clan capital balloon lagoon level 5 layout november 2023 preview clan capital balloon lagoon level 5 layout november 2023 preview

Balloon Lagoon Level 5 Layout (November 2023)

This is a layout for the Balloon Lagoon Level 5 district of your Clan Capital – now also with base copy link (see below)!

It’s important to defend well against Graveyard Spells here or you won’t succeed in the long run! I did design this base around the technique that forces enemy troops throught their pathing mechanism into the two Crushers very early which can potentially already break a lot for the attacker but even on bad days still gets a lot of value in your favor.

The walls are positioned that none of the walls on the perimeters get targeted by Rams and they will always go for the fully closed compartments surrounding the defenses which can also mess up a lot for the attacker if they don’t see that coming and ideally they push it even more to make it worst for them.

The early Rocket Artillery fire joins in with the Crushers, Multi Cannons and Teslas to create a nightmare of splash damage for attacking troops

The Single-Target Inferno Tower is very well protected as well as some attackers will try to approach the base from the mountain Golem entrance, so this is also no weak spot there you have to mind.

To finish it off, we also have features to bait Hog Riders and Rocket Balloon and in case your attacker thinks this compact base has value for Super Dragons chaining value, they will find out that that value is very little.

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If you’re looking for more layouts for other districts, please check my full overview for all the Clan Capital bases here.

clan capital balloon lagoon level 5 layout november 2023

For full image please click here

And now that we have copy base links, we don’t have to manually copy the layouts from the images anymore!

Copy Base Link


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