castle clash best hex painter build castle clash best hex painter build

Best Hex Painter Build in Castle Clash (Talents | Insignia | Enchantments)

Building Hex Painter in Castle Clash can become quite a hustle with all the different talents, insignias and enchantments available int the game (and not even talking about the ones that get frequently released). We have tested all different builds for Hex Painter and continuously update this guide here to make sure you can always find the most-recent talent build here.

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Let’s get back to the build…

Hex Painter Build

Hex Painter summons her area of effect that does not only deal good damage but also reduce damage dealt by the affected targets and heavily reduces their healing recieved so you can do some interesting things with her


Tenacity will improve her max HP flat which helps a ton in keeping her alive but also helps her copy to last longer and take away attention from her.

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Fairy Circle grants fatal immunity, revive and also increases max HP by a lot and should be the insignia you first think about when using Hex Painter.

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Holy Conviction works best on Hex Painter for the additional HP and also the healing recieved as you normally run her in a team with healing.


I hope this helps you building Hex Painter and I try to keep this guide here as well updated as possible – if you have any other talents, insignia or enchantments that you believe should be listed here, don’t hesitate and drop a comment below.

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