The Best BH8 Base Layout – Builder Base 8 Review

Every month you will find here the most-recent and well-working Builder Hall 8 Base Layouts to directly use.

Versus Battles with your Builder Hall in Clash of Clans don’t just require a good and solid attacking strategy, you also need a base that covers your back – your victory is not only depending on how many stars and percentage points you can get in your attack, it has to be more than your opponent will score against your base at the same time. I will frequently post here a base design for Builder Hall 8 that I think is the best one by testing it myself and showing you why it works great.

The BH8 Design

First, let’s take a look at the final base layout (you can also click on the image to download it or to get a larger view)

best bh8 base clash of clans 2019

You can spin it around if you like to copy it, but make sure to always have the side of the Builder Hall facing the corner where you put it πŸ™‚

Why I Think It Is The Best

bh8 replaysWell, first of all, the results prove me right – here is a part of my defense log that proves how well this base performed in recent battles.

I used it for more than 50 Versus Battles in Clash of Clans but I don’t think you’re interested in seeing all results, right? πŸ˜‰

Now I will show you why this base works so great.

In BH8 you will see primarily 4 different attacking strategies being used right now:

  1. Cannon Carts & Giants with Bomber
  2. Giants & Barbarians with Bomber
  3. Drop Ships & Minions
  4. (mass Archer, yes, these weirdos still exist even at 4,000 Trophies+)

So we will now take a look at how this base performs against each one of them.

General Layout Of The Base

In general, the Builder Hall is offset at the bottom part of the base, this is a popular tactic that will limit the attackers’ choices from what side they can attack. They need to take down the Builder Hall and get more than half of the structures to get a 2-Star for a decent outlook to win the Versus Battle in the end.

What this layout does is giving the attacker a hard time because he needs to attack from the bottom because on the top, right and left side are simply too many structures so the troops won’t make it to the Builder Hall.

On the other side, attacking from the bottom is tough as well, because this side is defending with a Air Bomb Factory against Dropships and Minions so the attacker might get the Builder Hall but often times then has only 30-40% destruction leaving him with a low 1-Star result, not enough to win a Versus Battle in Builder Hall 8.

When attacking with ground troops, he will have problems funneling the troops to the Builder Hall. The Giants will take the route to the sides through the funneling open section leaving the damage dealing troops (especially Cannon Carts) unprotected – this will make them go down very fast.

bh8 funneling giants


You can see it in the picture above, all tanks are down basically and the attacker is at 29% destruction.

The reason for this is easy.

The Bombers can’t simply make it through the walls fast enough because after the first layer (they can destroy with their special ability first hit), they will start hitting on the Collectors. If the attacker uses Giants they will again go to the sides and if not, the Archer Tower and the Cannons will take the Bombers down before they can open up the walls to the core.

Another problem the attacking troops will get at this point is that the Multi Mortar and the Archer Towers also cover the range, so there will be a lot of long-range damage coming in taking them out quickly as well.

As you can see here in this replay image:

bh8 attacking with giants


This attack got a final score of 42% and the troops simply stand a chance when they got the Builder Hall down.

Now what happens when the attacker sees that coming? Well, the other option is to go full force against the top side of this base but it will not give a better result.

This is also only an option for air attacks, because the double layer of walls will make the Bombers simply run to the sides and not forcing any troops directly to the core – and as you know, separated forces are only half as powerful πŸ˜€

The attacker will get the 1-Star from percentage but has absolutely no chance to get a 2-Star because the troops will simply take too much time in the storages and Crushers while the full force of Firecrackers, Hidden Teslas, Mega Tesla and Archer Towers will take the Dropship down extremely fast until the Roaster will deal with the leftover Minions in a few seconds.

bh8 replay air attack


Another problem for the attacker here are the Guard Post troops that will drag the Drop Ships and the Minions together into one big mob. This means they will deal less damage because they “overkill” each target on one hand and also make them much more vulnerable against the Roaster and the Mega Tesla.

End of story? Look here:

bh8 replay air attack 2


But what happens when the attacker is crazy enough to try a ground attack from the top?

You have a fun time watching and imagine how he might hate himself at the moment πŸ˜‚

The troops will separate into two big packs, one going to the very top corner and the other one going to the bottom funnel. This is about pretty much what will happen:

bh8 attacking with barbarians


Exactly, that’s about the moment when the attacker knows he’s screwed.

The Gaints on top will hit the walls forever because the Barbarians are still busy with the first layer of walls (after they wasted their strong first hit on the Army Camps) and while the tanks slowly die off and the clock runs down the forces get weaker and weaker.

At the time when the walls are finally open, most of the tanks are down and enough defensive power is left to fight off any last push:

bh8 attacking with barbarians 2


dun… dun… dun… another one bites the dust! At less than 50% percent destruction.

