The Best BH9 Base Layout – Builder Base 9 Review

Builder Hall 9 is the most recent Builder Hall Level and just released – if you just upgraded and look for a base design I was able to fin one that will work quite well.

Here you will find my review of this design as well as my experiences from many Versus Battles that I have played with it and I will show you how it performs against various attacks at 5,000 Trophies.

The BH9 Design

First of all let’s have a look at the design – you will find a link to directly copy the design at the end of the review 🙂

bh9 base layout

bh9 base desfense replay logThe base itself is an adaption of the pretty popular setup that has been around at BH8 in the past months. The thing is, Builder Hall 9 is so fresh there will be more layout pattern evolve in the coming months but this one is strong because the Lava Launcher will make the only weakness, the bottom area attacked by ground, a lot stronger so ground troops will have problems attacking.

I can prove you with my recent battle log, showing that only one attacker really caught a 2-Star against this base layout and the other failed pathetically at the 5,000 trophy range (see the image).

So I think this is a solid start for BH9 in the first weeks and I will update this here as soon as some more strategies are available 🙂

General Layout Of The Base

This base has the stretched core layout and the basic idea behind this is that attacker can only attack from the bottom if they want to get the 2-Star – it’s impossible to go through the top side and take out all defenses and have enough troops left to get the Builder Hall.

Also taking a shortcut entry from the sides is a bad idea because troops won’t funnel into the core and go to the sides as well the Crusher will get really expensive for ground attacks.

Attacking from the bottom side is also a thing that requires skill because the attacker is forced to get through the multiple wall layers, otherwise, Giants and Battle Machine will walk the direct walk through the Crusher at the sides and find a fast end.

At Builder Hall 8 this base was already popular and if you know how to treat it, it’s a secure 2-Star… but at Builder Hall 9 the Lava Launcher will add some spice to the meal and give ground attacks from the bottom an unpleasant time

Ground Attacks

I could now post here several images from replays that failed to approach this base from another side than the bottom, but I think I covered that above enough, it simply doesn’t work.

If attacker know this kind of layout they will attack from the bottom.

One option now is that they mess up opening the walls sufficiently and their tranks will meet the Crushers:

bh9 failed wall breaker

Or they open the walls but the Lava launcher will wreck their troops, especially Cannon Carts are in high danger to simply “park” in the lava lakes and fall apart really fast:

lava launcher bh9

Air Attacks

Air attacks (Baby Minion or Drop Ship Minion) always had a bad time against this base and the best tactic to use against this base with air attacks is actually coming from the top and going for the deep 1-Star.

drop ships versus bh9

2-Star approaches are really risky because Air Bombs, Roaster, Mega Tesla and all Firecracker are there and will deal damage like crazy. I tried a lot cracking this base style with air troops myself and found myself getting a 2-Star from the bottom in like one out of three cases and risking to get a 0-Star.

air attack fail against builder hall 9

Can you see how fast the Drop Ships died there and the Minions were barely able to get the Builder Hall and landed with a 1-Star below 50%? This is what happens when air attacks hit this base 😎



You can copy the base directly by using this link but please understand that obstacles will prevent buildings to get placed – if you have some grass design or many obstacles in your base you might need to build parts manually from the above image.

What do you think?

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. I made this base, It does pretty well, my defences are far from max. Also, those who say “use a power potion” are mad! Lmao 😂 the truth is, without even trying to plan an attack… I can almost beat any base I come across with “Power Potion Troops” (Hog Glider inparticulay). I’m only at around 3100trophies, but there it is… a base for players around my trophies count. It does have some weakness around air troops, but I believe that’s due to my low air defence levels. I’m wondering how it would do with all maxed.

    I’ll use my alt info for posting

    • You can beat this base actually pretty well when using Drop Ships and Minions from the back side and have some luck with the Battle Machine (but I only see that 1 out of 10 attackers doing haha). But every base can be beaten, still, this one holds up pretty well for still after a few weeks 🙂

  2. Not do great, I’m constantly beaten two stars 80-90%. I’m currently at 4200 trophies. These attacks come from opposite side of BH lvl18 Beata Minions and Balloons and 25lvl Machine.

    • What level are your defenses?
      I am at 4500 tropies right now and from my past 50+ Versus Battles I have like 5 times 2-Star with over 70%, along with a ton of below 50% attacks and I’m really ok with the base right now.
      But I agree, the maxed Drop Ships Minions when done correctly can wreck this base, however, this only havens very rarely for me

      • My defenses are lvl8 but lava launcher, giant cannon, giga tesla, air bomb which are lvl9. Today I was beaten for the fisrt time 100% twice in a row. Both attacks came from shorter side of the Base (lvl18 Minions Baloons 25lvl Machine)

  3. People found out how to beat it. If you have premax BH8 defense it still gets 3*. The drop ship minions on a power potion gets it 3*.

    • Awesome. Switched too and the first 3 attack 3 victories. Attacks on me were all under 30% thanks Timmy

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