Build The Best Formation in The Walking Dead: Survivors

So, many people are looking around to find the best formation in TWD: Survivors so this inspired me to write this guide. The short truth is, there’s nothing like THE BEST formation in the game, the one that beats them all every single time. Formations are about adapting to what you are doing, what you have available and also including weaknesses & chemistry. This is what this guide will be all about and I try to wrap it up as quick and precise as possible so you can adapt those techniques every single time when you’re setting up your formation to get the most out of it.

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Rock, Paper & Scissors

Well, the most important (and often times overlooked) mechanic is the one that basically every troop type has a troop type it is stronger against and one that is weaker against.

twd survivors formation weaknesses

I know, this is nothing special or a secret, but I’m often shocked how many players simply ignore that and think their strongest marches will do the job well. Mistake! If you run melee against cavalry it doesn’t matter that your melee are strong, the cavalry will get such a huge bonus that you will have a hard time. You need to keep this in mind all the time or you will have a hard time winning battles in TWD: Survivors, period.

So, let’s say I put my front crew with melee troops but run into a setup where the front crew is cavalry, I will not be able to succeed unless my setup is that much stronger…


Last summer the developers also included a chemistry system for the characters which basically means that some characters simply go really well together while others won’t match well:

twd survivors formation chemistry

Just to give you a simple example:

If I run Lydia and Beta along in the same formation I will get +12% attack and health for everyone, that’s a lot! Now adding Alpha in would make that even +30% and this can change the outcome dramatically. So, don’t just look at your characters on their own and how well they are (I mean you should), but then also combining them by chemistry will give you such a dramatic boost that it will be hard to make that up otherwise!

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I hope these two basic but very important things help you building a better formation that has more success. If you believe you have a tip that i should add here or you have further questions regarding formation or anything else for The Walking Dead: Survivors, please don’t hesitate posting a comment below.

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