disney mirrorverse best characters tier list disney mirrorverse best characters tier list

Disney Mirrorverse Best Characters (Tier List)

Disney Mirrorverse offers many different characters and you might be confused, maybe overwhelmed (no matter if you’re a new or progressed player), what character you should plan to invest in long-term. I have written this tier list here to advise what characters are worth the investment (as you can’t max all unless you spend huge amounts of money on Disney Mirrorverse).

The Best Characters Ranked in a Tier List

So, here I have put together a tier list (that I frequently update) that will show you what characters are simply overly good to very poorly performers in Disney Mirrorverse.

S Tier

Hands down, the overly best characters in Disney Mirrorverse and the ones every player should prioritize and run. You can run them in any situation and any team and they will boost the outcome in your favor. Also, they are versatile for multiple towers, have multiple traits and qualify for the most amounts of events currently in Disney Mirrorverse.

S Tier

Jack Skellington is just a monster when it comes to buffing attack and providing some healing as well. I mean, there are basically no pre-conditions and his abilities go for all allies as well plus debuffs the enemies until the end of the combat. There’s not a single situation where he won’t boost up your team!

S Tier

Arielle got rebuffed after she was, by far, the strongest character in Disney Mirrorverse – and she’s still in the S Tier! Her damage and special extras are still the strongest kit in the game and there’s no other damage dealer right now that can deal as much damage as she can.

S Tier

Hiro Hamada is like a swiss army knife and has it all. Attack buffs, enemy debuffs and works well with any other character in the game. He connects and there’s nothing the enemy can do while he will massively heal up allies and make your team so much more sustainable overall.

A Tier

Here are very strong and versatile characters that you should aim for and upgrade as much as you can. Absolutely worth the time and resources. Work pretty much in any team and will deliver results.


Zurg is simply performing reliable and well as damage dealer. No need to apply marks or damage over time, he simply deals the damage and buffs himself up.

Mickey Mouse is one of the best healers in Disney Mirrorverse, hands down! The way he will use his heals and how strong and effective they are is just helping if you need to run any healing character in your team.

Mr. Incredible is just an outstanding tank that is immune to knockback (and almost all characters in Disney Mirrorverse use that) plus his buffing mechanics are always on point. I had a hard time ranking him here but as a tank I don’t see him in the universal S Tier of the very strongest characters. Still, he can be your bread and butter tank for almost all situations.

Snow White is a very underrated character by many players. She is classified as melee character but you can also use her to tank and having this double-role for one character in your team is simply strong.


Anna is really well-working with all kinds of debuffs that she will apply so frequently and often that they will deal massive impact on the enemies. There’s no way she won’t perform and I’ve not seen one combat situation where she didn’t cause big trouble for her opponents.

Scrooge McDuck is simply versatile as a support character! He will create coins all over the place and use them to heal and buff your team. A very universal buffer that will give every team a lot more survivability and versatility.

Scar is a control leader character but also deals some decent amounts of damage. Especially his great working ability to suppress healing on enemies make me rank him here in the A Tier.

B Tier

Characters in this tier are overall good and if you pull them, invest in them and you won’t be wrong. They might not be that strong overall compared to the characters in the above tiers but a solid investment long-term, for sure.

Aladdin can deal wonders of damage and running him is most of the times fun to watch. My only problem with him – and that prevents him from being A Tier in this list, is that he relies so much on dealing his wound damage.

Frank Wolff is very effective against (mostly ranged) characters that use shock, wound or poison, but is more vulnerable against burn so make sure to run him against the right setups or he will become dramatically more vulnerable. The heal from his special ability could also have less conditions.

Buzz Lightyear is a really nice damage dealer with a lot of potential. No doubt, you won’t running him and the only downside I can point out is that his special ability only works in a straight line, sometimes taking away a lot of its effectiveness.

Tiana is really helpful as her mechanics on her cleanse works effectively and her special ability to rescue the ally with the lowest health is also very good. One of my favorite healers in Disney Mirrorverse but she lacks some survivability and needs to be protected in a team that can take good care of her.

