twd all stars tier list june 2023 with dale twd all stars tier list june 2023 with dale

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Survivors Tier List (with Dale) June 2023

Are you feeling a little lost what characters you should use and invest in TWD: All-Stars? Well, I have below a full and frequently updated tier list of the best character with a short description that should help you out a lot with that.

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The Best Characters in TWD: All-Stars

Please mind that only mythical heroes are ranked here in the tier list. Unique and Normal heroes are fodder heroes that are not worth your invest at all in TWD: All-Stars!

Alright, let’s jump right into the tier list…


  • LangS+
    Has insane mechanics for targeting, self-buffing and overall is just a very nasty survivor to run in your team for the opponent
  • MichonneS+
    Michonne has absolutely a great kit of skills in TWD All-Stars. Her primary attack deals good damage, she can target the enemy with the lowest health with her passive skill and her ability to recover health and hide from enemy attacks when she is in danger makes her watch out for herself quite well.
  • Ezekiel & ShivaS+
    Ezekiel & Shiva provides a great speed buff and can stand with a good amount of hitpoints quite long in battle. Also has healing, provides crow control removal on Shica with shielding and spreading damage to surrounding targets make him a very universal support character you want to have.
  • GlennS+
    Glenn has great energy buffs and for allies and debuffs enemies and is really universal and cool to run in almost all team setups in The Walking Dead All-Stars without a doubt. I can't think of any setup or situation where you couldn't make great use of him.
  • SophiaS+
    Sophia follows your carry character and can restore the energy so this character can basically use the ultimate skill twice in a row. Also can stun and some more support for your team. Can help snowball so heavy with a good carry character in your team.
  • BrodyS+
    Brody is easily the highest tier as well. He targets the enemy with the highest attack, which is already super helpful, but he also has great stun and debuffing in place, too so he can disarm critical enemy setups. You need to watch out and back him up with support, but he's just a great hero for pretty much all game modes and becomes more and more important later in the game.
  • JunhyukS+
    Simply incredible area damage ultimate which is quite slow in animation but you can get energy back when it fails and the ability to reduce enemy HP and control (silence/stun) are simply out of this world, espcially in PvP
  • WilliamS
    His mechanics might read a little odd espcially as he doesn't have a really active ultimate ability, but the way his kit works he buffs the team well and deals great damage himself, too
  • AnnieS
    Although Annie is quite new and it will take some time to see how she settles in the meta in TWD All Stars, she has an amazing kit ob skills and abilities, dealing area damage, having great targeting mechanics and her stunning and even healing makes her viable for pretty much every team and situation. I'd even think about ranking her in the S+ Tier but as she's a new survivor I don't want to straight up recommend you to invest in her and then maybe the devs nerf her soon. But she's outstanding from all situations I've seen her and tested her so far.
  • Protector CarlS
    The overall damage reduction hits your team but the enemy team even harder along with more great debuffs in his kit and dealing damage based on the targets max HP makes him an incredible survivor out of the bat. I actually want to rank him higher but as he's quite new I want to see how he performs in the meta before placing him S+
  • YumikoS
    Yumiko is great with penetration, stabbing the backrow enemy with the lowest HP and overall her targeting makes it easier to get the enemy back row characters down. Area damage is always nice and she has a solid kit and can also be a great carry character in the earlier phase of TWD All Stars.
  • NeganS
    Negan has great area of effect damage along with pulling, and also the ally energy recovery passive skill that works well in all teams and situations. Maybe not pure boss battles that well, but still a character you want to have.
  • Inventor EugeneS
    Inventor Eugene - attention, it's the mysterious version, not the 'regular' Eugene (see below) - has great mechanics dealing damage, hiding away from being targeted directly and also has a enemy debuff. Not a character that crushes the enemies but one that is reliable and damage/debuff helps any setup and he doesn't need much support as he can self-sustain with the healing he generates out of damage or leeches from allies healing.
  • AndrewS
    Andrew can be overlooked. He can sustain and also deal good damage but what makes him really strong is his ability to reset a battle if he will be the last survivor so you can basically cheese out battles quite well with him.
  • ShaneS
    Shane is a formidable tank and the shield he provides for the whole team can change situations a lot. Also stuns him targets and has nice control abilities in his kit.
  • AndreaS
    Andrea deals massive damage with her ultimate and can be a really strong carry in your team and don't be surprised she takes out a full enemy team when she ultimate right.
  • KateS
