Builders Workshop Level 5 Base June 2023 Builders Workshop Level 5 Base June 2023

Builders Workshop Level 5 Layout (June 2023)

Along with my new Capital Peak layout here I have a new Wizard Valley Level 5 layout designed as well.

Used both entrance points as an advantage and built a huge tough base around it with blast bows covering the entrances in front of them.

Zap traps for rams and Hog Riders early. Crushers in front of blast boys for the most hp coverage and also Hog Riders.

Far side 3 o’clock and 7 o’clock giant canons so the attacker reaches them late. 2 Giant Canons behind the blast bows to cover graveyard drops and deal as much splash damage as possible to troops in front of blast bow itself.

So many closed walls which make attackers take so many rams and fewer troops if attacking with something other than graveyard ram wizards. A lot of double-tile walls so super wizards and archer gets the least value.

For full image please click here

If you’re looking for other district layouts, please refer to my updated overview for all Clan Capital districts and levels here.

Unfortunately there is no base copy feature available for Clan Capital layouts so you have to copy it manually (I really hope Supercell will bring that feature quite soon)

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