The Best TH9 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts Review

Here are the latest Town Hall 9 Base Designs for Clan War, Trophy Pushing & Farming.

What base does protect your Town Hall 9 Home Village right now? You want a base that is able to defend well and there are many different attacking strategies at TH9 that can crush it.

Here are the bases that will work great on defense.

I will not only show you the design, but I will also back it up with some insights on why this base works so effectively.

You will find 1x Trophy Base (Home Village Base) & 1x War Base Layout for TH9 here in this page.

Why you only find two bases here? There are pages that offer like “291 best bases” for Town Hall 9… yes, so I don’t think it’s a sign of quality to have so many bases, most of them outdated on one page.

You can only use one design anyway so I focus on putting a base that really works here with all the explanation instead of giving you dozens of bases you can choose from.

The TH9 War Base Design

This is the design I like most right now:

best th9 war base january 2020

You find a link to copy this layout directly at the end of the review ✌️ 

Why I Think It Is The Best

In short? Because it works ????

No, honestly, this base design has been through several wars with my mini account and delivered some good results and took attackers multiple attempts to actually beat it – and that’s what you’re looking for in a war base for TH9, right?

You want a base that isn’t easy to 3-Star so the opponent clan has to dump multiple attacks to squeeze the stars out of it and this one here really worked.

General Layout Of The Base

Let’s briefly get over the main defensive bullet points first before we take a look at how they perform against different attacking strategies, shall we?

This TH9 design uses, unlike former layouts, no semi-exposed Town Hall but protects the Town Hall right in the center of the base – and the other compartments of the base are also more in a layout that you think work on a trophy base but not on a war base, right?

Still, this base is a true Anti-3-Star gem out there and works extremely effective against air attacks at TH9 but also ground attacks.

The compartments are relatively large so Jump Spells won’t gain a lot of advantage for the attacker and you either need one to enter and one to exist or risk that your troops will simply leave the compartment through the entry Jump Spell and then the attackers’ funneling is over the river anyway.

We’re going to take a look at the common attacking strategies now where we have:

  • Hog Rider combinations (GoVaHo, GoHo, etc.)
  • Golem/Witch/Bowlers/PEKKA/Valkyrie mixes
  • LavaLoon

I will only tale some crucial points from defenses because showing all of them would be too much here πŸ˜‰

How This TH9 War Base Deals With Queen Walks:

Let’s start off with Queen Walks as they are part of pretty much all attacking strategies performed in Clan War at Town Hall 9.

This base TH9 war base layout doesn’t specifically have anti-Queen Walk features like Mines or special Air Defense setup to trap the queen – and the reason is simple, it doesn’t need that. Queen Walks or even Queen Charges won’t get a lot of value against that base because you can clean up some trash and defenses on the outside and that’s it.

Look at the base layout… where would you do a Queen Walk here and even if it works correctly and you manage to funnel your queen where you want her to be, the best thing you can do is getting some percentage or maybe pull the Clan Castle – that’s simply too expensive in housing space at TH9 for that little value when putting it into a time perspective.

How This Town Hall 9 War Base Deals With Balloons (Air Attacks):

So, let’s move to air attacks… with this layout, they will have a hard time.

Basically the Air Defenses will be too much spread out to get them without losing the aerial attack power – in normal words, Loons will go down too fast before they can clear enough defenses to make it even close to a 3-Star πŸ™‚

The thing is, the Air Defenses are too deep inside the base to reach them cheaply and this will break the attack at some point.

best th9 war base january 2020 defending against laloon

Also the Tesla Farm on top of the base will make a good amount of trouble.

How This TH9 War Base Deals With Ground Attacks

Ground attacks, mostly Golem tanked and supported by PEKKA, Witches, Golems or Valkyries will have the problem that opening the core isn’t that easy while dealing with the outside ring.

There are the Mortars that will play with Golem pathing and drag them towards the corners.

