clan capital capital peak level 10 layout november 2023 preview clan capital capital peak level 10 layout november 2023 preview

Capital Peak Level 10 Layout (November 2023)

This is a layout for the Capital Peak Level 10 of your Clan Capital – now also with base copy link (see below)!

Defending against Graveyard Spells is so important here so this layout makes sure that attackers keep dropping their troops into Crushers and Super Dragons will go down frequently with the Double Blast Bows and shots from the Capital Hall.

Even if the attacker manages to open the side walls (and in my tests there were several attempts to approach it like that), they have never been able to to triple in 3 hits.

There’s a lot of damage happening early on and from the back end so attackers tend to go too hard/save too hard up

The Giant Cannons cover the Rocket Artillery in case Graveyard Spells get thrown and the bombs are in strategical places to deal with Hog Riders, Sneaky Archers and Barbarians from the Battle Ram.

I placed the Giant Posts and Cannon Cart Posts in spots that make the attacker lose a lot of troops when entering a new compartment and with the pathing in this base, no Battle Ram will ever traget the walls around the deployment area before the wall behind the Capital Hall is open and enough attacker mess that up.

Overall a base you will look forward to run.

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If you’re looking for more layouts for other districts, please check my full overview for all the Clan Capital bases here.

clan capital capital peak level 10 layout november 2023

For full image please click here

And now that we have copy base links, we don’t have to manually copy the layouts from the images anymore!

Copy Base Link


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  1. Thank you for sharing this…I’m going to give it a try in my clan and we’ll see how it does! Looks good.

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