cs2 best car times with tuning cs2 best car times with tuning

All CSR2 Cars With Best Time, Tune & Shift Pattern Chart (2024)

It’s really helpful to know how fast a certain car can go within CSR2. either by deciding if you really want to take the effort to max it out or to see if you can use it for a certain challenge, boss car, or in the Elite Licence.

I have here a chart that will show you not only the best times for a certain car, it will also show you which tuning was used.

Please mind that all the times here reflect fully maxed cars so the tuning can be different if you did not fit all fusion parts or Stage 6 upgrades! But I have also tunes and shift pattern linked for most cars, so click the “Best Tune” button to see them 🙂

Update! Please see below the new list that is designed to be easier to read and navigate and all cars are now in one table for better searching. You will find the tunes when using the ‘Show More Info’ button. If you want to see the old format, you can find it here but please be advised that the OLD list will not be further maintained (new cars added).Kindly post your feedback in the comments section so we can further improve this list.

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If you’re missing a car or anything, please comment below.

  1. Hi there. Has there been an update for the Legends Hemi Cuda to switch from a 4 speed transmission to a 6 speed transmission? 8.694 seconds is a big jump from the 10.05 seconds it used to run maxed.

  2. Hi there. Has there been an update to switch from a 4 speed transmission to a 6 speed transmission? That is a big jump from the 10.05 seconds it used to run maxed.

    1. It’s there, but it has outdated name: “Ford GT (+’66 Heritage Edition’)” is the car/position on the list you’re looking for.

  3. Hello!
    As for the Lamborghini Lb Silhouette Huracan Coupe, it managed to achieve 6,461s in a race.
    If a screenshot is needed, I can send it.

  4. I really appreciate your work!
    But the Solus LT is still the fastest with a 6.561s on a 1/2 Mile.
    I could give you screen shot if required…

    Best regards


  5. I’m not one of your paying customers so this will probably be ignored …
    Appreciate you trying to keep the car info current. A couple comments on new format.
    1. Need a search block for each tier
    2. A return to top in each tier so you don’t have to scrol all the way back to the beginning
    3. List the tiers in chronological order 1-5.
    Daddy use to always say. Son if it ain’t broke it don’t need fixin. Thanks best of luck

    1. Thanks for your feedback and no, your opinion will be considered like everyone else’s 😉 I am working on the search per tier block but it’s a little harder than I thought and the return to top is a good idea! I am not so sure about the order of T1 first, simply as most players look for T5 and T4 cars, but I’ll see what the crowd demands here in the comments 🙂
      Thanks for your feedback and opinion always matters to me, Patreon supporter or not! Have a good day, Kyle

    2. if you click and hold on the right side of the website(where the little bar is indicating how far down you are on the page, but a button would be nice, hopefully that helps a little) and slide up it goes a lot faster than scrolling

    1. Thanks for the message, there was some hiccus and we try to solve as quickly as possible. The car tunes are there and you can still find them using the search (top right corner) and we’re working as quickly as possible to get all the cars back into the list

  6. I have a few cars that aren’t on this list the 2017 ford gt and the mustang gt non premium i was just wondering why they aren’t on there

  7. Hey Tim, is there a key to know what the difference between the purple and yellow times are on each car for the fastest car times?
    I assume the purple is a challenge/one race kinda thing but I’m not sure

    1. Normally it’s about 0.05ish seconds and shift is always the same. Sometimes the NOS tune figures change but still are the same main settingsand with the purple version this table would be like 900 lines so I merged them as for most players yellow times are relevant and purple times don’t really differ significantly enough

  8. Hello, thank you very very much for this site. Is full of great informations. I’d like to ask one thing: in many places on internet i read that Nissan gt r35 is one of the best cars on t4, but here on your site r35 differenti models are not so high is chart. I have chosen a Mitsubishi eclipse as t4 model, but i also have 2 models of gt r35 should I upgrade they? Real a lb nissan premium 4 star is slower than normal model no star?

    1. Honestly, it doesn’t matter too much as you will get plenty of other T4 cars from upcoming events etc. You will not have your ONE T4 car but many as you also need different cars for lock-ins. I personally recommend getting the Elite Custom T4 cars (Rocket Bunny RX, LB NSX or maybe silvia) for Elite ShowDown and Elite Licence 🙂

  9. Hey Mate! Hope you are all right!

    Thanks for doing this tremedous job – really much appreciated 🙂

    Was wondering: there used to be a search feature in the ‘All CSR Cars” tab. so it was really handy to serach for a specific car, but not go through the entire list to find one.

    Has it gone now?


  10. Hi, i have a question: Why not every car is listed on your list? For example Brabham BT62 Goodyear, SCG 004CS, McLaren Senna “Launch Edition”, Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder, Chevrolet “Uncle Sam”, McLaren 600LT Spider MSO etc..
    With best regards

    1. Those are purple star versions that have the addition in the name. Their tune is basically the same and they have a few more fusion parts that give them something like 0.05 – 0.09 seconds faster final times. So, if you’re looking for the Goodyear BT62, take the regular BT62 and you’re fine 🙂

  11. Hi. Can i ask about golf gti there is nitro 205/3.9 but i have the car maxed and the option is not there

  12. What happened to this page?! It used to be amazing! Now it’s dogshit. Times out of order, no search within tiers… Do you get access to a functional page if you pay the $5 a month? I was considering joining, but the quality that USED to be on this page is gone like Derek Chauvin’s career…

    1. Really sorry, the search fields have been not working due to a technical optimization plugin (I wasn’t aware because when I visited I saw the unached pages…). However, I manually changed tome tables and the tables can be searched again…

  13. Are these the fastest times ever recorded? Because my the Griffith is much faster than the 10.002 listed and it’s not even maxed out.

  14. Do you know if someone else has a website that has all the cars? If they have a Patreon?
    Thanks for your hard work!

  15. Hello again,

    Thanks for updating Aston Martin DB5. I have gone through the list and realized that 2 Legend cars are not in the list i.e. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and Jaguar XJ220.

    Kindly update bro.


  16. Csr2 boss i noticed that when you remove stage 6 parts from the boss cars it gets faster. So that means if i remove all stage 6 parts from kj’s rocketbunny gt86 it will become the fastest tier 2 car in the game

  17. Hello mate,

    Thank you for this awesome info. It’s really helpful to get track of cars and the best time. Among the above cars, I am not able to find Aston Martin DB5, T2 Legend car. Kindly update the info as it would be very helpful for many of us.


    1. No. In general you can only get most cars here from crates. The cars you buy with cash or gold in the dealership are primarily cars to strip for fusion parts once you have finished the campaign

  18. Love the new format! Much easier to find and look vehicles up. Thanks for your dedication to drivers and crews. I always send new crew members to your site to help them out.

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