    Kate, just on her own, is not that overwhelming - but if you use her area damage plus her marks with a good carry (e.g. Andrea), the damage can become insane and go through an enemy team and take them out in one ultimate cycle. Also useful to buff up damage against bosses.
  • HenryS
    Henry is, like Brody and Yumiko, a character that helps a lot in executing certain enemies with his targeting. Although, it's a little more RNG heavy with him and he's probably no character that you need very early in the game, he becomes really useful later in the game as you progress - so keeping him on your shortlist of characters to have and invest in is absolutely no mistake.
  • AbrahamS
    Abraham has nice debuffs and crowd control in his kit and also deals nice area damage. That makes him quite flexible and useful in so many team setups in TWD All-Stars and he also has quite some sustain, which is nice if you don't want or can run much support to keep your team alive.
  • SherryS
    Sherry can be so useful dealing with certain characters in the enemy team and deals insane amounts of single-target damage paired with good targeting mechanics. I love running her so much when I get stuck on certain setups.
  • BetaS
    Beta can deal good damage and his ability to survive one fatal strike and come back once er battle make him quite sustain. Doesn't provide too much for your team but can be a great off-tank if you need to survive high burst damage before your support characters can do their work well.
  • MalcolmS
    a great support character with the speed and attack buff and the targeting mechanics of heal and messing with enemies that get healed
  • DaleA+
    Solid damage and disruptive in the right setups. His performance heavily depends on your setup and your opponent setup (how crits will amplify etc.) so he can be extremely strong or mediocre
  • SiddiqA+
    Has pretty crazy damage, self-buffing and healing going on if you look at his kit on paper. The reality balances him out a little more with his targeting affected area and that his skills actually take some time to make their full potential he is a good but not overpowered character in TWD All Stars.
  • ChemistA+
    Chemist has great area damage over time that will also heal well when it ends so you get double benefits. Can be actually a good team heler with his passive skill and also his silence can be worth pure gold in many situations.
  • TyreeseA+
    Tyreese can also overcome a fatal hit with a shield and deal good unstoppable damage that goes well through enemies and his attack snowballs the lower his hitpoints get. Can also be a good off-tank.
  • RajeshA+
    Great and very stable healer in TWD All Stars but not THE mandatory support class survivor to have for the simple reason that he 'only' heals and doesn't buff or debuff
  • Carl GrimesA+
    Carl Grimes was no easy rank for me... he has good damage and nice crowd control with the stuns but is more a character you want to run in PvP and in regular adventure you'll have better options.
  • SebastianA+
    Sebastian has nice crowd control and his enemy team stun can be really powerful. Will become more and more important against certain setups especially alter in The Walking Dead All Stars.
  • JohnA
    John deals area damage and has his damage over time that also packs a punch. Not a hero for high-burst setups and PvP necessarily, but in other modes he works quite well.
  • JesusA
    Jesus deals great damage and can be used to take out a certain enemy well, no doubt. Overall, doesn't contribute too much for the team and also needs some support or he will be the most glass cannon character in The Walking Dead All-Stars and die quite fast.
  • Yi-RangA
    Very interesting targeting and overall kit but in reality she can be squishy and directly charge into suicide and sometimes she performs really well. I feel there's a lot of RNG going on with her so I don't want to rank her higher right now
  • EvaA
    Eva can be useful with her charm and her buffs aren't that bad. In the right team she works wonders but also you need to have a good team around her to make use of it as she won't contribute much else.
  • EugeneA
    Eugene is a great PvP but also PvE hero towards late-game in TWD AllStars, providing healing, distraction and more. But be aware he's not any good before that and the investment is high. Many end-game players rely heavily on him so keep him on your long-term investment list.
  • GabrielA
    Gabriel is probably the archetype of a debuffer in TWD: All-Stars. His debuffs are insane and if you run into an enemy setup where you struggle with their buffs/self-buffs, he is your ticket to glory. Not as universal as other characters in the higher tiers but one that will help you in certain situations a lot.
  • MorganA
    Morgan has a lot of knockback and knockdowns and can save himself with a shield and self-heal. Works nice as a tank but you will still need healing support in your team.
  • MagnaA
    Magna deals good damage and has nice buff/debuff in her kit. Nothing completely outstanding but can be useful a lot. I see some of the above characters stronger but she's overall no character you will regret building and running.
  • DeniseA
    Denise is designed to be a healer and she does that well, especially healing the comrade with the lowest health. Other than that, she won't contribute too much. Her charm is nice but I'd prefer to have some more buffs for the team to rank her higher.
  • EmilyA
    Emily has quite universal use with her damage that affects all enemies. Overall a very nice kit and a character you can use a lot.
  • GideonA
