Heroes
    Great beginner arifact and backup for stats unless you want to use it against higher level darklingsRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Staff of SpringDBest Heroes
    healing along magic units is just not perfect and the HP is alright stat boost but also nothing too excitingRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Freezing RingDBest Heroes
    very very rare cases to use and more with weaker epic magic legions to get out of troubleRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Blade of ReproachDBest Heroes
    peacekeeping or stat boxRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Enchiridion of Advanced IncantationsDBest Heroes
    only peacekeeping or attack stats for magic legionsRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Spirit BangleDBest Heroes
    i see barely uses for itRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Crown of the BerserkerDBest Heroes
    can be alright but nothing moreRarity: EliteBest Heroes
  • Giants BoneDBest Heroes
    peacekeeping onlyRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Breath of Jargentis-Best Heroes
    More an utility artifact, not in active ranking right nowRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Springbird Feather-Best Heroes
    The march speed is nice and the ahste as well, but looking at it realistically there is not too much actual value away from the few situations where you actually use itRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Lucias Horn-Best Heroes
    pure utility artifact without much priorityRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Ancient Tree Roots-Best Heroes
    pure utility artifact without much priorityRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Kurratas Wrath-Best Heroes
    Only for attacking Darklings usefulRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Staff of the Prophet-Best Heroes
    the stats are not really helpful and the teleporting is also more a nie gimmick than actually effectiveRarity: LegendaryBest Heroes
  • Homecoming Blossom-Best Heroes
    only for march speed and best used in gather legionsRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Greenfinger Sickle-Best Heroes
    gathering artifactRarity: EpicBest Heroes
  • Boots of Swiftness-Best Heroes
    more a backup artifact and in 880% of all cases one to have on your gather legionsRarity: EliteBest Heroes
  • Illusory Gems-Best Heroes
    gathering artifactRarity: EliteBest Heroes
  • Enchanted Coins-Best Heroes
    gathering artifactRarity: AdvancedBest Heroes
  • Storm Leaf-Best Heroes
    gathering artifactRarity: AdvancedBest Heroes


I hope this list helps you plan out your artifact priority in Call of Dragons. If you have any questions or think I just change something, please comment below.

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