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Base Design matters a lot in Versus Battles – it is responsible for half of your success and no matter how good you are at attacking if your base gets constantly wrecked you won’t be able to get into the higher Trophy Ranges where the loot is good. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for BH7 and will also update them constantly.

All base designs here are now up to date 🙂

One thing before we start, if you use a base you find on the internet you should always try to change it a little bit. Here’s a short guide how to do it:

5 Tips for Internet Base Layouts

Builder Hall 7 Base Layouts

Before I show you the best defensive Builder Hall 7 Base Designs, I also want to recommend some articles about the Builder Base that you should read as well:

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Attacking Strategies for BH7

These two guides will help you beat BH7 completely without any problems 🙂

Bases May 2018

BH7 Anti 2-Star Base Layout

This base here comes along with a hard to control huge core area that is surrounded by the compartments that make it hard ti funnel and also slows down Bomber effectivity as they will use their ability on the most outside spot that won’t break the whole compartment open.

bh7 base design 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

You can see in the replays that this base work great against Night Witches 🙂

Anti Witch Builder Hall 7 Base

Night Witches are extremely popular at BH7, but this base will put attackers into a tough spot with the Air Bombs on one side of the Builder Hall and the Roaster on the other side – both in tough positions that can’t simply be tanked.

builder hall 7 base layout anti 2-star


Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

BH7 Ring Base

Not a single Builder Base Layout update without a ring base, huh? Well, they work and are successful, so no reason to say more.

builder hall 7 base design

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

PS: put this base directly in the corner to make it more powerful 🙂

Bases April 2018

Anti-2-Star Builder Hall 7 Base Design

Let’s start off with this solid base that will help you prevent getting 2-Stared with a simple but effective layout basic concept.

Either the attacker will have to go through the whole stuff of buildings and defenses from the bottom and will not reach & get the Builder Hall down as there is no way to get the Builder Hall from the back with the Battle Machine – this will result in a high percentage 1-Star.

The other option is going for the Builder Hall from the back, but getting enough percentage for the 2-Star isn’t that easy neither -> 1-Star or low 2-Star.

Builder hAll 7 Anti 2-Star Base

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

For some extra spice I recommend you to fkip this base 🙂

Diamond BH7 Design

This second base is also working great with the Giant Cannon as the key element of defense.

No matter from what side the attacker chooses to approach the base, the Giant Cannon is not reachable and will deal its deadly damage all the way throught the whole attack and prevent any big defeat.

The Roaster and the Air Bombs take care that the attacks from the back going straight for the Builder Hall can get stopped early enough that even a lost Builder Hall won’t end up in a big tragedy for you.

Best BH7 Base Layout nightmode clash coc

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

The front side of the Builder Hall is protected well by the Crusher that will stop either the Barbarians or, in case the attacker wants to send in the Battle Machine at the end, the Battle Machine.

Nice one 🙂

Bases March 2018

Great BH7 Layout against Barbarians

This base uses the vertical wall segments at the back to confuse the Bomber AI as they will start throwing their bombs against the closest wall piece. This will result in Barbarians smashing walls and getting taken down by defenses and can mess up an attack.

The Giant Cannon is here centralied building and with the Cruser, Bomb Factory, Builder Hall it’s surrounded by all the high hitpoint defenses that will make it extremely hard to take it down before the attack is over.

Builder Hall 7 Base defend anti 2-Star

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

You can see in the replays how often attacker with different troops get frustrated by the different sides of the base 🙂

Builder Hall 7 Base Anti 3-Star

This base has a setup that you don’t see that often and the defensive concept behind it is also convincing.

The inside area with all the splash defenses is protected by the bulkheads of the storages, Clock Tower and Lab with the high hitpoints that will slow down attacking forces long enough for the tough defenses in the core to build up their damage.

BH7 good defending base design march 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

Alright, that’s it – take one of the bases above and you’re good to go for Builder Hall 7 with a solid defending concept.

