clan capital dragon cliff level 5 layout november 2023 preview clan capital dragon cliff level 5 layout november 2023 preview

Dragon Cliffs Level 5 Layout (November 2023)

This is a layout for the Dragon Cliff Level 5 district of your Clan Capital – now also with base copy link (see below)!

One of the key elements in defending here is spreading the key defenses as much as possible so the attacker takes the longest time possible to reach them, this interrupts many approaches naturally. For example, the Dragon Posts are as far away from each other as possible so the attacker will not get much value on rages and has to ‘waste’ them prior to enter the important areas which gives this base already a clear edge.

The Air Defenses are, obviously, close to the Dragon Posts to snipe Inferno Dragons and the Wizard Towers/Bomb Towers close to the strong defenses to intercept Hog Rider and Graveyard Spell approaches and make it very expensive for the attacker if they try.

I like to have the Zap Traps early so the attacker can potentially pay a high price early and then encounters the sections that are closed within walls with deducted troops already.

A lot of bridges are closed and I tried to work in as many double-tile gaps in the walls as possible so no weak points exist and to make it hard for every attacker without baiting that I find really unreliable in this district.

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If you’re looking for more layouts for other districts, please check my full overview for all the Clan Capital bases here.

clan capital dragon cliff level 5 layout november 2023

For full image please click here

And now that we have copy base links, we don’t have to manually copy the layouts from the images anymore!

Copy Base Link


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  1. I am not able to copy and paste dragon cliff or golem quarry. It says layout no longer available. Also will goblin mines lvl 4 be added soon? Thank you for everything! Really helpful.

  2. Hi, The link provided for paid Patreon opens up Balloon Lagoon actually. Could you please post the correct link to Dragon Cliff? Thank you

    1. Thanks for letting me know, that is really weird I double-checked in my list and the link is correct. Can you send me a screenshot what base it opens?

      1. Thanks for checking Tim. It is all good now. Not sure what happened if you did not have to change anything. I tried 3 times when I posted the comment and now it worked on the first try.

        1. No problem, always appreciate when someone reports an issue rather than just leaving the page 😉 In fact, the link was identical but sometimes caching on the site or idk what Supercell does with links (I get some funky issues sometimes). Glad it’s working now, that’s the important thing 🙂

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