Jump Spells aren’t that effective here because you can’t use them to give troops the entry and the exit of a compartment, you can only let them in and they will then leave again through the same spot and mess with pathing again.

best th9 war base january 2020 defending against ground attacks

Well, theoretically you can but I’ve only seen one attacker actually landing that perfect spot (s. image) and you can see how his attack went ????

Overall some nice defensive features for this war base and I can recommend you to use it for your Town Hall 9 in Clan Wars πŸ™‚



You can copy the base directly by using this link but please understand that obstacles will prevent buildings to get placed – if you have some grass design or many obstacles in your base you might need to build parts manually from the above image.

The TH9 Trophy & Loot Base Design (Home Village)

First, let’s take a look at the base design:

best th9 trophy base january 2020

You can find a link to copy the base below ????

Why I Think It Is The Best

I had it active in my Town Hall 9 account for about two weeks and haven’t seen big defeats at all (unless the attacker was a TH11+) and most attackers didn’t really got much out of it with slight 1-Star attacks and a few 2-Stars – on the other side I also had some successful defenses making up for it easily.

This TH9 Design works against the popular attacking strategies:

  1. LavaLoon
  2. mass Dragon
  3. ground attacks with Bowlers, Valkyries and PEKKAS

General Layout Of The Base

The design here is pretty compact without dead zones or focus areas that compress a certain kind of defense, all is evenly located all over the base to defend in all directions with the defending heroes and Clan Castle in the core where the Town Hall is located.

The defensive concept of this base layout is pretty simple.

Small compartments are behind an outside perimeter of trash buildings containing higher hitpoint buildings to keep attacking troops busy and making it harder to funnel troops into a way to the core. Even when the attacker builds a funnel, it’s pretty annoying to overcome these compartments without having troop running to the sides.

best th9 trophy base january 2020 defense funneling


Normally you would see trash buildings spread out more on the outside, while these here are relatively close to each other – this has a reason. If you use a base design with many small compartments, you rather want to use that to mess with funneling.

Let’s do some short AI theory here… when troops need to decide to either break a wall or go for a building that’s further away there’s a certain amount of tiles needed. So, let’s say there’s a building 4 tiles away or a wall they need to break, they will go for the building that is further away. If that distance now is 10 tiles, they will break into the wall.

If you have trash buildings that have 2-3 tiles in between each other, you don’t need to destroy as many of them to get the distance to make ground troops break wall. With that many compartments, an open compartment is not worth that much and troops will easily go the outside walk than really breaking into the base and going through walls.

In short, this means… trash perimeter close = more trash buildings to clear for funnel = higher risk for anything that might go wrong ????Β 

The Air Defenses and X-Bows are in locations where they can target air troops early but no way to snipe them out easily so you make sure to always have pressure on them, backed up by the Air Sweepers that are facing each other, this will help to defend the core especially from air troops like Balloons or Dragons.

When air attackers, especially attackers that use mass Dragons (but also occasionally Lava Hounds) decide to use Lightning Spells on your Air Defenses the situation won’t get easier for them.

The Air Defenses might be gone but there are no spells left to rage the troops up, especially to deal with the Air Sweeper that just keep slow air troops busy unless they are raged.

best th9 trophy base january 2020 defense air attacks

The troops will simply travel around the base until your other defenses took them down.

Balloons have a similar problem with this layout as they will travel around the core, funneled by the defenses and pushed by the Air Sweeper to leave the Town Hall untouched while the cleaning troops can’t get to the other side to actually gather some solid percentage.

As you can see, air attacks are very well covered by this base layout ????

Now let’s take a look at some ground setups, especially the ones using Golems paired with Witches, some Bowlers or Valkyries.

They heavily depend on building that funnel very widely to make their attack work.

But this base won’t make that happen easily and it will cost a lot of troops that need to walk some distance around the corner until the way to the core can be used, either by Wall Breaker or Jump Spells.

