Best Nebuchadnezzar Builds (Talents, Skill Order, Pairing & Equipment) In Rise of Kingdoms

Are you planning to or already running Nebuchadnezzar in Rise of Kingdoms in one of your marches and want to see how you should invest the talent points, what equipment works best and what other commanders you should pair with? Well, then you’re in the right place, below you will find answer to each one of those questions and this will help you make your Nebuchadnezzar perfrom as strong as possible in all situations.

Current Ranking – is Nebuchadnezzar S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

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Skill Order

When you star up Nebuchadnezzar, you also unlock a new skill. This helps you fine-tune in what order you want to upgrade the skills of your commander as not all skills are equally good and worth maxing or worth maxing first (in general) – this helps to invest your sculptures more reasonably to get the biggest bang for your buck.

The main thing is if you use Nebuchadnezzar as the rally leader or not. In theory the setup as a rally leader would be slightly different but as the rally leader you need to have him maxed and unlock his expertise skill anyway so there’s no need to fine-tune his skill order. If you don’t plan the use hima s the rally leader (or you want at one point in the future), the best skill order would be maxing his 1st skill as you would with every legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms. From here I’d directly unlock his 4th skill and hope that many levels go into his 2nd and 4th skill since the 3rd skill is for rally leader only. This way you can run him in canyon or open field comfortably until you get at the point where you max him out and also get the option to use Nebuchadnezzar as the rally leader.

Best Troops

Nebuchadnezzar is an archer commander so ideally, you want to use him with as many archer units as possible and pair him with another archer commander – but there’s no skill or talent that heavily demands him running archer-only marches.

Best Commander Pairing for Nebuchadnezzar

Yi-Seong Gye (YSG) makes a lot of sense here as with Nebuchadnezzar you want to run other archery commanders to get the best synergy and for me the main options that make sense are Yi Seong-Gye and you will see sick AoE damage happening and overall great synergy. Find the talent builds for Yi-Seong Gye (YSG) here.
Ramesses goes along really well by having the additional damage factor and the buffs that pair up really well. Find the talent builds for Ramesses here.
Cyrus the Great goes along really well by having the additional damage factor and the buffs that pair up really well. Find the talent builds for Cyrus the Great here.
Artemisia as primary commander to fully make use of her silence effect of her 4th skill is also a pairing that is interesting. Find the talent builds for Artemisia here.
Tomyris also works great with her mechanics although she is not a very powerful commander anymore and overtaken by other commanders for the debuff. Find the talent builds for Tomyris here.

Find out more about the most useful commander pairings here.

Best Equipment

In terms of equipment, here’s what I recommend to use as the route for Nebuchadnezzar:
As an Archery commander you should start equipping her with equipment like Revival set items, Golden Age and Flame Threads as basic setup before starting to equip stronger legendary equipment on him, but as his regular role is rally captain, you need to pick the strongest infantry-guided gear available for him

Ring of Doom literally skyrockets the damage output (okay that’s maybe a little over the top) by providing extra percantage on all daage dealth by Nebu.
Pendant of Eternal Night increases the skill damage of Nebu even further, the percentage on the factor is just too sweet with him.

Best Builds For Nebuchadnezzar

Below you will find the talent tree builds for Nebuchadnezzar that make sense when running as the primary commander in any march in Rise of Kingdoms. Please also refer to the description below each talent tree as I explain a general route on how you should spend your talents there + some additional background for each talent build that I very likely will appreciate.

This is the general talent build that you will run unless you’re the rally leader with Nebuchadnezzar. There are several buffs in there that are helpful along with rage generation. In order you want to get Rejuvenate first in the Skill Tree to add more rage whenever you use the skill so this gets Nebuchadnezzar cycling through skill faster. After that I’d go for Venemous Sting in the Archery Tree as it also gives a good bunch of march speed along the path. From here Clarity and the rest points in Buckler Shield, Latent Power and Full Quiver and you have a well-rounded talent build that goes well with Nebuchadnezzar’s overall kit.

This here is the build you want to run with Nebuchadnezzar if you rally with him (rally leader or not). With this talent setup you have a good amount of extra rage generated and good buffs that will reduce the damage you take and boost your own damage output. In terms of priority go for the Skill Tree first with Rejuvenate but honestly if you run rally with Nebuchadnezzar you should have him maxed so there’s only little use in making a talent priority for building.


I hope this guide for building Nebuchadnezzar helped you investing without wasting much time and resources. If you liked it or you further questions (or maybe also annnotations that you believe should be added here in this guide), please don’t hesitate to post them below in the commen section. Thanks for reading and have a great day and see you out in the kingdoms.

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