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All Codes in Castle Clash

Are you looking for a secret code in Castle Clash or maybe you heard a lot about it and don’t know what it exactly is? I have here everything you will need to know plus how you can get the latest Castle Clash Secret Codes all the time.

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All Codes in Castle Clash

Here’s the frequently updated list of codes:

  • Code: CCFIREWORKS24 (expire: January 5, 2024)
  • Code: F2KXAU (expire: May 17, 2023) - rewards special rewards for Mother's Day
  • Code: U29NMR (expire: May 8, 2023) - rewards 20x Gems Jars and other rewards
  • Code: HOPPYEASTER (expire: April 14, 2023) - rewards 50x Shards and 120x Crystals
  • Code: 8F4CGS (expire: March 17, 2023)
  • Code: PZA37E (expire: March 15, 2023) - rewards 300x Gems
  • Code: 2JY6FS (expire: February 20, 2023) - rewards 50x EXP Books and several coin packs
  • Code: 010110010101011101010010010101110101100001010100010101110100101101010111 (expire: February 17, 2023)
  • Code: B6HGFH (expire: January 28, 2023) - rewards 300x Gems, 3x Tomes and seasonal event items
  • Code: YCHP7MAJ (expire: January 10, 2023) - rewards 300x Gems and a lot of different shards and coins
  • Code: CC22XMAS (expire: January 4, 2023)
  • Code: 22THXUALLCC (expire: December 9, 2022)
  • Code: HALLOWEEN (expire: November 16, 2022)
  • Code: AM5GGW (expire: September 18, 2022) - rewards a bunch of cool stuff
  • Code: VHBFW6 (expire: September 12, 2022) - rewards 5x Event Coins, 300x Soul Seeds, 5x Breakthrough Select Box I, 10x Materials Box I, 10x Resource Select Box I and 30x Jar of Gems
  • Code: 96JCKJ (expire: September 1, 2022) - rewards 10x Hero Coins, 10x Gear Scrolls, 10x Boos and one surprise pack
  • Code: T6ZBR3 (expire: August 31, 2022) - rewards different resources like Mana Orbs
  • Code: 55KAND9TH (expire: August 1, 2022) - rewards 5x Epic Hero Soulstone Select Box I, 5x Epic Hero Vestige SElect Box I, 5x Resource Select Box I, 2x Prime Insignia Chest III and 25x Magic Powder
  • Code: BFN5WG (expire: June 27, 2022) - rewards 20x Talent Chest, 20x Magic Powder, 20x Gold Gear Scrolls, 300x Soul Seeds, 5x Soul Upgrade Potions and 1x Equipment Tome
  • Code: XWF866 (expire: June 15, 2022)
  • Code: 2NSVSR (expire: May 15, 2022)
  • Code: V29P7E (expire: April 22, 2022)
  • Code: CT5QE9QN (expire: March 21, 2022)
  • Code: DGBN9U5N (expire: February 21, 2022)
  • Code: FHWSV8GD (expire: January 14, 2022)
  • Code: NDUUFRBU (expire: January 14, 2022)
  • Code: SFFUNUZT (expire: December 31, 2021)
  • Code: HPH76VQT (expire: December 24, 2021)
  • Code: NRY98M44 (expire: December 24, 2021)
  • Code: JAVDDKMN (expire: December 24, 2021)
  • Code: NVBTGDS5 (expire: December 24, 2021)
  • Code: 99WAYYHV (expire: December 1, 2021)
  • Code: EFR9H5FC (expire: November 7, 2021)
  • Code: N4MS3MUB (expire: October 22, 2021)
  • Code: B9295RGJ (expire: July 15, 2021) - rewards 50x of Hero Skin Scrap Boxes I-V
  • Code: 7WMFASAP (expire: January 15, 2021) - rewards 50x EXP Books and several coin packs
  • Code: B7ZXXPA2 (expire: December 24, 2020) - rewards 300x Gems, 3x Tomes and several seasonal gifts
  • Code: 692CQKAA (expire: November 30, 2020) - rewards 300x Gems and a lot of different shards and coins
  • Code: 8R9CPT4C (expire: August 31, 2020) - rewards 50x Shards and 120x Crystals
  • Code: SU7XG69C (expire: January 8, 2020) - rewards 1x Surprise Christmas Pack, 10x Heroic Shards and 100x Heroic Coins
  • Code: CBU5Y7F9 (expire: November 30, 2019) - rewards 100x Blessed Tomes
  • Code: 2PCTFMBK (expire: October 31, 2019) - rewards Hero Essence and Tomes
  • Code: BP6F9RH7 (expire: October 31, 2019) - rewards Hero Essence and Tomes
  • Code: EPNB5TDP (expire: January 31, 2019) - rewards Cannon Tower Skin Scraps
  • Code: NE5V86CM (expire: August 15, 2016) - rewards 40x EXP Bags, 10x Gold Packs, 10x Mana Packs and 10x Crystal Bags
  • Code: A78QJMC6 (expire: August 15, 2017) - rewards 400x Shards and 40,000x Honor Badges
  • Code: M9X3MGHU (expire: October 31, 2016) - rewards 300x Merits
  • Code: XJT49Z9X (expire: October 31, 2016) - rewards 3000x Honor Badges
  • Code: QDGR59PK (expire: October 31, 2016) - rewards 300x Gems
  • Code: 9PSNHA8Z (expire: October 31, 2016) - rewards 300x Shards

How To Enter Secret Code in Castle Clash

There used to be a way inside the game to enter the code but the developer changed that so you need to request a secret code via their website by entering your platform, language and in-game id on their website (you can find it here)

castle clash enter secret code

When you enter a valid secret code for Castle Clash, you will see a notification that tells you that you will see your reward very soon in your mailbox:

Now make sure to read the next section where I who you how can always get all up to date secret codes for Castle Clash!

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  1. Ace Castle Clash by beefing up your base – amp up resources, fortify defenses, and smartly position heroes. Grab extra goodies by cashing in secret codes, dive into events, guilds, and multiplayer for bonus resources. Stay flexible with strategies to tackle game updates, ensuring a triumphant Castle Clash journey.

  2. Awesome compilation of Castle Clash codes! Thanks for sharing, this will definitely come in handy. Ready to unlock some cool rewards and enhance my gaming experience. 👍

  3. I didn’t have any expectations concerning that title, but the more I was astonished. The author did a great job. I spent a few minutes reading and checking the facts. Everything is very clear and understandable. I like posts that fill in your knowledge gaps. This one is of the sort.

  4. Honestly thank you so much for your page. I’ve perused all kinds of topics on your channel, and I always thoroughly enjoy all of your content.

  5. New Code (November 19th, 2020)

    A new code has been released and it gives some nice rewards.

    The code is 692CQKAA

    This code does not work for IOS

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