Best Boreal Fox Build in Castle Clash (Talents | Insignia | Enchantments)

castle clash best boreal fox build

Building Boreal Fox in Castle Clash can become quite a hustle with all the different talents, insignias and enchantments available int the game (and not even talking about the ones that get frequently released). We have tested all different builds for Boreal Fox and continuously update this guide here to make sure you can always find the most-recent talent build here.

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Let’s get back to the build…

Boreal Fox Build

Boreal Fox summons a Blizzard that is randomly placed on the battlefield, but deals massive damage, blocks healing and also makes him pretty much immune against all effects for the duration of the Blizzard


Revive allows Boreal Fox to return to the battlefield after being defeated. He can be already squishy so you always run him in a team with good support heroes and get him to revive and then support heroes coming in to shield/heal him back up is often a second chance for him and normally my way to go with him.

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Blood Barrier is amazing as you get a huge damage raduction on Boreal Fox that helps a lot making him more reliable and the chance to become immune normally with his self-healing makes it worth it.

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Abyss Seal depends here and I most of the time want it for the enemy energy reduction – the inhibit immunity is nice but also depends if you have a team that apply damage cap on ally heroes.


I hope this helps you building Boreal Fox and I try to keep this guide here as well updated as possible – if you have any other talents, insignia or enchantments that you believe should be listed here, don’t hesitate and drop a comment below.

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