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warpath best units guide

The amount of units you have in Warpath is not only huge, it’s also super variable. The problem is that investing in upgrading them and using them is nothing you can do fast so you should use the early stages already to decide what units you will focus on to get the best outcome later in Warpath.

For that reason I have developed the below tier list that will show you what units per faction are the ones that you should put a focus on and star up first.

Tier List

So, before you check out my tier list for the best units in Warpath below I’d like to give you some info so you understand the table correctly.

The table is divided by faction and the units are sorted by the strength within a faction. This means the upper third is for Camp Liberty, the middle third for Martyrs March and the last third is for Vanguard Division.

warpath unitsWithin a faction you have the strongest units on top (Tier S > A > B), this is the important indication for you what troops are strongest in general. Also have an eye on the columns “open field”, “rally” and “garrison” to see how a unit is performing in a certain game mode.

The stats column compares the stats of this unit versus the same unit type of the other factions. This means when you see something like Medium Tank of Camp Liberty has “S” in stats doesn’t mean that the stats are superior in the whole game, it just means they are significantly stronger than the Medium Tank units of VAnguard Division and Martyrs March.

Units Faction Total Stats* Open Field Rally Garrison Comment
Light Tank S- S A+ A+ B+ Unique to Camp LIberty
Infantry A+ A+ A+ A+ B Most damage infantry
Howitzer A A+ B+ A+ A+ Almost as good as martyr watch version
Medium Tank A- S B+ B+ B+ Highest range & other stats better than Martyrs Watch version
Heavy Tank B+ A B B+ A All stats better than vanguard and alright
Tank Hunter B+ A A B B Best speed
Infantry A+ S A+ A+ B Best durability, super helpful on infantry
Howitzer A+ S B+ B+ A+ Better range and damge
Launcher A+ S B+ B+ A+ Unique to Martyrs Watch
Heavy Tank A- S B B+ A Best range and durability, other stats same as others
Medium Tank B+ A B+ B+ B+ Best durability but other stats worst than other faction versions
Tank Hunter B+ A+ A B B Best range and penetration
Artillery S- S B+ B+ S
Super Heavy Tank A- S B A B+ Unique to Vanguard
Infantry A- B+ A+ A+ B Best range, nice to have
Tank Hunter B+ S A B B Best armor and damage
Medium Tank B+ A B+ B+ B+ Highest damage
Heavy Tank B B+ B B+ A Best armor, but other stats same and durability worst of all factions


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