Skeleton Park Level 3 Layout (July 2023)

clash of clans clan capital skeleton park level 3 layout

This new wall-heavy Skeleton Park Level 3 layout I just finished after a long time testing and finetuning has several great features.

Wall designs to make attackers rams targets only through deeper walls in the base which then leads to having only two ways of entrances that are covered by giant canon and Rocket artillery.

This way the troops will not reach the Minion hives too and having them covering both entrances help to defend against any type of attack nicely.

Rapid rockets and Air bombs to defend Minion hives from rocket loon.

Wizard towers near major defenses to kill graveyards as soon as possible. Zap traps for rams. Giant bombs and log traps for archer, Hogs and wizards and barbarians from the ram.

District Hall to waste enemy time early on and giant Canon protected behind it. Far corner buildings for time fails make this layout a really strong one.

For full image please click here

If you’re looking for other district layouts, please refer to my updated overview for all Clan Capital districts and levels here.

Unfortunately, there is no base copy feature available for Clan Capital layouts so you have to copy it manually (I really hope Supercell will bring that feature quite soon)

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