clan capital builders workshop level 5 layout november 2023 preview clan capital builders workshop level 5 layout november 2023 preview

Builder’s Workshop Level 5 Layout (November 2023)

This is a layout for the Builder’s Workshop Level 5 district of your Clan Capital – now also with base copy link (see below)!

It’s very important to spread out the key defenses of this district so every entrance is secured well and hard to approach for the attacker.

You have a Tesla Farm on the entrance on the left with a lot of traps that is a baiting entrance that also defends well if the attacker assumes correctly what’s waiting there. Also the hotspots where troops naturally group up, the Crushers will gain a a ton of value and is not really avoidable for the attacker.

In general there are a lot of double-tile gaps between defenses and walls to prevent attackers to gain value with Super Wizards and Sneaky Archers where they can chain attacks and the Log Traps will also defend really well against Hog Riders and Sneaky Archers.

Zap Traps will interrupt Rams as early as possible and the closed compartments will force the attacker to use a lot of Rams which automatically lowers the count of available normal troops.

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If you’re looking for more layouts for other districts, please check my full overview for all the Clan Capital bases here.

clan capital builders workshop level 5 layout november 2023

For full image please click here

And now that we have copy base links, we don’t have to manually copy the layouts from the images anymore!

Copy Base Link


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