Builder’s Workshop Level 4 Layout (July 2023)

clash of clans clan capital builders workshop level 4 layout

This new wall-style Builder’s Workshop Level 4 layout I just finished after a long time testing and finetuning has several great features.

A lot of double-tile walls and Blast Bow covering three giant canons in case of graveyard drops.

Meanwhile, the same giant canons cover the bBlast Bow and help defend that whole side of the base.

The corner Giant Canon just annoys the attacker and distract them from the main base.

Bombs for archers, Hogs and Wizards + Log Traps for archers and graveyard.

Air defenses cover the full base and are protected by defenses and double-tile walls.

Tesla farm on 2 of the giant canons which makes the damage in that area crazy.

For full image please click here

If you’re looking for other district layouts, please refer to my updated overview for all Clan Capital districts and levels here.

Unfortunately, there is no base copy feature available for Clan Capital layouts so you have to copy it manually (I really hope Supercell will bring that feature quite soon)

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