Clan Capital Base Layouts (July 2023) – All Districts & Levels

Clash of Clans best clan capital base layouts june 2023

With the new Clan Capital and the new game mode, there are new maps that require layouts as well. With all the different parts of the Clan Capital and levels there are I have experimented a lot to come up with this guide here to help you choose the right one for your Clan Capital.

In this guide you will find them grouped by section and level so you can choose the correct one – please mind, as of now there are no copy base links available for Clan Capital maps so you need to copy them manually! I hope Supercell will change that soon but right now this is the only way to do it.

clash of clans best clan capital layouts december 2022

Update: some layouts tweaked and new Level 10 Capital Peak and Level 5 disctrict updates!

Also, check out my new base designs for Town Hall 15, Town Hall 14, Town Hall 13, Town Hall 12, Town Hall 11, Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 9 – they also got freshly updated + the new BB2.0 bases for Builder Base 10, Builder Base 9, Builder Base 8, Builder Base 7 & Builder Base 6.

Best Clan Capital Peak Layouts (Ordered By District & Level)

Please use the search to find the Level or district:


  • Capital Peak

  • Level 1 (Capital Peak)
    Right at the start you don't have many options to arrange the buildings in the Capital Peak, so the best option is to use the walls on defenses around the Capital Hall and spread around the other buildings.View Base
  • Level 2 (Capital Peak)
    With more options you should now start gathering the buildings around the core to slow down attacking troops and keep the defenses protected by the walls, this gives the maximum protection in most scenarios tested so far.View Base
  • Level 3 (Capital Peak)
    At Capital Peak Level 3, you have the option to finally build some more complex compartments with the walls and get your defenses into more strategic spots. The best approach right now is using the walls to form bigger compartments and put the defenses there and use the other buildings around as perimeter structures to keep the troops away from your defenses as long as possible.View Base
  • Level 4 (Capital Peak)
    I found that creating these even-spaced compartments for the defenses worked the best and you can have a second line of walls for approaching troops with the perimeter structure as you would use it in Capital Peak Level 3 setups.View Base
  • Level 5 (Capital Peak)
    With the additional elements you can now start transforming into a real ring base and split the compartments for better defensive power.View Base
  • Level 6 (Capital Peak)
    Latest meta has shown that starting Level 6, Capital Peak performs better when you align everything in the upper corner and build layers of walls in front of it. This strategy continues with higher Capital Pea levels.View Base
  • Level 7 (Capital Peak)
    The layout is the logical evolution of the Capital Peak Level 6, fitting the new structures - placing it in the corner is just the most effective way to defend these days.View Base
  • Level 8 (Capital Peak)
    The layout is the logical evolution of the Capital Peak Level 7, fitting the new structures - placing it in the corner is just the most effective way to defend these days.View Base
  • Level 9 (Capital Peak)
    Here is a new Level 9 Capital Peak base to use that I just designedView Base
  • Level 10 (Capital Peak)
    I just updated Level 10 with a fresh design and I'm sure you want to check it out - for better image please click the link belowView Base
  • Barbarian Camp

  • Level 1 (Barbarian Camp)
    Don't get overly complicated here and use the walls to block the pathways and the defenses behind it. I mean, there's not many options you have for Barbarian Camp Level 1 setups so this is the one that makes the best out of it right now.View Base
  • Level 2 (Barbarian Camp)
    At Barbarian Camp Level 2 you can start getting more creative but your main objective should be blocking the pathways as effectively as possible as those are the bottlenecks the attacker needs to go through and you want to prevent that as long as possible.View Base
  • Level 3 (Barbarian Camp)
  • Level 4 (Barbarian Camp)
    Recent tests have shown that it's better to move everything towards the lake and in the corner instead of spreading it around as you might have seen it in older versions I had here.View Base
  • Level 5 (Barbarian Camp)
    I just redesigned the new Level 5 Barbarian Camp district with the fresh meta defense techniquesView Base
  • Wizard Valley