But please keep in mind that they are all with well-upgraded defenses so you might see not the exact same results if you just upgraded to BH7 🙂



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  1. Hey Timmy your layout for anti-three star base is awesome. Loved it. I was kind of stuck in 2300-2450 trophies but this layout was absolutely fantastic. It helped me a lot. I got straight three wins with this layout. Keep up the good work Buddy. Love your work. GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. Timmy plzz make an article which defense we should upgrade in th9 and which in last plzz bro and also give some base desings. Thank You!

    • what level do your defenses have? only 1 defense doesn’t say anything about the quality of a base layout, it’s the average result from al least 25 defenses to get an idea.
      If you get one bad grade in school you don’t drop off and work on a gas startion for the rest of your life, right? 😉

    • Impossible. The offensive power at BH8 is so high that you can’t prevent 1-Star -> you will need to make Anti 2-Star and do solid attacks yourself with 60%+ 2-Star to stay on the victory side.

  3. Hi, any one can tell me how to upgrade Town Hall 7 to 8 ? Is seems there is no more upgrades, I cant believe it! What is wrong!

  4. Timmy can u share your base bh7 base in which u reach 5000 plus trophies thanks if u listen because i try to become top in bh7 trophies ok bro plzz share your base by giving your player tag or a clan tag etc

    • I use the first BH7 base shown here
      But changing bases like every 2-4 weeks when they become too popular – getting real top (6k+), you will primarily need the ability to high percentage 2-Star and defense is not that important anymore 🙂
      I don’t hand out my tag here because otherwise tons of people want to join my current clan and people want to kill me 😉

  5. My experience with the last design is that it is very vulnerable when attacked by archers one at a time. My defenses are either at lvl6 or lvl7, but archers do a lot of damage while being invisible.

    • Yes Archers are a problem, but they can’t do that much as they run out of time before getting a high percentage 2-Star, so with solid attacks you can outbeat your opponents 🙂

  6. Thanks for posting your base! I have been using it for the past week, and have gone from 3500 trophies to 3950! I can usually get 70-85% using Sneaky Archers with a squad of Barbs, and that’s been enough to get the Ws. My defense levels are 5 & 6 on all defenses for those curious. Anyway, thanks for your work, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Just switched my base to the 2nd from the last BH7 base.
    Of the three battles I just did, I ended with 2 stars, 3 stars (yes, 100% by witches), and 2 stars.
    Yeah, this base is pretty crappy… It’s very hard to believe you had low percentage 2 star attacks and only one 3 star attack in 4000-5000 when I am only in 3600.

  8. I am a regular reader of this site and the base layouts are really good.But after reading comments,i found that the bases are vulnerable to witches.Check out my base guys.It is a good base and i have designed it.Witches can hardly single star it!!Max % scored by witches in my base are 52% 1 star.For my base,just search with my player tag : #PPCRLGVGQ.If u dont get it,search for “Swyzar” clan and search Kiran.M in that clan.That is my base.

  9. I vary my attacks from base to base. I’m BH5 and you can easily beat a Bh7 if you attack correctly. I’d say learn different attacks on bases and figure out where to attack from usually go for 2 stars.

  10. hey, if you go rush to bh7 does that mean that you will face only bh7 and just be at a disadvantage. I have lv10 troops & lv5 defenses for bh6 not sure if I should rush for the defenses and levels.

    • What trophy range are you? Normally they will match primarily on trophy count but depending on your trophy range it could happen that you will get matched often against same bh level…
      Rushing to BH7 gives you the advantage of having 5 army cam

    • I’m around the 3100 – 3400 trophy range as a BH6. I keep getting matched up against BH7 where even if I get 2* I lose simply because BH7 has more troops to attack me. It’s an unfair matchup at the higher trophy ranges and I may need to rush to BH7 instead of finishing off a few more upgrades.

  11. I’ve managed to get a solid Anti 3-star BH5 base in the 2500+ Trophy range. How would I be able to submit it if possible?

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