Balloon Lagoon Level 4 Layout (July 2023)

clash of clans clan capital balloon lagoon level 4 layout

This new wall-style Balloon Lagoon Level 4 layout I just finished after a long time testing and finetuning has several great features.

A wall design that makes rams only chose the walls around the air mine (in the core) and closed walls around the mountains.

This makes sure the attacker who using Hogs and wizards with graveyard spell, now has only one single way to enter the base and Rocket artillery is there to do crazy splash damage.

Bomb tower and crushers on the entrance also make the enemy’s job harder to enter.

Bombs and log traps for graveyard and archers

For full image please click here

If you’re looking for other district layouts, please refer to my updated overview for all Clan Capital districts and levels here.

Unfortunately, there is no base copy feature available for Clan Capital layouts so you have to copy it manually (I really hope Supercell will bring that feature quite soon)

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  1. just need to improve the layout image. Image quality is very bad when you zoom in to see the buildings more accurately.

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