The Best BH9 Base Layout – Builder Base 9 Review

Builder Hall 9 is the most recent Builder Hall Level and just released – if you just upgraded and look for a base design I was able to fin one that will work quite well.

Here you will find my review of this design as well as my experiences from many Versus Battles that I have played with it and I will show you how it performs against various attacks at 5,000 Trophies.

Time for an update and a fresh base 🙂

The BH9 Design

First of all let’s have a look at the design – you will find a link to directly copy the design at the end of the review 🙂

best bh9 base november 2019

bh9 base desfense replay logThe last base here really got so popular that it was not defending that well anymore since many people knew how to beat it, so that’s why I did get a new base and tested it a lot.

I’ve been testing this new BH9 base for quite some time and it’s really nice to see how well it performed so far – I’d say I have more then 50% defenses with less than 1 Star and a 2-Star is only happening when I upgrade a defense.

That’s why I thought this is the base I want to show you guys 🙂

General Layout Of The Base

Now that Builder Hall 9 is in Clash of Clans for some time we can say that the general setup you can see with this base is the setup that gives overall the best defensive capabilities as long as you have your defenses at Level 8 or higher and no crucial defenses are upgrading at the time of defending.

It’s a diamond shape with several lines of walls protecting the Builder Hall along with the strongest defenses – this prevents that ground approaches or air approaches can get the Builder Hall quick and dirty and the attacker than can squeeze additional percentage for the 2-Star.

Going through the other route is too hard to get to the Builder Hall so either the attacker will go for the lucky punch approaching the Builder Hall directly or the secure percentage attack that will only give a 1-Star.

Some attackers know how to deal with a base like this but most don’t or don’t care enough and just try their luck – and this is the point where you can get your defensive push 🙂

So, in general we have three attacking styles here at BH9:

  • Air Attacks featuring Minions, Drop Ships and occasionally Baby Dragons
  • Ground Attacks with Bomber, Giants, Barbarians, Cannon Carts and occasionally PEKKAs
  • Hog Glider (yes, they get more and more frequent because now also F2P have them maxed out)

So let’s have a look at some defenses and check out the main reasons why this base defends well against them.

Ground Attacks

Ground attacks always rely on Bombers opening the base so the other troops can get into it without taking the funnel routes into the Crushers and traps – this is how this strategy work.

So, basically the Bombers are the units that you need to take out of the game and the rest of the attack will fail miserably and this base has a simple but effective feature to do that.

When attacking it from the bottom side there’s not much the Bombers can gain for the attacker – there are a ton of buildings and defenses behind the wall and pathing from there is out of any influence from the attacker – simpler said, there are no walls that create any pathing so using Bombers won’t help here anything.

The other section is the one behind the Builder Hall and opening that up will give the attacker a huge advantage – but with 3 different layers of walls it will take ages and the Archer Tower there will start attacking the Bombers after the first layer.

best bh9 base november 2019 ground defense

Also, the Bombers will go left and right following the walls while other troops just go somewhere else – in short, it’s not possible to drop some Bombers there and get direct access to the Builder Hall 🙂

This is how such attacks normally end:

best bh9 base november 2019 ground defense fail

Air Attacks

Now let’s have a look at the air attacks…

And when I say air attacks it’s about Drop Ships and Minions all the way at Builder Hall 9. After the release of BH9 this was the only effective way to deal with the Lava Launcher but it seems that it has become more and more the spammy version of people that just don’t want to adapt to the Lava Launcher – spam all Minions, drop the Drop Ships and the Battle Machine and let’s see how far we can get, right? 😉

This strategy is, as simple and easy as it is to use it, sometimes pretty effective because there are many troops and much damage with some tanks at the same time.

Still, this base works nicely against them.

best bh9 base november 2019 air defense


It’s hard to prevent them to get the Builder Hall but at this point, the Mega Tesla and the Air Bomb Factory will wipe them out and normally the attacker won’t get 50% so no 2-Star.

Attacking from the other side might get them the 50% but not the Builder Hall so you should do fine against these attacks when you can score decent 2-Star attacks in Versus Battles 🙂

Hog Glider

Effectively the Hog Glider is neither a ground nor an air unit – you’ll cut the disadvantage of pathing but you have the problem that ground defenses will target them. They are still really effective to drop in certain areas and take out crucial defenses if you let them.

best bh9 base november 2019 hog glider defense

In this base the area around the Builder Base qualifies heavily for that but with the “spare” defenses there as well like Hidden Teslas, Double Cannon and Air Defenses there’s no defense sniping possible and those attacks are dealt with quite effectively as well 🙂



You can copy the base directly by using this link but please understand that obstacles will prevent buildings to get placed – if you have some grass design or many obstacles in your base you might need to build parts manually from the above image.

What do you think?

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Thanks for sharing and for the comprehensive details. Unfortunately this base design is not working for me, it cannot withstand air attacks (I get 100% wacked almost every time by minions and loons) and it is weak against pekka and bomb throwers. Better luck next time, and thanks again 🍺

  2. Nope this base isn’t good anymore at all. The whole day I’ve been getting wacked, dropped almost 300 trophies because this base keeps getting wasted, constant 70-80% 2 star and every other attack is a 3 star against it.

  3. New design isn’t great too. 3x in a row two Stars 90% using beta minions Drop ships and lvl25+ BM. Attack came from NW side. You can get two stars and 70% just by spamming minions around the Base and placing dropship from SW side of the Base. My defences but double cannons are all lvl9, trophy lvl 4200.

  4. I made this base, It does pretty well, my defences are far from max. Also, those who say “use a power potion” are mad! Lmao 😂 the truth is, without even trying to plan an attack… I can almost beat any base I come across with “Power Potion Troops” (Hog Glider inparticulay). I’m only at around 3100trophies, but there it is… a base for players around my trophies count. It does have some weakness around air troops, but I believe that’s due to my low air defence levels. I’m wondering how it would do with all maxed.

    I’ll use my alt info for posting

    • You can beat this base actually pretty well when using Drop Ships and Minions from the back side and have some luck with the Battle Machine (but I only see that 1 out of 10 attackers doing haha). But every base can be beaten, still, this one holds up pretty well for still after a few weeks 🙂

  5. Not do great, I’m constantly beaten two stars 80-90%. I’m currently at 4200 trophies. These attacks come from opposite side of BH lvl18 Beata Minions and Balloons and 25lvl Machine.

    • What level are your defenses?
      I am at 4500 tropies right now and from my past 50+ Versus Battles I have like 5 times 2-Star with over 70%, along with a ton of below 50% attacks and I’m really ok with the base right now.
      But I agree, the maxed Drop Ships Minions when done correctly can wreck this base, however, this only havens very rarely for me

      • My defenses are lvl8 but lava launcher, giant cannon, giga tesla, air bomb which are lvl9. Today I was beaten for the fisrt time 100% twice in a row. Both attacks came from shorter side of the Base (lvl18 Minions Baloons 25lvl Machine)

      • Me too, 3x in a row two stars 90%. All defences but double cannons lvl9. 4100 trophies attack from gem mine side. Beta minions drop ship lvl18 BM lvl25+

  6. People found out how to beat it. If you have premax BH8 defense it still gets 3*. The drop ship minions on a power potion gets it 3*.

    • Awesome. Switched too and the first 3 attack 3 victories. Attacks on me were all under 30% thanks Timmy

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