Baymax can perform really well, if you position him right and you don’t run into a setup that will benefit from you having that defensive buff. The additional buff from his social ability, however, is not that much and overall not a game-changer in most combats. Still a reliable and solid tank!

Gaston actually deals a good amount of damage and the way he stacks and uses crits works very reliable. I’d rank him higher but there are not that many events going on where you can use him, but overall a viable damage dealer with a solid kit!

Anger can really take off and deal massive damage and I’d love to rank him higher as his kit is really cool… but, and that’s the issue, he relies so much on his buffs stacking right that he sometimes just misses being awesome and becomes quite mediocre. That squishyness made me rank him here in the B Tier.

Donald Duck is quite similar to Woody in terms of he can do multiple things but none of it really good. When he will change his defensive buffs into attacking, he will not really pack a punch and losing the defensive buffs will make him vulnerable in his tank role in your team. Versatile, yes, but the further you progress the more you will discover that you might rather use a different character for the role (depends on whether you want to go more defensive or offensive.


Woody has a good combination between melee and ranged attacks, making him quite versatile. Getting his warrant on an enemy and then pulling & stunning is also an ability that is strong. The only problem I have with him, and that’s the reason he’s not ranked higher, is that he’s neither one or the other so he does multiple things but none of it really well.

Evil Queen can stack her poison that will tick quite merciless, unless you run in a setup that can handle that well. She will become even more effective when combined with other characters that deal poison damage. The reason she’s ranked here is that most other characters that deal poison damage aren’t that strong in the game.

C Tier

Here are characters that perform decently to good in Disney Mirrorverse and if you are early in the game and pull a good 5 Star from them, it’s not a waste to get them to Level 50.

Oogie Boogie is a nice tank and the way he applies the debuffs is really effective. Individually a very good character! One downside here, as good as he’s individual, he does not appear in events a lot so you might waste some resources investing in him, just as a word of caution.


Tron has very nice overall damage and the way he applies damage as ranged character plus his rebuffing works really well. Also shares the downside of Oogie Boogie that you won’t see him appear in many events.

Maui is a tank machine and performs really well with his buffing mechanics of his overall kit. A very solid tank, but the reason I ranked him in this tier here is that there’s not that many events where you see him appear.

Minnie Mouse has the ability to snowball a lot when stacking that buffs, but the big problem is that sometimes you run into a setup where there’s not much. Also, and that’s a big thing, switching her target resets that buff stacks. In addition, like Oogie, Tron and Maui not very frequently appearing in other modes.

Jack Sparrow has this cleansing ability that can come handy in some situations but is sometimes just either a) overly complicated or b) not stacking enough to make a real healing impact. There are better healers in Disney Mirrorverse, but for the sake of cleansing debuffs from allies I’d have him at a decent level.

EVE is similar to Hades when it comes to countering ranged characters that use poison and wound, but the reason I see EVE a little higher in the C Tier is the fact that she can use that shock on melee characters as well and is overall more viable to that.

Judy Hopps is ranged but a good ranged character in Disney Mirrorverse! His debuff stacks and applies until the end of the combat but rely on him landing a critical hit. Also his crowd control is not bad. If he would appear in events more frequently and would be a little less squishy when it comes to rely on landing crits, I’d rank him in the B Tier.

Hades is immune to burn, making him a great counter to several ranged characters in Disney Mirrorverse. Sounds good, right? Well, the problem is – and you will see that below in the D Tier – that most ranged units aren’t overall that strong so you won’t find too many situations where you can make use of that.

Stitch is a very tough spot, as I have seen him do incredibly well and withstand so many crow control situations – but he relies on heavy attacks to switch his form, and this means he can also become immune to crow control when it’s not needed but can’t get healed and simply goes down for no reason. For that duality in results, I rank him here in the C Tier.

I actually don’t have any problems with Belle‘s overall kit but the amount her buffs grant are a little weak and other support characters in Disney Mirrorverse simply do better.

