skeleton park level 4 april 2024 skeleton park level 4 april 2024

Skeleton Park Level 4 Layout (April 2024)

This is a layout for the Skeleton Park Level 4 district of your Clan Capital – now also with base copy link (see below)!

This Anti-Super-Miner layout is designed to get as many defenses as possible actively hitting against Super Miners with tough early entrances and multiple traps and hard-hitting defenses. Pressure is key here and the most effective way to work against their meta.

Also, the major defenses can’t get frozen with Frost Spells together so the attack will have to go through all that damage without alternative route.

If you’re looking for more layouts for other districts, please check my full overview for all the Clan Capital bases here.

skeleton park level 4 april 2024

For full image please click here

And now that we have copy base links, we don’t have to manually copy the layouts from the images anymore!

Copy Base Link


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