  • Level 1 (Wizard Valley)
    In my opinion, the 1st level of Wizard Valley is all about creating an island and blocking the access paths, with the large 9 o'clock section being the most difficult one. Double-wall setup here is the best approach as this will also be the section where the attacks will come in first.View Base
  • Level 2 (Wizard Valley)
    As you can see, with the additional structures you're now able to close the bridge entry point at 2 o'clock way better and add more inner layers inside the island that will slow down attacking troops a lot better. I updated the layout with some more inner sections that make it defend a lot more reliable.View Base
  • Level 3 (Wizard Valley)
    Not the biggest changes are needed compared to Level 3, only the sections should get strengthened with the additional options you have. I updated the design with some minor compartments to strengthen the total performance compared to the previous version.View Base
  • Level 4 (Wizard Valley)
    With this new maze-style layout I have build and tested a very successful defense for the Wizard Valley district here.View Base
  • Level 5 (Wizard Valley)
    I just redesigned the new level 5 Wizard Valley with the new meta techniques so make sure to check it out!View Base
  • Balloon Lagoon

  • Level 1 (Balloon Lagoon)
    Your primary objective at the 1st level of Balloon Lagoon is to strategically close the area and split it into compartments as effectively as possible and I believe this layout does the best with the structures available.View Base
  • Level 2 (Balloon Lagoon)
    At level 2 of Balloon Lagoon you can start switching your defensive technique and instead of breaking the area into compartments rather create a very tough corner area that is hard to crack and spread the rest of the buildings around - results have shown this makes it a lot better to defend.View Base
  • Level 3 (Balloon Lagoon)
    You might have seen this layout a lot, and it's (hands down) the most efficient one for Balloon Lagoon Level 3. Simply ramp up everything in the corner with intersections and attacks need to go through all the layers, which is not a lot fo fun.View Base
  • Level 4 (Balloon Lagoon)
    This is a brand-new corner design for Balloon Lagoon level 4 that I just finished and that has some amazing defensive surprises for attackers.View Base
  • Level 5 (Balloon Lagoon)
    Here is the freshly re-designed Balloon Lagoon that will work extremely well against the current attacking meta.View Base
  • Builders Workshop

  • Level 1 (Builders Workshop)
    The initial options you have at the Builder's Workshop aren't that many, so here's what I think makes most sense once you onlock it.View Base
  • Level 2 (Builders Workshop)
    From here you can take it further by extending the compartments more and block more crucial paths.View Base
  • Level 3 (Builders Workshop)
  • Level 4 (Builders Workshop)
    I freshly designed this wall-style Level 4 Builder's Workshop layout with some powerful new features that will help you keep attackers out.View Base
  • Level 5 (Builders Workshop)
    Check out my latest new layout for Builder's Workshop with great new defensive featuresView Base
  • Dragon Cliffs

  • Level 1 (Dragon Cliffs)
    Not too many options upon the start so spread everything to gain advantage.View Base
  • Level 2 (Dragon Cliffs)
    You still use the same basic technique at Dragon Cliff Level 2, you spread as much as possible to prevent that splash gains extra value and also benefit from the time in between. There's no use in starting to make fancy setups, this will work best so far.View Base
  • Level 3 (Dragon Cliffs)
  • Level 4 (Dragon Cliffs)
    With this new teaser base for Dragon Cliffs Level 4 will give the attacker a lot of challenges and make it really effective to defend.View Base
  • Level 5 (Dragon Cliffs)
    I just redesigned the whole district to defend a lot better with how the meta evolved in the past weeks here.View Base
  • Golem Quarry