    Gideon is a hard take to rank... He's super useful if you're encountering an enemy setup that will cross over to your side a lot and his damage is also not bad, but he can also be squishy and won't contribute more to your team than that. I still see him in A Tier.
  • PierceA
    Pierce is hard to rank as he is super egoistic and privdes nothing for the team. On the other side, he's super effective in what he does, deals a ton of damage, has some cc, shields himself and much more. Overall still a strong character in TWD: All-Stars.
  • DwightA
    Dwight is a pure damage dealer and he does that well. Although, there's nothing else he will do for your team. If you need the raw damage, great, but I also prefer when characters provide more for comrades, especially when it comes more towards mid- to late-game content in TWD All-Stars.
  • ChloeA
    Chloe has nice area damage and also some buffs, but needs support or will get in trouble really fast. Runs well in a team setup with good support and healing and a strong carry character.
  • LakeA
    Lake is probably the most area damage dealer which can be really nice but loses some effectiveness towards later mid-game, unfortunately.
  • Stalker WhispererB+
    Not neccessarily a bad character in TWD All Stars but his poison and over-time mechanics sometimes just take too long to really be useful.
  • LydiaB+
    Has interesting mechanics in her kit that can work along burst teams or also against teams that output a ton of damage, but overall not too outstanding from my tests.
  • Leader RickB
    Leader Rick is also difficult to rank. If you run into a setup where you can use him repositioning, great, but otherwise you have better options above for dealing damage. His summoned fighters also die quite quickly.
  • Rick GrimesB
    Rick Grimes deals damage that is not outstanding and also his buffs aren't the big game-changers. A solid character, for sure, especially in the earlier stages of The Walking Dead All-Stars, but none you will see in later stages much.
  • PrincessB
    Princess is probably the most selfish character in TWD: All Stars... deals alright damage, can self-sustain good but there's is literally nothing she will provide for your team.
  • RB
    R can have decent damage output and sustain but he is neither a damage dealer nor a tank and can go down quick when jumping into the enemy crowd. I'd rather run a great tank and a great damage dealer instead.
  • RositaB
    Rosita can be really squishy. With better targeting (e.g. lowest HP enemy), you could use her as an assassin but with all the EVA and randomness she's so squishy and sometimes does the right things but often enough does nothing that really helps.
  • LauraB
    Laura has an interesting skill kit and can be a great executioner when everything falls into place or can be used to pull and control a ranged enemy. But can also be squishy and glass cannon as well. Is more a character you have for certain situations in your roaster than for everyday situations as she also doesn't contribute anything for the team.
  • GuntherB
    Gunther can snowball with his remote rifles and in a team with enough support to keep him alive to do that (and versus an enemy setup that is bad in clearing off the remote rifles). A lot of conditions to shine so rather lowe ranked in this tier list.
  • MercerB
    Mercer is not bad but with his pulling mechanics can sometimes do a bad service to your team pulling an enemy right inside your team. overall the damage output is not too much and also gets worst as off tank later in TWD All Stars and can't sustain too much. Nice early-stage character, though.
  • BlaineC+
    To be honest her kit sunds interesting but the way her wounding with her other skills work out in reality is just lackluster right now plus she needs a ton of support.
  • DanteC+
    Dante deals damage but is just going down so quickly that you find rarely cases where he is a true help for your team.
  • AxelC+
    Axel has a weird kit and I don't really know what you should do with him. Does nothing really good and everything he does can be done by other characters better. Maybe an early stage carry.
  • ScottC+
    Scott don't bring much to the table and, theoretically, can be used in PvP but he's okay there not even really good, so I don't see much reason to build him right now.
  • GovernorC
    Governor is also really selfish and doesn't in return deal too much damage to make him a good option for your team, tbh.
  • RaniaC
    Rania is selfish as well and don't contribute much to the team.
  • AlphaD+
    Alpha just not really useful.
  • TylorD
    Tylor just not really useful.
  • GeorgeD
    George just not really useful.


I hope this tier list helps you decide which characters you want to invest in long-term in The Walking Dead: All-Stars and prevent you from wasting time and resources. if you have further questions please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. HARD disagree with george’s placement, he’s a great tank that can push out solid damage and also push back enemies if your characters need some breathing room.

  2. Absolute joke. Abraham is used in ANY mode from EVERYbody, but you put Michonne first, who has no use in camp defense or story late game. Had to read three lines to notice this tier-list is absolute nonsense.

  3. What color is mythical? I see green, blue(rare), epic(purple), then the epic plus, and Two of the same char makes that and then 2 more with said epic plus makes unique. What am I missing. I’m only on stage 8-10. Thought purple was epic

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