Castle Clash Best Heroes Tier List (Updated) – September 2022

castle clash tier list best heroes september 2022

Castle Clash has a ton of heroes and deciding which ones you should focus on can be incredibly hard because you don’t know which ones really help you in the long run, right? Also, upgrading a hero in Castle Clash is expensive and takes time and you don’t want to waste that on a hero that’s simply not worth it!

Hero Wars tier list for MOBILE and ...

We created a tier list of best heroes looking at how they perform in the important game modes (plus some other things, but more on that later) to give you a list that will help you choose the heroes you will focus on in Castle Clash.

Late August 2022 Update! Adapted several rankings according to meta changes (especially Murderous Crow) + added new heroes Celestica, Jewelle, Dusk Knight, Void Knight and Shadow Baron (yes, I know it took some time but I don’t make a living off this so sometimes things come in between, *sorry*)

Tier List Explanation

Before you take a look at the list, please read some general instructions how we created this list and how you should take the information when you use it for your choice.

Hero Tiers

The heroes have tiers in from S (Superior, the strongest) over A (still very strong) over B, C to D (not useful for this game mode at all).

For every game mode you will find a tier ranking that will show you how well a maxed hero will perform here. There’s also a total tier that takes all the game modes into equation.

Game Modes in Castle Clash

Not all game modes are similar important in Castle Clash when it comes to rewards. For that reason, we also prioritized the game modes that will give you better rewards to have more influence on the total score.

Missing Heroes

Not every single hero in Castle Clash is here in the list. With the addition of so many new heroes there are a lot of heroes that have no more use-case right now. So, instead of having dozens of additional heroes in the list all ranked lowest tier, I don’t have them here. If you’re looking for a hero that’s not on the list be sure that there’s no use or need to invest in that hero, he’s not close to become anywhere to useful anytime soon.

Please mind that the total score reflects this view! E.g. we don’t rank Arena as very important so the tier in Arena has the lowest impact on the total score. If you prioritize on Arena in Castle Clash, the column with Arena is more important to you than the total tier of a hero.

  • Guild War, Dungeons, HBM, Ember Army, Hero Trials have 100% impact on the total tier of a hero
  • Team Dungeons, Lost Battlefield, Narcia have 75% impact
  • Fortress Feud, Archdemon, Lostland, Labyrinth, Blitz have 50% impact
  • Arena has 25% impact

Best Heroes Tier List

Now, here’s the list:

Important! Don’t miss out on free rewards from secret codes that get posted by the developers, I have a full list of all active secret codes in Castle Clash that I frequently update here.

Total Tier
Guild War (Off/Def)
HBM, Ember Arm., Hero Tri.
Lost Battlefield, Narcia
Team Dungeons
Fortress Feud
Serratica S+ S/S S S S S S S B S ℹ︎
Dynamica S+ S/S S S S S S A B S ℹ︎
Celestica S+ S/S S S S A S S B S ℹ︎
Cold Heir S S/A S S S S S A B A ℹ︎
Sword Sage S S/S S S S B S A B S ℹ︎
Shadow Baron S S/A A S S B S S C S ℹ︎
Axe Punisher S A/A S S B A+ B S B B ℹ︎
Crystella S A/A A A S A+ S B B A ℹ︎
Rambard S B/S S B S A S B C S ℹ︎
Flower Fae S A/A A A S A S A C B ℹ︎
Occultist S- B/B A A S A+ S B C S ℹ︎
Bloody Mary S- A/B B A S A+ S B C A ℹ︎
Tundrahoof A+ B/B B S S B S B B A ℹ︎
castle clash voidknightVoid Knight A+ B/B A A A B B B A B ℹ︎
Dusk Knight A+ B/B A A A B B B A B ℹ︎
Flutterelle A+ B/B A A A B B B A B ℹ︎
Despotic Maestro A+ A/B B B S S S C C A ℹ︎
Lady Weldcore A+ A/B B A A B+ A B C C ℹ︎
Hex Painter A B/B B B S B+ S C C A ℹ︎
Flame Darklord A A/B B B B B S C C S ℹ︎
Rune Master A A/A B A A A A B C A ℹ︎
Boreal Fox A S/A A B B A B A C B ℹ︎
Demon Stalker A B/B B B S B S B B B ℹ︎
Lazulix A B/A A B B A B C C C ℹ︎
Walla Walla A B/B B A B A B B A A ℹ︎
Pumpkin Duke A D/S A B B B+ B B S B ℹ︎
Royal Mummy A B/B B B S A S C C A ℹ︎
Underworld Judge A B/A B B B A+ B C S C ℹ︎
Water Priestess A B/B B B A A A B B B ℹ︎
Primeval Golem A B/B B B A A A B B B ℹ︎
Zephyrica A A/B A B B B B B B B ℹ︎
Vermilica A- B/B B B A B+ A B B B ℹ︎
Drunken Simian A- B/B B B B B B B S B ℹ︎
Jewelle A- B/B B B B B B B B B ℹ︎
Colossus A- B/B B B S A S C D A ℹ︎
Murderous Crow A- B/B B B B B B B B B ℹ︎
Lavanica A- B/A B B B B B B B B ℹ︎
castle clash gravediggerGravedigger B B/B B B B B B B B B ℹ︎

