The Best BH10 Base Layouts (November 2023) for Builder Hall 10

clash of clans best builder hall 10 bases

If you look for a fresh and well-working base layout for your Builder Hall 10 base you’re in the perfect place.

I do frequently test, build and review base layouts for Builder Hall 10 and give them here ready for you so you can directly copy them without testing or building them yourself.

I really hate those sites or videos showing you dozens of bases they copied somewhere without making any deeper explanation why they work so for this reason you will only find bases here that I have tested myself.

Bases here are updated monthly so check back here to get the latest base layouts.

Best BH10 Base Designs

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Without wasting any more time, here are the bases:

  • PRO Bases

    PRO Bases are exclusive for our Patreon Supporters for the first 30 days before they become Public. Support us on Patreon to use the bases before everyone else and gain a big advantage.

  • BH10 Base (Exclusive)NEW
    The PRO Bases are exclsuive for our Patreon Supporters for the first 30 days. Gain an advantage by supporting us on Patreon to use this base before it will be become free and popular and players start developing strategies against it.Base Description: STAGE 1: Balanced base to defend both air and ground. For ground troops, objective is to force them into crushers and mega tesla combo. No wall breaker ability value. Corners covered with long range defenses for canon carts except the 9 oclock which is baited with push traps. Air traps for baby dragons and Air xbow also for air hero and baby dragons.
    STAGE 2: A toxic core design base to make sure ground troops suffer in core when going through the zappies and alot of point defenses. Air traps and teslas for baby dragons and Hogs. Air defenses and Air bomb very hard to reach. Spring traps for sneakybarcher snipes
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  • Custom Base
    I will design a custom base for you that will fit your account and your needs - custom bases are by far the strongest and most durable bases you can use if you want to play at the top of the ranks or if your base is not maxed.How does it work?: After you signed up for the Custom Base Tier on Patreon I will contact you and ask for the details of your base. After that, I will design your base and test it in real defenses and finetune it (takes a few days) and once I am happy with the performance, I will send you your private custom base copy link on Patreon.Limited Spots: Designing a custom base takes time as I always have to test it with my accounts in real defenses, so there are limited spots available and sign up will be closed when the spots are filled. Right now there are a few spots open.Request Here
  • FREE Bases

    After 30 days the PRO Bases will become public and you can use them. Please mind, the bases get popular quite quickly so people start developing strategies against it. If you support us on Patreon you can use the bases 30 days without minding them getting burned.

  • BH10 Base (OCT 2023)
    Stage 1: 6 o'clock building forcing attacker to drop troops or their ground hero which then leads to them going into the side hallway and get into crusher. 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock entrances also forcing ground troops into crushers. Core mega tesla will be super tough to reach and meanwhile rain down damage on air and ground troops. Same way as xbow on air, deadly for air hero and baby dragons attackers. Air traps for baby dragons and drop ships. Long range defenses covering all corners for canon cart drops except 1 side which is fully baited with push traps. 3 air defenses covering almost all the base and they are protected by other defenses nicely.
    Stage 2: A base that doesn't give wall breaker ability value. Core post guard to defend and keep troops inside the core for longer so they take more damage. Tesla farm on the Otto hut so if attacker starts their attack there, they would lose alot of troops entering the base and also if attacker finish their attack there, it's going to be a super tough finish with zappies also helping out the teslas from the back. Air defenses and Air bomb covering Most of the base and tough to reach early. Spring traps for sneaky archers. Air traps for baby dragons and Air hero.
    Copy Base LinkPreview Base
  • BH10 Base (SEP 2023)
    BH10 Base for SEP 2023 - Balanced balance with an Anti-PEKKA design due to multiple compartments and dual Crushers. Mines are all set to air to defend Baby Dragon spam attacks. Centered Lava Launcher makes Cannon Cart attacks quite difficult in the first stage and Push Traps are placed to defend carts and bomber entry points for PEKKA attacks.
    Important side note: the main weakness of this base are electrofire wizard attacks, but these attacks are quite rare. A wizard placed on the south side onto the crusher can get good value if the lava launcher is distracted, but throughout all my testing no one tried this strategy but if you see this attack picking up more and more when using this base, please adjust the traps. There’s plenty of room on the base in both stage 1 & 2 to adjust traps as needed depending on what attacks you defend the most.
    Copy Base LinkPreview Base
  • BH10 Base (AUG 2023)
    BH10 Base for AUG 2023 - Base will perform good against current meta for both air and ground strategies.Copy Base LinkPreview Base
  • BH10 Base (JUL 2023)
    Amazing against all meta ground strategies due to the highly trapped core. Great against hogs with the air traps set. Can defend baby dragons well if maxed. New bases are exclusive on Patreon for the first 30 days, unlock your Early Access below.Copy Base LinkPreview Base
  • BH10 Base (JUN 2023)
    BH10 Base for JUN 2023 - Amazing against all meta ground strategies due to the highly trapped core. Great against hogs with the air traps set. Can defend baby dragons well if maxed.Copy Base LinkPreview Base
  • BH10 Base (MAY 2023)
    BH10 Base for MAY 2023 - STAGE 1: A balanced design meaning traps and defenses on both stages are made for both air and ground. Push traps for canon carts and Air traps for baby drags. Corners covered with long range defenses and in the core there is Air xbow just because the current meta of mass baby drags. 2 crushers on entrances to the core and defenses around the core protected by walls. STAGE 2: Similar to stage 1, balance of defenses for both Air and ground, teslas for canon carts and baby drags also for pathing mistakes. Long range defenses on corners to cover the most ground for canon carts. Separate compartments which is Anti Pekka and giants. Spring traps for sneaky archers.Copy Base LinkPreview Base
  • BH10 Base (LAUNCH1)
    Another version I have been testing with more BH10 experience and I think you will like this one, tooCopy Base LinkPreview Base
  • BH10 Base (LAUNCH2)
    BH10 Base for LAUNCH2 - I have tested even more and this is a new base I can recommend youCopy Base LinkPreview Base
  • BH10 Base (LAUNCH3)
    BH10 Base for LAUNCH3 - This is my improved version after testing yout the base for a longer time now. This base is a nice and solid one to use after the launch of BH10.Copy Base LinkPreview Base
  • BH10 Base (LAUNCH4)
    Here's my first attempt for a base for the launch of Builder Base 10 so you have a base - please mind to check back here in the next 24 hours as I will constantly refine this base to make it better.Copy Base LinkPreview Base

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