This is not cheap and will cost a lot of troops because the defenses can reach them and when split up on both sides, they can’t cover wach other and half the army will be done before the approach for the core can actually start.

By the time the troops can really go for the core, they are simply not strong enough anymore to take it down. Here and there they can get the Town Hall, but in these cases they often missed getting enough percentage for the 2 Star.

And Loot?

Now people will ask how this Town Hall 9 design will protect the loot when all the storages are fairly easy to get. Well, one storage that is the most valuable is the Town Hall and is not easy at all to get.

The other storages protect each other by the reason they are located on the opposite sides – an attacker can only get those where he starts the attack while the other half of the storages is in the area the attacker can’t reach – along with the Town Hall that’s 3 out of 5 storages that are protected saving you more than half your loot in the attack ????



You can copy the base directly by using this link but please understand that obstacles will prevent buildings to get placed – if you have some grass design or many obstacles in your base you might need to build parts manually from the above image.

What do you think?

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Big fan of your bases man. I’ll be a town hall 9 soon, and I’m worried about how well this home base will defend dark elixir, the storage is relatively easy to snipe with a goblin knife attack, and the drills are in the same area as the storage, so I think the dark elixir could be stolen relatively easily.

    • Well, if you are worried about goblin knife then let me tell no one uses the real (220) goblin knife nowadays, especially after the removal of TH sniping. I am a TH9 since October 5 but I haven’t faced a single goblin knife yet (I have faced attacks with like 50-60 gobs but those awere used only for collectors)

      As far as the placement of the DE drills goes, I think its pretty good ’cause they are guarded by a lot of defenses. The best DE sniping technique is dropping a queen, getting a drill and surrendering (I use it myself), but the queen would face a lot of damage. So players would resist this and move on to the next base (even I move on if the drill is guarded).
      Moreover, the drills are placed on opposite ends of the base, so a player can get only ond of them, untill of course he/she 3 stars.

      I feel it would be no issue saving DE.

      • Sorry Satvik Choudhary, my comment was originally posted before this current base was here. The base shown at the time seemed ridiculously easy to use some giants and goblins to take the storage and both drills, all they needed was one jump spell. I know not many people actually use this strategy (not the mass goblins, but the surgical placement of giants, wallbreakers, and goblins to take the dark elixir storage and the town hall). Obviously this inconvenience has been resolved, as there is a new base up here that, I agree, seems to do a great job of protecting the dark elixir drills and storage. Thank you for responding, you seem like a great player πŸ™‚

      • Sorry, but my comment was posted when a previous base was up. That one had the dark storage and both drills just a jump spell away from an attacker. Now, though, this base seems great for defending dark elixir. Thanks for responding πŸ™‚

  2. Farm base is decent, but war base is the worst I’ve tried, get 3starred so easily with hogs, even bad players are 3 starring it first try (my defenses are maxed)

      • Dear Timmy,
        Hi m jay(#instigator)#9Q28LUL89 i am donating the9 war base try it on ur mini n share ur review link is attached ????????here
        Thank you

  3. An ad hijacks your page, very very hard to bypass. You need to fix this
    Just try loading this page in a browser and see for yourself

  4. 3rd farming base gets crushed everytime. I am in Champion 1 (TH9) and it gets zombie stomped 100% of the time. I have not stopped a single attacked with this base. I got ride of the base and went back to my old one.

  5. All of them r easy 3-stars…There’s no such thing as anti-3 star.If the attacker is good,no matter how u built it,its a done deal.I queenwalk with lavaloon,and 3 stared almost all th9 bases.The second one is easy .Take out one ad with queenwalk and leave the rest for lavaloon.Just in case u wanna meet me,im in this clan called “Ammo-Dawgs” and i go by the name “Maverick”.If u dont find there,u’ll find me in “Creed of Legend”.Ur gona need to see proof of what I said.

  6. Personally, I never leave 2 xbow’s side by side without having walls. Makes it too easy for valks to chew through with a rage spell.

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