Spartan Spearman

B B/B B B B B B B B B ℹ︎
Stormwing B B/B B B B B B B B B ℹ︎
Boa Queen B C/C B B B B C C S C ℹ︎
Ronin B S/C B D S C S B B A ℹ︎
Michael B B/B B B B C B B C B ℹ︎
Dove Keeper B C/C B B C B+ C C S C ℹ︎
Anubis B B/B B B C B C A D D ℹ︎
Berserker C+ C/A S B D C D B D D ℹ︎
Dread Drake C A/D B B D C D A C D ℹ︎
Commodora C D/C A C C C C S C C ℹ︎
Gunslinger C B/S D B D C D D S D ℹ︎
Cirrina C A/D A D D D D D D D ℹ︎
Crystal Wraith C D/D D D D D D D S D ℹ︎
Trixie C D/D D D D D D D S D ℹ︎

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    • Guild War
      HBM,Amber Army, Hero Trials
      Lost Battlefield, Narcia
      Team Dungeons
      Fortress Feud
      Lostland, Lost Realm, Labyrinth

  1. Is Vermilica here? Is Inquisitess here? I don’t think so. They came out in the end of February. Hope you can update it.

  2. Hey man, great guide. As someone who just recently got back into the game, this list has been very helpful. I know this is too much to ask, but it would be nice if you could give a short description explaining what makes this unit good, or bad and what kind of role they play in a team. This way, someone like me can understand how why a certain unit is good and how I can utilize them. For example, there are so many game modes in this game and the same with the heroes. So, I’m sure some units excel more in a certain mode than others. It would be really helpful to know I can best build my team.

  3. Great guide man. I just got back in the game after a year or two so this is pretty helpful. I know this is asking too much, but it would be nice if you had a small description explaining why each hero is in the tier you put it on. Since everything seems new to me right now, I have no idea why the top heroes are at the top. I have no idea what modes they are good for and why these talents or insignia are recommended.

  4. Great guide. Thanks a lot.
    As for the new heroes Vermilica , Inquistess , Lady Weldcore & Genteel Droid.
    I would like to know if they are worth investing in.

  5. great publish, very informative. I wonder why the other
    specialiists of this sector do not notice this. You must continue your writing.
    I am sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  6. Awesome dude all my heroes that I have are on here btw my playername is WaRiOr5 and my team is Landwalker, Athene, Anubis, Lazulix, Phobos, and Occultist.

  7. Thank you very much bro, u are awesome, keep up the good work!

    hey btw…where are artica and moltanica? are they so bad that they fell of the list?

  8. How is rambard higher in the list than dovekeeper. Rambard always dies first in my team and dovekeeper always dies last. And i have the exact same talents, crests, etc as this list???

  9. Thanks so much for this!!! I never knew which ones were good and which heroes were trash. I understand having to wait a week for new heroes, but is it possible to try to put older heroes on there that aren’t already?

  10. What i don’t understood is actually how you’re no longer
    really much more smartly-preferred than you might be right now.
    You are so intelligent. You recognize thus considerably in relation to
    this matter, made me individually believe it from numerous various angles.
    Its like men and women aren’t interested unless it’s something to
    do with Girl gaga! Your individual stuffs great.
    At all times care for it up!

  11. im surprised rosaleen is so low, she is a valuable asset to any team, im 300k might and looking to get a pretty good team, so far my team is miss magic (bt 32), Zephyrica (bt21), rambard (bt 23), dove keeper (bt 24), rosaleen (bt 21), and young spark (bt 21). who should i focus on trying to get? i have 1 cold heir, and im halfway to 1 dynamica copy.

    • Sure thing, I update this list frequently with new heroes but it always take some time to identify the strength of a hero unless testing him for some time… I think I will do an update next week or so 🙂

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