  • Level 1 (Golem Quarry)
    There's not much you can do at this point then just group up everything so the defenses will protect each other as much as possible.View Base
  • Level 2 (Golem Quarry)
    Works better now when you spread up the structures as you can finally create some intersections with the walls.View Base
  • Level 3 (Golem Quarry)
    Getting more compact to the edges seems not to only work with other sections of the Clan Capital, it also works really well for Golem Quarry.View Base
  • Level 4 (Golem Quarry)
    This newly, from-scratch open design for Golem Quarry Level 4 has a ton of great new defensive features in store for the attacker.View Base
  • Level 5 (Golem Quarry)
    Chekc out my latest redisgned version of the Golem Quarry district hereView Base
  • Skeleton Park

  • Level 1 (Skeleton Park)
    Pretty much ignore the vine areas at the first level and build the structures in the center area of the map.View Base
  • Level 2 (Skeleton Park)
    Still stick with the structures in the center of the map, you can move towards the vine areas in Level 3.View Base
  • Level 3 (Skeleton Park)
    This new meta design for Skeleton Park 3 has great new defensive features that will make it really tough for any attacker to attempt the base successfully.View Base
  • Level 4 (Skeleton Park)
    I just have redesigned this distric tot defend even better!View Base
  • Level 5 (Skeleton Park)
    not available yet


I hope you enjoy the layouts and I’m sorry that you have to manually copy them from the images – Supercell doesn’t seem to make a copy base link available for Clan Capital bases and I really hope they will do that very soon. If you have questions, please drop a comment below.


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  1. Dragon Cliff level 3 layout is missing a Mine and Zap Trap placement. It is also not obvious you are leaving out a wall piece at the bottom center double wall line up, the one near the Air Defense.

  2. Hi there, I copied the Barb Camp 3, and I end up with 3 buildings w/o placement.

    1 hidden mega tesla
    1 army camp
    1 thatched hut

  3. dh5 barb camp gets two hit very easily to zap loon or any strat involving graveyard. The only other base I tested was cap peak but I suspect you will need a full redesign of most districts to be at all effective against graveyard.

  4. I’m not sure if my earlier comment actually posted but if so ignore this one. Most photos are cropped so they’re missing the corners and I find I have leftover buildings after copying the layouts meaning they are supposed to be in the cropped areas, is it possible to take a photo of the whole map? Also builder workshop has two lvl2 maps but the lvl1 map is missing 3 whole rebuild sets equalling several buildings, are they in the cropped corners or just not added in?

    • Thanks Frank, I will update in the coming days. I actually did hope Supercell will finally add copy links so we can skip this whole copy-layout-from-images-like-2018 thing… Sorry for the trouble

      • Thanks for the reply! It’s all good you’re definitely doing a great job considering how many bases you pump out every month.

  5. Hey, love your work, I sub to your patreon for your BH9 layouts especially but I notice most of these clan capital photos are missing the edges of the map and I find that I have buildings left over after copying the layout meaning there are buildings that are cropped out of the photo, could you please look into that?

  6. Hey Tim, I love the work you do on this guide. Ive been waiting for you to update wizard valley to a level 4 layout for about 1-2 weeks now. Im starting to wonder if the issue is that you cant find a clan that progressed that far. If you would like to join my clan for the purpose of creating this guide further. You can add my clash tag. My clan has done a good job at staying in the expected area of development, and i have noticed its usually one step ahead of your guide.

    Clash tag #90ROOOVY

  7. I love these designs as they’re very defensive, but it seems like we need some layout updates especially in Builder’s Workshop. For level 1, there still remain ruins that can be rebuilt, but unfortunately they’re not included on this guide. I always come back to posts by Tim and I hope he takes a look and update these Clan Capital layouts. Thanks!

  8. I am a bit confused here, I am Capital Hall level 5 photo to edit my base but then realized I have more buildings than what it in the photo, It seems I have the buildings available at level 6 though my Capital Hall is 100% only level 5. Am i missing something here or are these off?

  9. These pictures are very low quality. Can you reupload them so that they can be copied visually since there are no links to them either? Thank you!

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