The Best TH12 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts Review

Find here monthly updated base layouts for Town Hall 12 to use in Clan War, Trophy Pushing or Farming

Unlike many other pages (and me in the past), I don’t wanted to just post bases in an endless row that nobody could use because it’s not proven that they will work and also I don’t see the point in posting countless bases when you actually only need one for your home village and one for Clan War at Town Hall 12.

So, instead, I decided to just have two bases here, 1x War Base for TH12 and 1x Trophy Base for TH12 that I will do an in-depth review on and show you why I really like them and how they served me from using it myself.

I’m sure this is more helpful than bombing you with a lot of bases ✌️

The TH12 War Base Design

Let’s start with the base design for Clan War:

πŸ‘‡ That’s the TH12 War Base πŸ‘‡

best th12 war base 2019

(click “open in a new tab” for full size)

Why I Think It Is The Best

I’ve been using it for several wars uncluding Clan War Leagues and had very good experience with it. I’ve never been 3-Stared in about 20 attacks and here and there attacker only got 1-Star with less than 50% against this base.

Reason enough to use it? I guess so 😎

But let’s have a closer look at the defensive capabilities…

General Layout Of The Base

Unlike many other Town Hall 12 War Bases you know this one here uses a centralized Town Hall instead of a semi-exposed one. This is especially useful in CWL due to the fact that there’s only one attack per participant and 3-Stars are extremely rare and most of the times, a 2-Star against a TH12 is pretty tough to overcome for the own clan.

As I said, the Town Hall is centralized in an area that is hard to funnel to surrounded by 4 basically dead-zone sections that contain the Inferno Towers in mixed modes (and one X-Bow).

Two reasons they are very helpful – one is there’s no Hidden Tesla on the outside areas in there so some Wall Breakers can funnel in a Queen Charge. This protects them very well against an early destruction and also put pressure on any Queen Walk/Charge with the Infernos, either by targeting the Queen directly (Single-Mode) or all the Healers at the same time (Multi-Mode).

th12 inferno tower defense

The five sections are not directly connected to it, so funneling into one of them has no use at all in the means of getting any benefit more than destroying the defense in it, so in order to funnel troops to the Town Hall, the attacker will need to destroy one side of the base entirely!

This setup give the Eagle Artillery the maximum protection because there’s no way to destroy it while avoiding the Inferno Tower at the side and the Queen is not that much useful than simply pull the Clan Castle troops which is a little expensive when you take the troop cost of a Hero plus Healers and at least one Rage Spell πŸ˜†

In terms of Electro Dragons, the only attack people without much knowledge of attacking at TH12 can get dangerous you also have quite a comfortable situation.

(Disclaimer – I don’t mean everyone using Electro Dragons is a bad attacker, I only mean that Electro Dragons are so strong that also people with little experience can get dangerous!)Β 

So most of them spam them at one side and let them do their thing while using occasional spells – they will only get a 1-Star against this war base and there’s no way they will get the Town Hall, especially if you upgraded your Giga Tesla to Level 5:

th12 war base defending aginst electro dragons

Here you see that they will never target the Town Hall directly and even if they do, the Giga Tesla can take 1-2 of them out πŸ™‚

The other popular attacking strategy you will see frequently is BoWitch or Witch Slap or whatever oyu want to call it (6 Witches and a ton of Bowlers).

The thing is that the attacker also can’t access the corner compartments to building his funnel is not really possible and this is the crucial part of this strategy. And I’ve seen either attackers that don’t see that coming and fail horribly (or from your perspective do exactly what they should) when their troops do nothing more than cleaning the outside perimeter, split up and get killed fast.

The other ones are aware of that and will most of the times try a one-sided funnel with a Queen Charge into the Clan Castle and then try to break diagonally through the Inferno Tower with a Wall Wrecker.

th12 war base defends agaisnt bowler

Spoiler Alert πŸ˜‰ They won’t make it far πŸ˜‚

Some will get their Wall Wrecker into the Town Hall section, but these troops don’t stand much of a chance on their own. Unless the attacker is really good and packs it with Valkyries to immediately use a Rage Spell and a Freeze Spell to get the Town Hall – but that won’t get him that far neither and I haven’t seen one attacker doing this so far.

th12 war base defends agaisnt bowler witches

End of story, attacher’s sorry.

Last but not least we have the attacker with mass Hog Rider at Town Hall 12 that also can be dangerous but this war base can deal with them also pretty well.

