Best Commander Pairings 2022 in Rise of Kingdoms (Reworked)

rise of kingdoms best commander pairing guide

Pairing Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms can give you amazing synergies but using the wrong commander as your secondary commander can put you on a disadvantage as well. In this guide I wanted to show you the best option of secondary commanders to use with every commander that’s in Rise of Kingdoms.

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So, my biggest problem when trying to create this list was… how should I do it? My first approach was listing every commander and then show which commander will be a good pairing. This was something I gave up pretty fast because some commanders are only good as secondary commanders and there wasn’t much benefit for you when I make such a list.

So, I was thinking that it will be a lot more helpful for you when I put here the main objectives (like raiding other people’s cities or hunting barbarians, etc.) and give you the best pairing that you should use for that.

Please note that I have this in close conjunction with my commander tier list so I only show pairing that work well for every cause. You can find my commander tier list here.

How The Pairing Overview Works

I decided to put the pairings here that work well so you can take the ones that you can run or want to work on without bloating the list completely. You will find the best pairings for the different game modes in the color blue in the table, very strong ones are in green and the ones in light green are the ones that are more suitable in the earlier stages of a kingdom but will fade off quite quickly.

Hope this makes sense in the way I described it 🙂

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Best Commander Pairing Ranking

1ST Commander 2ND Commander Info


Yi Sun-Sin Theodora Without doubt, the best defense commander pairing you can run right now with great direct damage to multiple armies from both commanders and great troop buffs from YSS that help a ton defensively
Zenobia Yi Sun-Sin With the healing factor of Zenobia and bonus buffs and defense buffs combined with YSS mixed troops bonus make them synergize really well. 
Wu Zetian Constantine Is a good setup against Attile & Takeda especially in younger kingdoms where this setup is still a thing
Sun Tzu Yi-Seong Gye Best F2P and starter pairings you can get for defending your city. This is your first commander pairing you should work towards to.

Open Field

Scipio Prime Guan Yu Quite designed to be together and insane infantry march and you have by far the best march to run. Guan Yu silences, Scipio deals big damage and provides rage and your enemies will run in fear.
Xiang-Yu rise of kingdoms aleksander nevsky iconAlexander Nevsky Hands down, this is by far the best pairing march you can run right now, no doubt. Area of effect damage through-the-roof along with defense debuff and low rage requirement makes this the single killer combo to run. 
Guan Yu Leonidas With the ridiculous amounts of damage that Guan Yu deals along with the silence plus the tankiness from Leonidas that nobody even thinks about attacking as it is so nasty to deal with. You run this you will be really happy.
Yi-Seong Gye Both deal skill damage to up to 5 targets and this is probably the best YSG pairing there is right now and the boosted skill damage by 50% is just crazy to run. Can be a little bit glass cannon as both don’t really have much defensive capabilities but you will crush enemies with them anyway.
rise of kingdoms aleksander nevsky iconAlexander Nevsky William Full Calvary – with Nevsky dealing so much damage you don’t even have to have more marches nearby to make William rock, they can run the show all by themself. Both have only skills that are perfect synergy and designed for open field.
Amanitore Artemisia Full Archer – simply delivers a ton of area of effect damage as well as high synergy. Artemisia will boost all damage dealt but silences herself. Amanitore however gets immunity to silence to get all benefit but no debuff. Also overcomes all Guan Yu silence effects on the open field easily. Outstanding strong but vulnerable when getting swarmed.
rok cheok gilgameshGilgamesh Nebuchadnezzar Full Archer – Gilgamesh with the health debuff and Nebu behind dealing loads of area damage and a extremely strong archer pairings to run.
Pakal Harald  They are super effective in the way they use damage reduction and when you get swamred you will suffer that little damage that enemies will go crazy as your counterattack damage will go through the roof and you will not be hiding yourself with this march in the open field
Cyrus Yi-Seong GyeRamesses Cyrus is pretty much designed to run in the open field with many instances where he deals instant damage, march speed and debuffs and paired with YSG or Ramesses a really cool commander pairing to run.
Guan Yu Cheok  With the reactive damage of Cj paired with the damage Guan Yu deals along with silence makes this a really viable pairing
Nebuchadnezzar Mehmet  With the big area of effect damage of Nebu paired with the damage of Mehmed and the strong crazy health buff you run yourself a really powerful setup.
Trajan Mulan 
Kind of a murder ball but also really strong. You have so many buffs going on that you can still rock here
Tomyris rise of kingdoms honda tadakatsu iconHonda 
Tomyris relies on slow active skill to stack her poison up while Honda deals good direct damage and runs so many buffs that it will snowball into a lot of damage.
rise of kingdoms aleksander nevsky iconAlexander Nevsky Minamoto  Super solid march for the reason that Nevsky is that strong and Minamoto made a solid comeback recently.
Saladin William  Used to be the greatest march for open field before Alexander Nevsky was introduced but is still a really good one to rock in the open field
Attila Takeda  What?! This is still a thing?! Yes, it’s a positive trade, if you have built them already you can still run them successfully in the open field without being embarrassed at all.
Ramesses Yi-Seong Gye Good in Season of Conquest but also a combination that will not be any good compared to the ones above
Richard Alexander A really great pair up to KvK Season 2 but will fade after that really fast. Still a really good started pick for a new kingdom.


