Dragon Cliff Level 4 Layout (July 2023)

clash of clans clan capital dragon cliff level 4 layout

This new teaser Dragon Cliff Level 4 layout I just finished after a long time testing and finetuning has several great features.

Wide entrance makes the attacker confused from which side to start and which super dragon post to go for.

The attacker can’t pill the dragons to a corner and kill it with inferno drags because all corners and entrances are covered.

The major defenses are nicely separated and protected by 2 tile walls and splash damage defenses in case of graveyard drops.

Dragon posts are also protected by splash damage defenses and Air defenses so attackers can’t graveyard them or send inferno dragons to snipe super dragons.

A lot of closed walls which makes the attacker take more ram and fewer actual troops

For full image please click here

If you’re looking for other district layouts, please refer to my updated overview for all Clan Capital districts and levels here.

Unfortunately, there is no base copy feature available for Clan Capital layouts so you have to copy it manually (I really hope Supercell will bring that feature quite soon)

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