The Best TH13 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts Review

Here you will find monthly updated Town Hall 13 base designs for War, Trophy Pushing and Farming

Welcome to the latest new Town Hall in Clash of Clans – Town Hall 13. With several new defensive capabilities, you will have the challenge to counter all the new and strong ways that your base can be approached (Yeti, Royal Champion, just to name some).

Here are some bases that should help you setting up a proper defense and protect some of your stars and/or loot.

I really hate those sites or videos showing you dozens of bases they copied somewhere without making any deeper explanation why they work so for this reason you will only find bases here that I have tested myself.

And with some time using TH13 now I think I have some bases that have proven in war and also Home Village 🙂

The TH13 War Base Design

Okay, let’s start off with the war base and I have one here that I found really interesting.

best th13 war base january 2020

*you can find a link to copy the base after the review section

This base here works really well defending against 3-Star attacks but if the attacker targets getting 2-Stars out of it it will be quite easy – just saying this as a disclaimer before many here will comment how much this base sucks 😉 Just be aware of this…

The Scattershots here are in positions where they make sure they are in the best position to actually hit troops that walk behind some tanks and you can actually get some nice bang done here.

The outside funnel is structured to make general funneling as messy as it can get with a few defenses on the outside to mess with the defense targeting troops a little bit.

But let’s take a deeper look at some popular attacking strategies and how this base handles them 🙂

First of all we have the all-time favorite E-Drag attacks that are all over the place.

This TH13 War Base works quite well on the outside with several spots that can break the chain lightning skill of the Electro Dragons, as you can see here:

best th13 war base january 2020 edrag defense

The base itself works quite well, even when most attackers thing they got it. The last section with the Town Hall simply has too much force to pull through with an Electro Dragon attack, no matter what the attacker does. There’s not much more in it than a 2-Star with this strategy (at least from what i’ve seen so far and tried myself) ????

best th13 war base january 2020 electro dragon defense

If you’re not maxed this could be different but I haven’t found one replay when it was close actually.

With LaLoon the situation against this base is also not really great as you actually have to go full force into the section with the Town Hall – there’s otherwise almost no hope to get the Town Hall down with just heroes…

best th13 war base january 2020 laloon defense

But such a move will not end well most of the time (for the attacker), especially when you have fully maxed your Town Hall by now.

So, overall a solid base to use now and I will update as soon as more attacking styles for Town Hall 13 will emerge.



You can copy the base directly by using this link

The TH13 Trophy Base Design (Home Village)

Here’s the base that I used in the last weeks in Legend League and I had some really well results to be honest:

best th13 trophy base january 2020

Did not get tripled and only very rare amounts of 2-Stars against this base what is really well if you know how things in Legend League are going…

So, that’s the base layout here:

best th13 trophy base january 2020

You will find the link to copy this layout below 🙂

I know that many people say that ring bases don’t work in Legend League, but I think you can still push towards 5500 Trophies with that layout, to be honest.

The cool thing is that funneling around the Town Hall is never in control of the attacker and with such a tough defense like the Giga Inferno in the middle of that section you will catch several attackers off guard.

best th13 trophy base january 2020 defense

The main principle behind this base is as simple as it’s effective and with all the additional defensive power you have at TH13, especially adding the Scattershots, normal strategies will see their limit here a lot sooner than we’ve been used to at Town Hall 12.

I’m more shocked how bad many people in Legen League funnel their attacks and how they got there (maybe using spam E-Drags all the time, I don’t know…)

And this is the disclaimer for this base – I’ve seen a ton of horrible attacks against this base so a proper attacker will get here what he wants (well, not the 3-Star), but with that many bad attackers out there you’re quite well doing getting more trophies from them than they can from you 🙂



You can copy the base directly by using this link

* Bonus* The TH13 Farming Base Design (Dark Elixir Protection)

We’re back at farming Dark Elixir to get the new hero up so switching to such a layout might be a good idea for you if you haven’t stockpiled tons of Books of Heroes and Runes of Dark Elixir over the past months.

best th13 farming base

This base doesn’t focus that much on defending every percentage point but it will pay close attention that you don’t lose that much Dark Elixir and Elixir as well so you can use it to upgrade the new hero and the new Barracks with the Yeti.



You can copy the base directly by using this link


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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. bro i think it is best.
    i think we should use 1 balloon 1 baby drag and 1 ice golem 1 witch and rest wizard and arcers.

  2. Timmy! Could you share bases for the other Town Halls? The resizing of the Army Camp, Laboratory, and Workshop seemed to mess with the spacing.

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