castle clash primeval golem build castle clash primeval golem build

Best Primeval Golem Build in Castle Clash (Talents | Insignia | Enchantments)

Building Primeval Golem in Castle Clash can become quite a hustle with all the different talents, insignias and enchantments available int the game (and not even talking about the ones that get frequently released). We have tested all different builds for Primeval Golem and continuously update this guide here to make sure you can always find the most-recent talent build here.

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Let’s get back to the build…

Primeval Golem Build

Primeval Golem basically attacks in a straight line and deals damage whenever hit while reducing the damage he recieves and passively always massively heals himself up when he drops below 70% of health so building him correctly is vital to make him work well on the battlefield.


Voidwalker Staff is an incredible talent on him as you gain more attack that he deals EVERY time he gets attacked during his skill is active (and his base attack is the scaler here) + he gains more energy each time he attacks or get hit to make his skill running as much as possible for the damage raduction he has for the duration of his skill.

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Chaos Armor will add more HP to him without downside and the way you use your insignias this is a pretty good pick overall for his survivability (larger HP pool means more self-healing) without taking stronger insignias away from other heroes.

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Specter’s Instinct triggers well to apply Inhibit and Confine and as he gets hit constatly you can easily spread that over the enemy team – my favorite pick for him.


I hope this helps you building Primeval Golem and I try to keep this guide here as well updated as possible – if you have any other talents, insignia or enchantments that you believe should be listed here, don’t hesitate and drop a comment below.

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