rise of kingdoms aleksander nevsky iconAlexander Nevsky William Also a meta setup here with the insane damage output that Nevsky punches along with the synergy that William provides.
Xiang-Yu rise of kingdoms aleksander nevsky iconAlexander Nevsky
rise of kingdoms aleksander nevsky iconAlexander Nevsky Attila A lot of people started running this setup recently and it has some nice synergies that you can appreciate as well. Attila makes Nevsky more tanky and gives this march some nice use cases for sure.
Attila Takeda Oldie but goldie?! Well, used to be the meta setup but has lost a lot of significance recently with all the new commander but it’s still a viable setup to run.
rise of kingdoms bertrans iconBertrand rise of kingdoms aleksander nevsky iconAlexander Nevsky
Bertrand adds a lot of tankyness to Nevsky and they will become a great setup for rallying.
Guan Yu Leonidas Great for infantry matches and Guan Yu with Leonidas are a great pairing as well as using Alexander as the secondary commander
Edward Tomyris Working really well in KvK and kind of meta in some cases unless Ramesses is available on your server.
Minamoto Cao Cao This is the bare minimum commander pairing you should have to be the rally leader. 
Genghis Khan Cao Cao A little worst than the pairing with Minamoto as the primary commander, vulnerable to get swarmed down.

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  1. So basically for your open field list, you just copied Chisgule’s top 5 open field pairs from the video he made 3 months ago? :-/

  2. I like your pairings list, however, if you haven’t unlocked most of the ones you list it’s useless.

    Maybe I haven’t searched the page enough, but I’m level 23 Castle and focused on building power and reaching Tier 5 troops with research on combat and tactics.

    • if you dont know the game, STOP right now. T5 are the most powerful troop, however;without great commanders, those t5 are not worth the money your are blowing…

      Order of operations for this game: Get to. T4, VIP 15. do that by investing in City Builds, Tech, Geared Up Packs and buy out the Ancients (Twice a Month) and New World packs (Once a month)

      Create enough T4 for 4 full marches 310K ea

      get Charles M, YSG, Minamoto to expert level and exp level 60 (6 stars)


      You can get Epics experted all day long, but be very careful about your investments in Legendaries.

      All the BS you just wrote in you comment is based on you spending your way to T5, STOP NOW or you are a DUMAzz.

      Strong commanders, great gear, 3 million troops (1M ea Inf, Cav, Arch)

      Learn the game before you go T5

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