Genie has a nice crowd control and the immunity also is nice and save in critical situations, especially if you need to overcome burst. Overall, I’d rank him higher but the fact that he relies so much on losing health towards certain percentages (75%, 50% and 25%) is something I donÄt like about his kit and can go horribly wrong against the wrong setups.

Goofy can snowball with his abilities but often times he doesn’t and stay between okay and hmmm, that’s why I ranked him here.

Hercules‘ overall damage output, and I’m just honest about it, can be great. But it relies on getting hit and not switching targets or he will start again and has to stack the buffs up again. This can be super frustrating in several situations and that’s the reason I ranked him in this tier here.

Ursula has the same fate as Hercules when it comes to targeting and resets whenever she switches target, and a s tank she will do that a lot. She’s not bad, but this can also be frustrating, especially as she rely on stacking that debuff.

D Tier

Here we have now characters that you can use early in the game if you don’t have any other choices, but limit your investment in them as much as possible as they are either not reliable or simply weak in their current state.

Rapunzel has a stong special ability, I give her that, but the conditions to trigger it are somewhat squishy and it can happen it won’t trigger through a full battle and you’re left empty-handed. Also, Anna has a way better kit that is similar, so rather go for her instead.

Baloo does, when it triggers, random buffs to him and his team. Yes, random means it can be everything from useful to useless and I’ve seen crazy setups! Overall a nice idea with the cargo but not one that will help you out in the long run. Mr. Incredible just does everything better than him.

Ian Lightfood is just, I don’t know, super switching all the time. This can be good for you, but in reality it most of the time is rather not in your favor. Also all that self-buffing and ‘whenever this is active’ just makes running him so complicated and at the end of the day, he didn’t even deliver great results. Also, the healing that Mickey Mouse provides is simply a lot more.


Maleficent suffers the fate of many ranged characters in Disney Mirrorverse, she relies on her burnd damage over time to even deal decent damage and also on her crits to happen to get the buffs on. Super squishy, but sometimes she can pack a punch. I just believe there are so many other characters that are worth your time and investment offer so much more.

Elsa relies so much on her frost aura to deal damage and also buff herself, it’s just annoying to deal with and at the end it’s not doing that much of an impact.

Mulan has some nice area of effect damage and damage overall abilities and, compared with other ranger characters in Disney Mirrorverse, this is strong. But the damage is party damage over time, party you need to position right to hit all enemies and overall it’s just so much less than melee characters have. For that reason I ranked her that low.

Sulley is a tough decision and reading his abilities sounds strong and should make him a great tank. Well, in reality he is one of the worst tanks, won’t deal much damage and his abilities rather lead to him going down fast instead of providing protecting for the team. Maui just provides so much more than him.

Captain Hook‘s hook marks are pretty picky, but needed for him to get his full damage potential in. Overall his abilities just appear stronger on paper than they really are when using him in your team.

Merida is also ranked here as a ranged character. She inflicts wounds that deal damage over time, which is not as good as direct damage, plus one other issue here is that she also rely heavily on her ability to deal critical strikes to deal damage away from her wound damage over time, which makes her here and there squishy to play and less reliable.

F Tier

Yes, it’s only at the top but also at the bottom in Disney Mirrorverse, and in this case it’s Mike Wazowski who is, in his current state, absolutely not worth the effort and investment and also not using one of your team slots! His buffs sound enticing, but you can also get them in many other ways when investing into other characters – and then there’s nothing else to him that he can provide for your team. His teams and abilities aren’t just enough to create great synergies with other characters but I guess with a buff here and there he might get valuable in the future.


I hope this tier list of all characters will help you find your way to pick some characters that you want to invest in and hopefully prevent you from wasting valuable time and resources in Disney Mirrorverse. If you have questions or think I made a horrible mistake ranking one of these characters, please drop a comment below.

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  1. Strongly disagree for Donald. He’s one of my strongest tanks while Ariel is mediocre melee character in my party and some characters I find hard to control.

  2. Nice, thanks! Really appreciate that this is with explaining why they have the rank not just a list to take or leave like other websites. Keep up the good work man!

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