Long story short, the traps and the general setup will wipe them out pretty easily and as most of them think they’re smart and attack right into the Eagle Artillery, you have a nice Giant Bomb Tornado Trap combination πŸ˜†

th12 war base against hog rider

After all a nice setup and a great base to use for you guys.

The TH12 Trophy & Loot Base Design (Home Village)

After the war base we now will take a look at the case for your Home Village, a base layout that will defend your stars and also your loot well enough. It’s not a pure trophy base that you would use in Legend League but nobody really wants to actually play there with all the clouds ☁️ (If you’re looking for a don’t-care-about-loot-I-need-trophies base, check out here)

I used this base in Titan I so it really works well and I haven’t seen any heavy wrecking so far.

Here’s the base layout:

πŸ‘‡ That’s the TH12 War Base πŸ‘‡

best th12 trophy base 2019

(click “open in a new tab” for full size)

Why I Think It Is The Best

Solid results from watching the replays, what else? 😜

As I said, it has not been crushed dramatically and several attacks have been very close ones, in my favor and also against my favor but normally you see very often a 1-Star and occasional 2-Stars with this base and never all the loot has been taken.

General Layout Of The Base

The base has an asymmetrical setup with the Eagle Artillery in the core and two “semi-core” compartments for the Dark Elixir and Town Hall and the Clan Castle (that you should always fill with Witches, they are annoying and often times attacker don’t bring Poison for regular multiplayer attacks).

The outside perimeter is pretty interesting with a line of defenses behind the trash buildings that make easy percentage sniping impossible.

The compartments on the outside are pretty thin and there’s no real entry corner for a Queen Charge that will get you very far – in general it’s not easy to get the Queen behind the walls unless you invest some housing space to clean a funnel that will be expensive with the defenses out there. Also, Wall Breaker timing can be pretty annoying, especially with the Hidden Tesla and trap pitfalls here and there.

However, they are big enough that the attacker will need a perfectly placed Jump Spell to get troops through them, something they will just mess up here and there as well (small screen vs big fingers…)

I’ve seen replays where I thought… “well, in his position I would be pretty pissed” πŸ˜†

The Inferno Towers on Multi-Mode can also be very annoying for the attacker in positions where he can’t reach them with the Queen (magical 5-tiles) and here and there they will just target the Healer and take them down without anything the attacker can do about it.

Again, it’s Titan League where I used it and many attackers seemed to have a “dang-it-I’ll-just-spam-it” attitude when they simply deploy their forces and think they will go for the center.

th12 trophy base defense

Instead, they just clean some trash and are down before the attack really starts.

The reason is that building the funnel is very expensive in housing space for the attacker with the defenses on the outside and the Eagle Artillery will get activated in no-time playing hard against the attack.

The most popular thing I saw was the frequent Electro Dragon spam.

This is the most useless attempt against this base because the square setup will make them go in one line and taken down by the air defenses and other point defenses before they can even reach the middle of the base.

electro dragon against town hall 12 trophy base

After all this base does a nice job and I will keep it for a while cool 😎

What do you think?

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  1. I hope I can attach the website because many buildings are very confusing, causing problems in some places, but I don’t know where else is wrong.

  2. Hey man, I’m really a fan of crows base. Can you please search for a crows base exclusively made for th12 by phoenix having 3 infernos? :3 I’d really love that man I’ve been searching for a week found nothing

  3. Hey Tim, In recent clan wars and leagues i’m seeing alot of square bases and due to that we are mostly getting low percentage after getting 2 stars(like 60%-70%). Are there any good square bases and how to counter it?

  4. Your th12 war base was the top base against us last war. Defenses still max 11 level but it was a full max 11 plus….his queen was level 58 already. Anyways, I siege dived thru the eagle with a little funneling to each side so the heroes when inside to the xbows and eagle. Then edrag and looked it from 4:30-6:00. I got a 93% 2 Star. If I had my camps finished, it would have been an easy 3 Star.

  5. I like the new design of the site. It’s looks much better on mobile phones. Also could you please post new builder bases design wich includes new walls. Cheers.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ Yes I was busy with some major technical issues the past days so got a little behind my publishing schedule, but I will update war weights & bh8 designs plus write a e-drag guide this week for sure πŸ™‚

  6. Nice! Hope you dare to publish my low league th12 farm base, it gives a lot of laughs occassionally:) Looks so easy – that is why even low level attackers jump at it:)

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