No matter how you play it, here and there a good attacker will pick up a higher 1-Star or very low 2-Star attack against this base, but after all this design will really help you win at Builder Hall 8.

Is This BH8 Layout Working For Your Base?

Here’s the big question. This base works but you will need two things for it to actually work. You need your walls at Level 7 to keep the Bombers busy long enough to separate them from the Giants and your defenses should also be at least Level 7 – with less damage the attacking troops might make it through to your Builder Hall from the top and you will see a heavy 2-Star against this base.

What do you think?

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. So dumb question, Im trying to set this base layout but when doing the very low corner with the BM, I just cant get the walls to match symmetrically. Either there is an empty spot on the corner or they miss match leaving one side longer than the other

  2. 2 stars for this base bombers, 2 sets of giants 2 sets of cannons 1 pec and your battle bot.
    drop 2 giants to take heat off the 2 bombers once they clean out some walls drop 2 more giants and 2 cannons behind them to clean out resources than rest of bombers and rest of giants follow with pec and battle bot to each side of bottom follow with rest of cannons…. Bob is your uncle nice 2 star… I will say a lot of people have read this cause I am trashing this base all over the place….. not bad though


    • πŸ‘ that’s right, if you know how to attack it you can get it done, still, I’d say with 10M+ active players and the number of people visiting this page to use the design you’re still ahead of most of the players πŸ˜‰
      Anyway, I will update the base designs in the coming weeks… πŸ™‚

  3. when the new upload comes out allowing you to leave a link to copy these straight into coc can you add it please.

    • I will as much as possible πŸ™‚ The thing is, I don’t know if it’s working if you set up a BH4 base with my BH8/BH9 account, but we will see how it works. I personally want to use this feature that’s for sure πŸ™‚

  4. What about Super PEKKA attacks? I’m seeing a lot of those attacks. Will it defend against different Super PEKKA variation attacks?

    • Yes, Super PEKKAs aren’t that crazy powerful anymore, especially if you max out your mega tesla. They can’t really funnel into the core (where their exlosion would deal massive destruction) and the teslas are in the complete center so no sniping possible here as well.
      Also, most people that use Super PEKKA aren’t the good attackers that have the scouting and timing skills to use something like Drop/Minions or Cannon Cart combinations properly (doesn’t mean that any attacker user the pekkas is bad, but it’s more prefered by bad attackers because they can spam them and still get their 1-Star with brute force).
      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  5. Hey when will see new bh8 base cause every Base try the new giant strat wrecks it. My defense levels or 7&8 they are almost max. Major defense’s are max just towers and Tesla remaining

      • Hey bro the high anti 2 base doesn’t work efficiently because I have max defenses and the giant and cannon cart attack wreck it/ 3 star it 4 time in a (row). This is killing builder base. Although it’s almost dead already

  6. I think something changed. On the home page when i scroll down and try to load the second set of posts, it just keeps doing the loading circle thing forever. I’ve tried on many different devices. Ive tried on data and different wifi and it still doesnt load more posts. Anybody else having this problem?


  7. The Labyrith Is Awesome Gonna Try It. I Just Hit BH8 3 Days Ago And Have Constructed The 6th Army Camp And Mega Tesla, Saving Elixir To Upgrade Lab.

  8. Hello….i mistakenly made leader to an inactive id…..i want to get my leadership back.. Please please help me…..

  9. I used that top base. The “Anti-3-star” supposed base… The first attack against me, my opponent scored 96% and the only reason he didn’t manage 3 stars was that he timed out. What a load of rubbish these bases online are. Trying to convince people that the bases are awesome. They are terrible. My own base designs work better and whenever I come on a site like this and think, okay, I’ll try one of these bases and see if it’s better, I get owned by attacks my own base defended against fine. You’re not an expert at all. These bases don’t do the job and I would suggest anyone else looking for a base design looking to improve their defence, wants to look elsewhere.

  10. In an effort to keep a large area clear in my Builder Base, I bought bonfires and targets and stone paths and trees, etc. Now when I want to create a new base (using layout editor) and remove all, I have to replace all those items before I can even test the base. Any ideas or shortcuts? Sometimes the bases just don’t work well, and it wastes a lot of time putting all those things back!

    • Attacking powet at BH8 is really high and with bases it is never about that you can stop every single attack -> it’s more like some will crush your base and you need to accept that but it’s about how much the average opponent get πŸ™‚
      Anyway, they are fresh bases after the release and I will update them soon πŸ™‚

  11. hola Timmy queria saber cuando sacaras mas diseΓ±os en el taller de constructor para lvl8 , podrias visitar nuestro clan para practicar #QJVQVRPC πŸ˜‰

  12. Heu Timmy Wanna Join my Lvl 15 Clan Its Called X-Force…My Account Is DeadluasDawn69TM Im co leader I also need a gooooooooood Th10 base Man Good luck on the hard work :]

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